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  1. I received a Creation egg from a departure board, can I switch over to Destruction?
  2. I want to request an Avatar! Forum name: LazyDavid Scroll Name(Make scroll link):cptjason2 PM link:PM What Avatar do you want? Creation/ Destruction/ Change Creation Any desired mates?any Any other comments?Chaoz
  3. Requester Forum Name: LzyDavid What I Want: I missed every holiday so I need them all. What I Can Offer: Anything on my scroll that interests you. PM Link: PM Me! Scroll Link: My Scroll!
  4. Bought Tomb Raider 2013 when it was on sale and I'm still playing it, I also just got sleeping dogs so I'm also playing that. [PS3]
  5. Swipes shadow Walkers!
  6. I use to eat chocolate without a problem but now when I eat it my throat gets itchy. But other then that any kind of sour gummies
  7. Connect the dot type games are my favorite [flow line/bridges]. I have about 15 of them on my iPod.
  8. One of my silvers is now a Paper Bag
  9. I have a collection of monster energy drink cans.
  10. Looks like something out of DBZ..
  11. Bioshock Infinite! Best game I've ever played and well worth every penny! Can't wait for The Last of Us!
  12. Just got: I Don't Like Cats I Don't Like Dogs Augment Of Rebirth Take My Breath Away Put Me To Sleep
  13. Names I just got: Nicolas Cage Wants Cake Nicolas Cage Wants Bacon I Am Not A Witch Get To Da Choppa Get To The Choppa Get The Cake Unnecessary Censorship Cheddar Cheese Puffs Pyong The Golden Voice Cyberbully You Must Be New Here Redigit Tuzki Sky Is Not The Limit It Never Ends I Hope You Step on a LEGO Kony 2012 Bacon Is Good For You IKEA Monkey Soul Split I Cry When I Die
  14. Just missed a CB GW because I'm egg locked.
  15. Got a CB cheese two days ago and an AP vampire today. My first 2 rares
  16. CB GOLD: *Checks description* OMG! *Hits F5 Instead of click* EPIC FAIL CB MAGMA: To slow CB Red: To slow AP MAGMA: To slow CB BLUSANG: The freak is this egg? *checks description 10 min later* EPIC MISS AP RED: To slow AP RED: To slow AP ICE: To slow AP GOLD: To slow CB CHEESE: GOT IT! AP VAMPIRE: To slow AP VAMPIRE: GOT IT! AP CHEESE: Overburdened This happened yesterday and today
  17. I just named my dragons! Can't wait to name the rest! I Dream When I Sleep Milky Way Chocolate Digital Storm Beyond Two Souls Velocity Raptor Yellow Chalk Hot Cheetos Pillow Fabric Xbox 720 Playstation 4 The Last Of Us