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    Roleplaying. I'll probably do anything as long as I have a bit of knowledge on the subject and it contains romance. I am especially in love with taboo.

    Vocaloid. Just Vocaloid. Especially the Evillious Chronicles and Mothy. (The feels T^T)

    I am also a huge fan of anime, it must be exciting (duh) ad have romance. I've watched or read the manga of the following,
    -Ranma 1/2
    -Dragon Ball Z
    -Angel Beats!
    -Sword Art Online
    -Fushigi Yuugi, Genbu Kaiden
    -Fruit's Basket
    -Special A
    -Ouran High School Host Club
    -Wa Maid-Sama
    -Fruit Basket
    -Mirai Nikki
    -Shugo Chara
    -Okami-san and her Seven Companions

    Those are the one's that I can think off the top of my head. That I liked. That's why Fushigi Yuugi isn't there BTW.

    I don't usual like yandere, but Yuno is awesome.

    I was only into Dragon Ball Z because my brothers forced me *is lying*

    -Rosebuds, any generation. (I just want one! They're so pretty *.*)
    -CB or PB Brine.
    *Female Pinks

    IOU's to me: None

    IOU's to:
    Red2111: G6 Shimmer