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  1. Misty Everything looked okay now. That puny, little, blonde, male scientist looked like he was ready to stand up for the breeds if any scientists dared to hurt them in anyway. Quietly stalking out off the room, Misty padded out the door. She was quiet until she was sure she was out of hearing range. The cat breed wondered if anyone would notice if she was gone. Or even cared. She hoped not, she wanted to finish her lunch in peace. Not that she didn't enjoy the company of the others, she just wanted some 'me' time. And a nap before her experiment later that afternoon. Apparently you could test someones reflexes by pushing them off the roof. How was that suppose to help anyway? It wasn't like most humans went roof diving for fun. Some male heads turned as she strutted down the pristine and freshly mopped hallways down to the room. A hint of a smile played on her lips as she continued to walk. The first two buttons on her shirt were unbuttoned and exposed a deal of cleavage, her skirt a bit to tight, Misty knew she was attractive and used it to her advantage. Beauty was the best thing she could get since she wasn't given a knife. Or a gun. A shame, she had been an excellent shot in the army. (By the way, what are the breeds wearing anyway? I might have to change this post :\
  2. Misty did nothing as all the chaos happened, just following along. As far as she was concerned, everyone else got it covered. Besides, if they got in trouble how was she suppose to bail them out if she was locked in the time out corner for bad little breeds? She watched curiously as two scientist came in a stood up for the breeds. It was strange, uncommon but not unheard of. She didn't comment. (Sorry for being gone so long, I'm really busy nowadays DX)
  3. (Errm. When did we develop super powers?)
  4. Felicia "Phil, I did like you. Once. But now I only see you as I friend, I'm sorry. I wouldn't want to ruin our friendship, I'm really-" Felicia started, meaning to apologize to him, but Shasta stared to taunt him. Phil responded back, not to kindly before going and leaning towards Lucian's cage. The cat breed opened her mouth to ask if this was really about her, or if being cooped in here was making them restless for some action. Before she could however, her sister stepped in. "Okay, no one is dating my sister. I think the boys should go back to their rooms and clear their heads for a bit." Misty snapped, wrapping her hand around her younger sister's arm protectively.
  5. (Everyone got lunch, now Shasta and Phil are fighting over Felicia.) Misty Misty's eyes narrowed as she read Lucian's newest note. "What?" She asked, glaring at it as if it were the devil himself. She turned her glare to Phil, just as Felicia was swept off her feet by the snake breed. Felicia "Huh? Oh, Misty doesn't really like boys. She says love is cliché." Felicia answered the wolf breed. She raised her spoon to her mouth, the spoon full of rice barely touching her lips before she was scooped up, the spoon sent flying away in surprise. "Shasta what are you-" The small cat breed started, but was interrupted by the snake breed kneeing down and 'proposing.' Laughing and getting his game, she daintily placed out her hand, batting her eye lashes rapidly and raising her voice to a high pitch. "Oh course I will, where to? The gardens?" She glanced over at Phil as the wolf breed spoke up. "Wait, whats going on? Phil you like me?" Felicia asked confused, she turned at Shasta, blinking, trying to process what was going on."
  6. Misty "Yes, your the manliest of all men." Misty laughed, amused as she took her tray. If any other guy had touched her like Lucian had, saved for any of her current victims, the cat girl would have knocked them into next week. Sitting down next to the lion breed, Misty begun to eat her food, even managing to look graceful while doing so. Felicia "Oh no it's fine Phil, your being silly. It's no big deal." Felicia laughed, seeing the wolf breed all fed up. He'd been calling her Kitty for awhile now, what the point in being all apologetic and sorry now? And honestly it really was no deal. A name was just a title after all. It didn't define who you were or something that big. As the trays of lunch arrived, the cat breed accepted her tray with a bright smile and cheerful "Thank you!" She earned a reluctant smile and a gruff "Your welcome."
  7. Misty rolled her eyes at Lucian, putting her hand on his arm before speaking up, "It's okay Lucian, geez. I'm a big girl, those little boys in white dresses can't hurt me. Beside, real men wear pants. Everyone knows that." That comment was followed by another eye roll.
