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  1. I need: to erase an influence If you can take my egg, and teleport it back, please reply here - thanks!
  2. Is there a thread anywhere for requesting teleport bounces? I know that there's one for requesting someone to Influence and hatch an egg if you have no pinks free, but I don't want to take up space on someone's scroll this close to a holiday drop and I have more than enough dragons off cooldown. I just need to get my own mis-Influence to fall off so that I can redo it correctly.
  3. Trying to influence all of yesterday's Halloween eggs at once and got one of them backwards. Would anyone be willing to bounce it for me?
  4. Pffft, and I was only about 20 neglected hatchies away from completion. I'm really happy for the change on behalf of everyone who's just starting out on their encyclopedia odysseys, but wow, I feel kinda silly now. I went so very overboard the last few days hunting scrolls for those little boogers and I could have just waited a little longer and had the same results for a fraction of the effort.
  5. Does that mean that all new breeds going forward will have information to unlock? Otherwise, I'm not sure why most new breeds couldn't be given the bare minimum page with just the sprites to collect observations for.
  6. I'm not opposed to keeping the number of NDs required extremely high, but I wish it was weighted more heavily towards adults. Just reducing the number of hatchling observations needed, even if it meant adding an equal- or greater- number of adults, would go a long way towards making the task less onerous. It would still be a challenge, but it would be one that doesn't feel like an exercise in futility.
  7. I just influenced an egg the wrong direction. Is there anyone with an available magi who wouldn't mind tradebouncing it for me?
  8. Aww, man, I'm on Summon cooldown for another eight days. Thanks for the update, and congrats to the lucky players who've already succeeded and who can get the first crack at figuring out how the breeding will work.
  9. That would pretty much kill people's ability to raise eggs through anything but hatchery sites, and neither this nor the original suggestion would actually address the actual problem. Remember, there's a cap on the amount of views an individual IP can provide- the views that sicken or kill a viewbombed egg aren't coming from the viewbomber themself but from innocent users just viewing hatcheries (and/or forum posts) the same way as they ordinarily would. If I'm running AoND in a side tab, for example, I have no way of knowing or even controlling if my views are going to an egg that was put there maliciously rather than honestly. A better solution might be for hatcheries to require you to be logged in to the account a dragon is on in order to enter it, unless you have 'accepting aid' set- but that would also require recoding on their end, and probably increased server load and/or cookie-sharing from the Cave.
  10. I keep clicking 2014 Valentines in the AP despite already being at my limit. Also, I really regret getting preoccupied with other things and not bothering to poke my head in over the past couple of days. So many pretty holiday dragons that I didn't even try for...
  11. If we're going to be counting the number of different 'kinds' of dragon in the cave, how about we count from the eggs? Counting, say, the two different sprites of pinks as different 'kinds' from one another seems silly when we can (assuming that it's not our first pink) choose which of those sprites we're going to get. The same is true for things like black/vine alts and nebulas, even though we have considerably less control there- they come from the same egg/can be born to the same parents. It gets a bit muddier with the existence of hybrids and 'kinds' with breeding quirks like seasonals, coppers and stripes, but a soulpeace egg will always be one of two soulpeace sprites, a winter seasonal egg will become a winter dragon, and a green copper egg will never hatch red coppers. By this rubric, we have 6 different prize dragon 'kinds'- silver shimmer eggs will always hatch silver shimmers, gold tinsels eggs will always hatch gold tinsels, etc. Moreover, they have always been awarded in different numbers from one another (with golds in the smallest numbers and bronzes in the greatest). The tiering of the raffle, together with the fact that they breed/hatch true, supports the view that they are meant to be discrete 'kinds' from one another, no matter whether the breed sort treats them that way or not.
  12. Man, I knew I should have stayed up last night. There's about 340 people hunting in the AP right now and I can't catch anything. Ah, well. With any luck it'll get a little easier as the holiday goes on.
