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  1. Uh...I'm kinda stuck? I'm not really sure what to do with Sky for the moment. ┐(´・ᴗ・`)┌
  2. Sky gave out a noncommittal grunt as Irah ran off. He settled into a comfortable position, curling his tail slightly around himself. Shortly after, a blue dragon speckled with red spots came lumbering in and slumped against the wall. Sky raised the dragon equivalent of an eyebrow as the dragon seemed to doze right off but stayed put, watching as Irah and Crusher addressed the issue. Sky was content to stay where he was and observe. If the Bleeding Moon proved to be a threat, he'd intervene if need be.
  3. Oh God, my brain hit a wall. Not literally but you guys get what I mean. What is a Sky even. Seriously, I'll get up a post tomorrow. Just to let you guys know that I'm back from poofing. Again. Sort of. Yes, I am. :]
  4. The corner of Sky's mouth tilted upwards at Irah's scheming. He chewed on the last few morsels of his meal before swallowing, licking his chops. "How elfish of you," he said. He straightened himself, turning to look at Irah with that little smirk of his. There was no harm in humouring her with this, he had decided. "How long do you plan on keeping this hush-hush? Until he finds it out himself?" asked Sky.
  5. School stuff keeps taking me away. :L I'll try to make a post tomorrow.
  6. Yeah, you should since it's not that much since your last post. But to summarise, Zeditha woke up and apparently has amnesia and may have been puppeteered by Evil Crusher, Echo lifted the boulder off Zeditha, and Sky and Irah went to get breakfast. That's about it.
  7. Sky hummed in agreement but just as Irah finished speaking, Echo proceeded to levitate the boulder pinning down Zeditha and set it down near him without even touching it, seemingly without effort. His eyes widened a fraction at the sight before his hunger got the better of him, forcing him to dismiss the matter to the back of his mind. Crusher was there, he would deal with it. Turning his head, he slithered back into the cave without a word, heading straight for the pile of prey, some fresh and and others beginning to rot. Quietly, he bent down his head and snapped his jaws around a vole, making quick work of the small rodent. Lifting his eyes, he glanced at Irah before returning his attention to the pile. "What are you plotting?" His tone was light and there was a slight teasing lilt to his voice as he picked out another small rodent. Irah had seemed distracted - she hadn't even commented when that Echo Silver had easily lifted the boulder earlier. It had intrigued him enough that he was curious to know what she was pondering about.
  8. You know, I've been thinking. What if Evil Crusher had his own minions after them? I mean, he doesn't really seem like the type to bother with minions but won't it get tiring if the only baddie they face is the one that's gonna whoop their butts no matter what? Just a thought. Well, unless Zeditha's already a minion. Then there we go.
  9. "It seems to be the most likely reason," Sky whispered back, his cold gaze never leaving Zeditha. So she had amnesia, apparently. The Skywing wasn't sure if he should believe her or not. Her explanation was plausible but it wasn't enough for him. And it still didn't explain why she had attacked Artemis. Was it mind control? One of Evil Crusher's schemes? Eager as he was to know the truth, Sky figured that it probably wasn't the best time to pressurise the Nhiostrife. If she really was telling the truth, then it wouldn't help matters at all. If she wasn't...well, Sky would just keep an eye on her should that be the case. He lifted his gaze from Zeditha, casting weary eyes on Echo, who merely sat by the sidelines and watched. Noticing a decently-sized rock nearby the Guardian, Sky recalled him mentioning something about rocks tending to listen to him. From that, Sky had deduced that his magic was based around stones and the like. He didn't know how it actually worked though. Deciding to ask him, he made to slither towards him but aborted the action when Crusher called for Echo's help with moving the boulder. Suppressing a sigh, he slithered out of the way instead, moving beside Irah. It was then his stomach decided to remind him how he had neglected the poor organ since he had woken up. It didn't rumble but it did give off a cramped feeling that was the universal language of "oh no I'm hungry". This time, he did sigh and he turned to Irah, his frosty expression melting away with a neutral one replacing it. "I'm hungry." <OOC: Sorry if Sky sounds strange in some parts or anything, my brain isn't working tonight. >
  10. Sorry for making you guys wait...again. It's not like I mean to. I know it sounds repetitive but school's been kicking my butt for last couple of weeks and it's not fun. Hopefully, I can get a post up by tomorrow.