  8. Misty "Who's he? And why is he calling you pet names? I thought you were my Marshmallow." Misty joked to her younger sister, casting Phil a sarcastic serious glance and then laughed, shoving him playfully, "Seriously, though. Stay away from my sister." "I know where you live." Her eye caught the notebook sliding out and she quickly picked it up. After her green eyes did a quick scan of the words, she looked back up to Lucian. "Who is he?" She asked, eyes turning cold. Misty had a... Hobby. Using her beauty, she could easily seduce a scientist or a female scientist's special someone. Once they were head over heels with her, she could easily make the scientist slowly ruin their reputation. You know what they say, Reputation: A life time to build. Seconds to lose. It was so funny to see what men did in the name of 'love.' Ha. Breaking their hearts was the best part of course, the looks on their faces. A taste of their own medicine if you will. The breeds had lost everything as well thanks to those scientist. Of course it was only people who were bugging close friends of her's got that special treatment. Not to mention that she didn't try to do it to often, some of the more temperamental scientist would try to get a hold on her, one time she was nearly tested to death. Those faint scars on her back was the only form of imperfection on her now. "As for what brought me here? Hunger. When's lunch?" She turned to Shasta with a smile. Felicia "Guys please don't fight, this is pointless." Felicia pleaded, looking at the two breeds. "If your fighting or something like food or a brush, you can have mine. Just stop fighting, okay?"
  9. "That's why cat's imitate a snake's sound when trying to scare off predators. Its also known as hissing." A voice suddenly spoke up. The owner of the voice was overwhelmingly pretty, like she could have been a model if it weren't for the cat ears and tails poking out of her. Her chestnut hair was tied in a simple messy bun, and the way she dressed showed quite a bit of skin. "Mornin' guys." Misty yawned into her hand, leaning casually against the wall. "Misty, its noon now." Felicia corrected her older sister before bouncing over to give her a hug. Misty was, a touch-me-not (unless she was the one doing the touching), unlike her cuddle-bug sibling, but when it came to her younger sister, she just melted. She wrapped her arms lightly around her sister for a second, then gently nudged her away, turning to Lucian. "And good afternoon to you, sir." She jokingly addressed him as 'sir' though they went quite a while back, a mischievous smile played on her lips as she seductively stalked towards his cage. "What did you do now Luc?"
  10. Felicia frowned, looking at the two boys. "What's going on?" She asked, then shook her head, her hand on her forehead. "Never mind. Shasta, don't pick on Phil ok? He's not able to take it." She joked, standing on the very tip of her toes and stretching her hand out, she lightly flicked the snake breed's forehead before turning to the wolf breed. "Thanks, Phil." She smiled, taking the cards. Felicia placed the cards on the ground, spending more time then needed on lining up the cards perfectly before taping them. Upon finishing, she hopped up, waving the repaired cards, "Okay, who's up for Yuker?"
  11. "Thank you!" Felicia wrapped her hand around the roll of tape tugging it from the scientist's hand and smiling. "Thanks!" Taking the tape, she backed away and left the room, making her way back to Lucian's cage. She instantly saw Lucian's note, skimming it quickly. "Guys, guys its okay! Don't fight, I got the tape." Felicia bounced up to the other breeds, waving the tape in the air.
  12. "If its not to much to ask, can I borrow a roll of tape? We ripped our cards and need to repair them." Felicia informed the scientist.
  13. "Oh no, that's okay. Please don't trouble yourself." Felicia assured him was a cheerful smile. "I wouldn't want to get fur all over your chair." She joked as she leaned over to pick up the data. Some scientist she had worked with (more like they had worked on her), obviously thought the breeds were disgusting and were violating nature's law. It was understandable to some extent, but it wasn't like the breeds wanted to be the way they now were. However, if that argument was ever brought up, they would of course be on the losing side. The cat breed would not push her luck. Being let into an office of one of the scientist was way better then the labs. Leaning against a wall, the cat breed begun to carefully check over the data. After awhile, she set the data down on the table and beamed at the scientist nervously. What if she had missed something? Well, she couldn't just pick the notes back up now... "It looks all good. Is there anything else you need?" Felicia asked, Or can I go?
  14. "It's okay Phil, I'm small, but I'm not helpless." Felicia mouthed to the worried wolf breed as she was lead away by the scientist. Following Jake silently, and nodding when he talked to her, she listened to their footsteps echo, hoping this would be fast like he promised. She was eager to get back to the comfort and safety of the others.
  15. Felicia, felt flattered when Phil immediately stood up to defend her. However, she didn't want the wolf breed to get hurt, so she placed a hand on his shoulder, opening her mouth to tell him it was fine, just an experiment, she would most likely come out alive. However, the three male breeds spoke up, interrupting her with thoughts on how this scientist was one of the good ones. Well that settled that, you know it's true when three breeds tell you how nice a scientist is. The way this scientist shuddered and shook under Phil made her nervous though. The scientist seemed like a doormat. What if he was just fetching her for someone else? She was definitely over thinking things. "Okay then..." Her voice came out as a whisper, but after hearing the tone of her voice, the cat breed instantly made it lighter and more cheerful, "Show me the way~"
  16. "Thanks Phil." Felicia purred, though it wasn't quite that big a deal. A waving scientist however, quickly caught in her field of vision. That was strange. Scientists, save for Rebecca always thought they were better then the breeds and never interacted with them. That particular one probably wanted her for an experiment. She gulped nervously, though she had defended the scientist, some of them were not to kind, and honestly, she was only just saying things to reassure the poor new comer. "Umm... How about that one?" She asked, pointing to the scientist that was waving at her, when Phil asked who they should try to ask for a bit of tape. If the scientist wanted her, there was no point in trying to avoid it. She would have to go in for testing sooner or later.