  13. The same could potentially be said of fansites in general, but I'm one of those weirdos who prefers to take an even more hands-on approach to managing views by raising them via forums, so I'm not really part of the target audience when it comes to discussing what features hatcheries should have. I just know that I've seen that breed be a stumbling block for new players, especially if they're following the fairly common advice of 'wait until your eggs are ER and then add them' rather than adding at 6.5-5 days and letting them build up some views in advance. They're the only dragon to have that kind of quirk, so it can come as an unwelcome surprise to a player if they aren't looking up all their eggs in the wiki.
  14. Having breed identity information available through the API would certainly help cut down on the amount of sunrise/sunset eggs that get hardboiled by going ER outside of an available hatching window. I think that at least one fansite has measures to combat this, but IIRC it only does so by treating every egg as if it was (potentially) sunrise/sunset and allotting views somewhat more gradually to all eggs.
  15. AW, I am really and truly sorry if my post was part of what prompted this. Blaming anyone or anything (beyond the fundamental nature of the game) was never my intent. I chose the phrasing 'selfless' vs 'selfish' as an alternative to the 'nice' vs 'nasty' framing that I learned when I was introduced to the Prisoner's Dilemma concept, because neither accepting/offering or not accepting/offering exorbitant offers for low-gens is a nasty or immoral action. The one is acting in completely rational self-interest, which due to the scarcity has disproportionately huge effects on the community. The other is acting against one's interest for the sake of the community, but relies on absolutely everyone doing the same to produce any results- and still results in low-gens being virtually unobtainable even if they're affordable, because the demand continues to be much greater than the supply. The point I was trying, and possibly failing, to make is that blame shouldn't be pointed at any individual prize owners or traders; the only way to avoid this kind of scarcity/inflation/PM avalanche situation is to not have exclusive dragons at all (too late) or for the numbers of low-gens to somehow be increased. If we keep getting Tinsels and Shimmers every raffle instead of getting new breeds of prize every two or so years it should help ease things in the long term... but it may be a while before we start really feeling a significant difference.
  16. *nods* It's easy to say that people should just stop asking/ stop offering so much for low-gen prizes, but absent a steady and significant (if still small) supply like we have for metals, that only works as long as absolutely everyone keeps to it. It's somewhat similar to a Prisoner's Dilemma situation: If everyone offers and asks for exorbitant amounts for low-gen prizes, than the prices spiral out of control and traders either can't obtain them or have to basically mortgage their scrolls to get them and everyone in the trading market loses. If every trader and every CB prize owner agrees that the going price for a low-gen should be ~2 CB metals, then the prices stay reasonably obtainable and many more users can trade for them- even if they'll still be waiting for ages because of the scarcity. But if most traders and prize owners are keeping to the ~2 CB price and one person starts offering or asking for more, than they benefit at everyone else's expense- why would any rational prize owner take an offer of 2 metals when they can get 12 or 20? Why would any rational trader offer 2 when someone else is offering 12 now and is much more likely to be chosen? As soon as anyone stops taking the selfless path, everyone has to start behaving more selfishly too if they don't want to lose out, and we're back in the first scenario again. The only way to avoid that kind of inflation is if the supply is increased (through more prizes, more raffles, multiclutches, whatever) to the point where it's at least somewhat proportionate to the demand. And the inflation has effects that go beyond just the people who want prize dragons. It's easy to say that people should just stop wanting low-gen prizes or write them off as unobtainable, they way they do for Frills and Old Pinks, but they have a ripple effect on the whole economy because anything rare (or percieved as rare, like the supposedly-uncommon coppers) becomes the currency used for trying to obtain low-gens, and it becomes much more difficult to catch them or trade anything 'lesser' for them. Unless people stop wanting rare dragons entirely (which would be a bad thing for the game- having difficult but realistic goals to strive for is what maintains interest and keeps people playing), then the prize market will affect them regardless of whether they care about prizes or not.