  11. Sky Shiner's lips twitched at the words that the downed Nhiostrife spoke. They were so infuriating to the point that it was almost funny. His expression remained as cool as it almost always was but as he slithered up steadily next to Crusher, his wings were quivering slightly. "You don't get to play dumb after attacking Artemis like that," he said in what he thought was an even voice. Though he could be wrong as the tone that he used was on the verge of hissing. His webbed ears pressed flat against his head, Sky narrowed his eyes at Zeditha. "Now why don't you start explaining why you did such a thing?" As sudden as it had come, the furious undertone in his voice had vanished, leaving only a calm, collected icy edge to it. He really wasn't sure why he was so worked up about her betraying them. Of course, her attacking one of them had played a significant role in that but there was something else. Despite having already deemed her betrayal as a possibility, perhaps there was a small part of him that was disappointed that something like this would happen. He was the one who had met her first in the woods, after all, and had brought her out from the shadows to introduce her to the others. She was the one who had calmed him down after the whole fiasco with him attempting to fly when he wasn't supposed to. Then again, that was all in the past. Times had and would forever change. If she had indeed chosen to side with...other dragons, then so be it. Even if she hadn't, there was still the matter of her assault on Artemis. Sky's tail twitched and he hardened his heart as he waited for her answer.
  12. Sky only remained silent as Crusher conversed with the stranger, retaining his even gaze with...Echo, his name was. He mentally sighed as he took in their situation. There was really nothing much he could do now. Crusher had it handled. He trusted Crusher. His reluctance was merely every fiber of his being screaming at him to make sure, make sure, make sure that every dragon they didn't know wasn't out to kill them. "If you want something done right, do it yourself", after all. For now, though, it was morning and he really felt that it was too early for his paranoia to be haranguing him of strange Guardians and possibly traitorous Nhiostrifes. Plus, as he sensed Irah's presence behind him, he didn't really think that he wanted Irah to be around a Guardian that he did not know at all. "Irah, let's go see what we have to bring along for the move," he muttered abruptly in a low voice that wouldn't reach the Guardian. "I'm sure Crusher has everything covered." As he turned to move further into the cave, though, Artemis said something that caught his attention, bringing him to a halt. "On second thought, hold on." Sky twisted around, gazing passively at the stirring Nhiostrife. He was very interested to hear what she had to say.
  13. I actually am still thinking on what Sky's gonna do. I'll get a post up this afternoon if our hotel has decent WiFi. Also just noticed that I haven't posted for a little over a week. Sorry, that was purely accidental. "
  14. Heh. I've forgotten what Mihari's breed is. @Mouse I'd probably be tempted to make Sky do that but I don't think he'd make a move unless Echo tries something. Ironically, Sky technically was "born into this bunch" since they did pick him up on the day he hatched. Ah, it sure takes me back to the old days...
  15. Sky nodded in reply to Crusher. He wouldn't have to bring anything with him then; he was not a dragon of sentiment and things of the past were best forgotten...unless they proved to be a danger of the future and the present. Which Evil Crusher clearly was. Sky's ears were involuntarily flat against his head as he attempted to calm the seething rage that burned away at his mind. There was no point in worrying about something that he knew he could do nearly nothing about. No doubt Irah would want to bring along that crystal she had shown him. Sky relaxed, grasping the opportunity to drag his mind away from dark thoughts. The Skywing pondered about the possibilities they could do with the crystal, sparing Mihari only a glance when he came back. However, when an unknown Guardian landed in their cave entrance, all thoughts of the crystal abandoned his mind and he snapped to full alert, just managing to suppress a startled hiss. "How do we know that?" Sky's familiar distrusting glare only darkened as he aimed it at the Guardian.