  17. "Me either. I used to play Go Fish with my siblings. That and memory were the only card games I knew how to play. I'm sure Mina can explain though." Felicia assured him happily. She purred when he pet her head, but it died in her throat when he pointed out how small she was, a bit of a sore spot to the small cat breed. Her eyes narrowed, "Its not my fault. Before I was born, nutrients stopped coming to my body so it decided to divide the remaining nutrients it had to functions that needed it so that I would live. Height wasn't one of them. I was suppose to get medication for it, but my mom couldn't afford it. It's to late now."
  18. "Shasta!" Felicia purred happily, making her way over to him and giving him a bold hug. "Phil, Mina and me where just going to get tape for our ruined cards, because their ruined. Afterwards, we're playing Yuker. Wanna play?" The cat breed asked, looking up at the tall snake breed eagerly.
  19. "Hello!" Felicia greeted the newest breed. He was a cat breed, a large one, not a small house cat like her. Not that it mattered to the nurse, to her, everyone was a snuggle buddy. She frowned as they went on and on about how bad it was in the lab. It wasn't very nice to scare the poor breed on his first day, plus it wasn't that bad. The scientist were gentle enough with Felicia. She had found out that struggling tended to get you more bruises. "It's not that bad. Their get exaggerating. Just do what the scientist say, and you might even find some of them to be decent." She suggested in an effort to reassure the new breed. She turned to Phil, standing up. "I can go help. Just asked really nicely, a smile helps to." (Almost all the breeds are gathering for a game of cards. You can have your character stop by. If he knows anyone or not yet is completely up to you. I think.)
  20. "Yay! Lucian!" Felicia squealed happily the moment they were in Lucian's room/near his cell (in it?). Bouncing in, she squeezed her arm in the bars in an attempt to hug the bigger cat breed, but failed, drawing back. "Ok then... Are we playing cards?" She asked sitting down. Felicia watched curiously as Phil left, claiming he could fix the cards. She continued to watch as he came back, let out 'ohhs and ahhs' that no one could make out to be mocking or not. After he finished, she could smell blood. "Here, I got a..." Felicia trailed off, reaching into her pocket for a bandage. "Oh! Here you go." She happily offered the bandage to the wolf breed, "And you know, you could have used tape."
  21. "Okay I'll try... But the last person I saw try got a huge bruise." Felicia informed the scientist. She scanned her surroundings, just in case Mina was done with her visit and was just flying about. The little cat breed saw a couple of other breeds lodging about, but no one carried wings. "Do you want to come Hector? We can see Lucian. I'm sure he'll appreciate the visit."
  22. Felicia's smile brightened, "Yup, I'm fine. My legs are shocked is all." As if to prove her point, she pushed herself to her feet, legs still shaky but she made her way over to the scientist and turtle breed without to much difficulty. Felicia wasn't made of glass, just smaller then average was all. And her immune system was a tiny bit weak. But yeah. She stretched her arm, not really knowing what the two was talking about at first, but quickly caught on that Rebecca was trying to find Mina. "Oh she's with Lucian. They locked him up again. I was going to see him. Maybe they'll let me in to cuddle with him. It's to bad we can't all go cuddle outside, such a waste of a beautiful day." She let out a disappointed sigh, plucking three long strands of great from the root and provided to braid them.
  23. Felicia's ears flickered, eyes squinted open as she watched a bird land in a different branch about a meter from her. It begun to sing, was if taunting the cat breed. Slowly and silently getting up, Felicia begun to carefully pad towards the little blue bird. Just then, she placed her hand on a branch that had looked sturdy- that was until she put her hand on it, and it betrayed her, snapping just barely before she could put weight on it. Letting out a startled merow?! that scared the little bird away, Felicia frantically slipped her claws out, grabbing around for dear life. Her claws grazed a branch, but that was all she got before she came crashing to the ground. Now if it were a three story building, Felicia might of had more luck. It wasn't, probably just a three or four meter tall three, therefore, barely giving her anytime to right herself before her small form hit the ground. She landed on her feet, but the shock made her crumple to the floor like some delicate pastry dropped off the table. A soft groan escaped her before she saw Rebecca and Hector. "Hi." Felicia chirped, perking up and smiling. "Beautiful day, isn't it?"
  24. (I'm pretty sure they don't. I was in the last RP, and no one had two forms.)
  25. Just kill her off. Sorry about this guys, I feel like I joined to late and its hard to keep up.