  17. Or during releases (especially unexpected ones), when people are hastily dumping things from their scrolls in order to make room. In those cases, the original owner may have initially intended to keep the egg and added it to hatcheries themselves, only to jettison it in favor of something that was a greater priority. On a somewhat related note, is it that only eggs gain a day, or that growing things only ever gain a day once, when first AP'd? I understand that site mechanics mean that the vast majority of things which are abandoned do so as eggs, but if a hatchling was caught/bred and hatched on a scroll and then abandoned does it not gain the extra day?
  18. I'm in favor of having the odds of a raffle win remain steady over time, even if those odds are still astronomically low. This is only my first year on the site, but I can imagine it could get frustrating for long-term players being around for raffle after raffle and knowing that their chances of winning are decreasing each time as the userbase grows. Even setting the overall number of winners as low as a fraction of a percent of total entrants or taking a yearly look at the number of people participating and adjusting the number of prize dragons to compensate would still restrain the supply/demand frustration better than having them remain fixed numbers. I'm in the same position, Fuzzbucket. If by some miracle I ever get a raffle win of any sort, I already know exactly what dragon I want- and it's not a tinsel/shimmerscale/whatever the latest bronze/silver/gold prize happens to be.
  19. Full levels, a fort that's as finished as it's ever going to be, and 1000-some snow to spend- LET THE PELTING COMMENCE! Gotcha! Threw a snow-ball at: ...Basically everyone on the last 5 pages (up through Lauraena) who was requesting attacks.
  20. Gotcha! Scroll name: Troubletail Threw a snow-ball at: absaroke, Lynn_StarDragon, Siberian_014, draco_custos, oboe13, GiratinaOF
  21. 25 more levels!?!?! And apparently I've already gained 5 of them just through being randomly pelted... Hit me with it!!! Scroll name: Troubletail Gotcha! Scroll name: Troubletail Threw a snow-ball at: White-Sword-Master , Milhent, Shadowflame, highbury, rrattts, Waldmensch I was pretty happy with my fort as it is, even though it's only 120 hp and not the most elaborate... I don't know how much remodeling I'll do as opposed to just repairing and dumping snow on all of you.
  22. I get you about being disheartened to hear people saying they've been throwing back messy lineages, but I wouldn't be too bothered by the freezing. A lot of people here like to collect sprites, and the lifted limits make the choice to freeze a holiday a lot less painful now that we don't have to choose between sacrificing one of our only two possible adults of a breed to have only one of the two possible hatchling sprites. Now? You can have both an s1 and an s2 of any holiday AND as many adults as you can catch- why would anyone who doesn't object entirely to freezing NOT keep at least one of each of their favorite hatchies? This is my first Christmas onsite so I've been focused on adults this year, but even so I'm still debating freezing one of my yulebucks because I find their s1 so adorable. My potential freezing is no slight against the breeder- it's a compliment to the sprite artist.
  23. I'm aware of that- I was just drawing a connection between those factors (relatively lower supply/relatively higher demand) and the fact that holiday hunting is noticeably more frenetic than it was for Halloweens, which have had the capacity to be both caught and bred in greater numbers. I wasn't even trying to say that this change is a bad thing, just that if TJ keeps this change then the patterns that we're seeing this year are unlikely to hold in the long term, and that anyone trying to decide 'was it worth it?' should consider not only this season, but the ones to come.
  24. This is only my second holiday release, and I'm definitely having a rockier experience than I did during Halloween- then, as time went on, catching dragons in the AP seemed to get easier, eventually getting to the point of developing full-on holiday egg walls. Now, however, I'm having no luck trying to catch eggs after incuhatching my first batch, even when I'm trying for more recent species or messy and/or inbred lineages. The relatively small breeding pool (no one having more than two of any given breed prior to this year), together with the decreased impetus to keep slots free (since no one will be able to catch more than two at the new release) and the increased demand means that even with multiclutching it's difficult for the supply side to keep up. If this change is retained, most of this will probably smooth out over time, with the rarer old breeds becoming more populous (though low-gens will continue to be prized) and each year's new dragon being relatively rare and in demand in the next year after. In the meantime, though, we're stuck with a transitional period, and those are always weird. I can't even imagine how odd this must feel to all of you long-term players who have been through previous Christmas releases.