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  1. Love both these drags. Lots of work put into these.
  2. Got three of each. Thanks TJ. They look quite promising.
  3. All of my coppers were girl. Ohh well.
  4. This is a competitive game people. You have to be on the ball. I got my copper trio but it took me 7 HOURS OF HUNTING. I bet over half the victims on here didn't even go to the drop and forgot the release. You have to be patient. And quit blaming others.
  5. I was actually a bit disappointed. Thought they'd look more unique somehow. Don't get me wrong, they look pretty good, but I'm not wholly impressed.
  6. Well I have had a great time during this birthday celebration, and I have got so many new great dragons!! So excited about that. I'm going to be breeding like crazy from now on, and make lots of cool lineages. I have to say, ,my favorite release so far has been the new Two-Headed dragons and the Black Tea dragons. This was one of the best birthdays I've ever had.
  7. These babies grew into something quite fine. Very nice!!
  8. I luckily got all three alts... So happy!! I hope these are rare.
  9. I have three new eggs now, one brown and two greens. If anybody wants to swap a reddish egg for a green, PM me.
  10. I'm hoping that this release will be as rare and as good looking as the Tinsels. If so, I won't have to be as jealous of everybody else's scroll.
  11. Ditto! School quit for me two days ago. !!!
  13. I got a brown one... I got one... And the eggs drop for like 30 seconds and then they're gone, gone, gone. >
  14. Why are these drops so fast???????????????????????????
  15. If anybody wants to get rid off new eggs they don't want you can gift me!! I can't catch any. ;(
  16. I'm going to breed the new hellhorses later, but for now I'm saving room in my scroll for tonight.
  17. So confused right now... You guys sort things out. I have to go cry.
  18. I'm hoping for some golden ones... Maybe tinselesque.
  19. lol I've been fogging all my eggs off and on all day.
  20. All of my Black Cap eggs have huge holes in them, and are due to hatch tonight. My Red Drag eggs are still whole... And I'm not putting the Pink eggs in the hatching sites yet. A friend is holding three for me. (THANKS VAVAVOOM!) But I'll have three of each egg, in the end. So happy about that!!
  21. I, dragonlover88, agree that if it has a face, it has a name. I always have named my dragons, but this pledge solidified my decision.