  16. Sky nodded in agreement. Indeed, they had overstayed their presence at Shatterpoint and it was long past the point where they should've left. With Evil Crusher still around and bored, they really needed to move. "Where will we go?" he questioned, his eyes flitting once more to Zeditha before returning back to Crusher. There was no point worrying about the Nhiostrife now; what was done was done.
  17. Oh sorry, I didn't realise you'd edited it. I'll get a post up. ^.^
  18. I am, just waiting for a reply from LLD.
  19. Sky was already slithering back to Crusher. He kept his calm, maintaining an even pace as he went back to the main cave. The sight that greeted him was not a pretty one. Zeditha may have been a speculated traitor but having a wing pierced through with a giant boulder and pinned into the rough cave floor was no suitable punishment. Sky regarded the unconscious Nhiostrife with mild surprise before lifting his gaze to Crusher, a cool demeanour washing over him, freezing his expression into a familiar one of spite and frostiness. "Did...Evil Crusher stop by for a visit?" Sky asked, practically spitting out the vile dragon's name. Even having his tongue say that name felt like he was gurgling dirt in his mouth.
  20. Sky couldn't help but feel flattered at being the one she'd chosen to show the scale to first. If he thought about it, though, it wasn't really all that surprising. The relationship he had with Irah may seem to be a little odd to others since all they saw of him most of the time was his indifferent and distant attitude, while Irah was an optimist, determined to make the best of things even when the situation wasn't good. It would seem like they wouldn't be a good mix but Sky knew better. They may seem to be polar opposites but they were closer at heart than anyone realised. However, the more he looked at the tear-shaped jewel, the more uneasy he felt at the unknown magic radiating off of it. They didn't know what it was and messing around with it would be a really bad idea. The best thing to do would definitely be to take it to Crusher. Sky wouldn't want any dangerous item to put the group's safety to jeopardy. "We really should show it to Crusher and Artemis..." he started, frowning at the mysterious jewel. Then he looked at Irah, his resolve breaking slightly as he saw her earnest expression. "...But we could keep it a secret if we wanted to," he continued, showing no sign of the reluctance that tugged on the edges of his mind. "After all, it's not like it's shown any signs of harmful effects. Has it?" A sudden rumble in the ground startled him and he whipped his head sharply around, his webbed ears perking up as he heard Crusher call for Artemis shortly after. He didn't like the sound of that.
  21. Wait, what? That's it? Would've thought that Evil Crusher would have something more...evil-er planned. EDIT: Hope I interpreted Irah's character correctly.
  22. The scale is what Irah's showing Sky, right? Just making sure. And wow, never realised how difficult it is to get Sky right.
  23. Sky stared at it curiously, as ensnared as Irah was by its enchanting lustre. It gleamed and shined in the cave, as though as someone had vigorously polished it recently and didn't look as if it had just been buried amongst a pile of garbage. Although it resembled a jewel, it didn't seem just so to Sky. There was something else to it that he couldn't quite put his wing on. However, for the moment, he let himself bask in the brilliance of Irah's newly-found treasure. "It truly is," he said solemnly. He reached out a wing to touch it but as he did so, he felt a familiar sensation as soon as his wingtip neared the jewel. "Magic," his mind whispered to him. Pulling his wing back, Sky frowned, his mind beginning to race as good, old paranoia tugged at his thoughts. "It's a trap, it's a spy, throw it, throw it-" Mentally shaking off those thoughts, he focused his gaze at Irah. "Where did you find it?" he asked shortly.
  24. Sky blinked at Irah's back as she dashed off. Something to show him? What could it be? "Don't let it be another beetle." The Skywing internally rolled his eyes at the thought, though the memory was recalled with philia. He did recall Irah scuffling around the back of the cave sometime the day before. It hadn't seemed important at that time but now whatever she was going to show him piqued his interest. Sky slithered after Irah, quickly catching up to her. "What is it?" he questioned calmly. Honestly, he didn't see a point in asking the question if it was supposed to be a surprise but he might as well humour her excitement.
  25. Nah, it's fine. So, are we starting anytime soon? Is the plot ready to hatch? :3