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Offering trades for IOU of CB Christmas hatchies (Yulebuck, Snow Angel, Ribbon Dancer, and Winter Magi only) and bred Christmases (list in the profile), please  PM. 

IOUs acceptable. Please read my IOU rules if you've never traded with me. 

Always looking for CB dragons with all-number, five-letter word, name, or palindrome (less priority) codes! 

TOP Wish: 2G (Gold) Shimmer from male Swallowtail (as a mate for him!) & 2G Holly x Heartstealer 

Lineage List - Please note that this and this are the same to me! (Tinsel to Tinsel and Shimmer to Shimmer!)

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    ├ Holiday Dragon CHECKERS I Need ┤

    * means able to breed for blood swap


    3G x Sunsong (M) unrelated to m2wMi


    5G x White unrelated to RdW1S *

    <Snow Angel>

    (All WHITE-winged only)
    3G x Gold-horned Tangar unrelated to jQofY
    4G x Gold unrelated to CRC7P (and YInrM if possible) *
    4G x Grave unrelated to mxrs3 *

    <Winter Magi>

    <Ribbon Dancer>

    2G x Snow unrelated to geHFU

    <Wrapping Paper>

    3G x Ribbon Dancer unrelated to hJ4O5



    = Pacified =
    3G x Turpentine unrelated to 7EQNj
    3G x Sunset unrelated to KhOmn

    = Enraged =
    2G x Marrow


    2G x Mistletoe/Black/Brute/Vine/Blue Gemshard/Falconiform/Blue Fire Gem/Nhiostrife/Royal Blue/Storm/Sunset/Astrapi/Chrono/Gold

    ├ Regarding PMs ┤

    If I fail to reply your message, feel free to PM me again, I promise that I won't let you message me the third time.(Well, if I DO, feel free to kick my ass! XDD)
    And I REALLY expect that I can get a reply from people who receive my messages, even a simple "no" would be fine.
    I know that we may sometimes be occupied with anything in RL, so if that's the reason why you don't send me a reply soon, I can totally understand; all in all, what I need is a REPLY.


    【Feel free to PM me if you want to offer any one of them】

    ANY 2G Prize

    3~5G Tinsel from following lines:
    ※(AGYI) x SL Summers, SL Purple
    ※(Elena) x SS Deep Sea
    ※(fuck) x SS Magi
    ※(glory) x Swallowtail
    ※Se 7 en x Mint

    3~5G Shimmer from following lines:
    ※ Gold Shimmer x Sunrise
    ※ Silver Shimmer x Sunstone, Purple Ridgewing, Spring, Turpentine
    ※ Bronze Shimmer x Black Tea, Seragamma, Canopy, Summer, Flamingo, Swallowtail



    Specific Metal Checkers Needed:

    2G Gold from Gold(M) x Spitfire/Royal Crimson/Water/Ember/Brute/Tan Ridgewing/Solstice/Purple/Tsunami(could be a 3G)Black Tea

    2G Gold from Gold(F) x Gray/Flamingo/Green Copper/Swallowtail

    4G Gold from Gold(F) x Summer

    2G Silver from Silver(F) x Spitfire/Black Tea/Green Copper/Gold-horned Tangar/Sunstone/Water

    2G Silver from Silver(M) x Spitfire/Pink

    More: Stated in the list in my sig

    Personal Lineage Project (M x F):
    Daydream x Flamingo
    Hellfire x Magma (unrelated to https://dragcave.net/lineage/OW6ty, https://dragcave.net/lineage/H94Rn, https://dragcave.net/lineage/y8uRT)
    Horse x Sunrise/Moonstone/Black Tea/Almandine
    Ice x Horse
    Ice x Magma (unrelated to https://dragcave.net/lineage/xB4Cv, https://dragcave.net/lineage/zLduN, https://dragcave.net/lineage/5eBY0)
    ((Brute x Black Tea))
    ((Gray x Flamingo))
    Pink x Moonstone
    Purple x Pink
    Sunset x Swallowtail
    ((Flamingo x Tri-horn))

    【Trading CB Trios for 2 of the following gendered hatchies】
    1 Balloon(F), 1 Balloon(M), 3 Black Tea(F), 1 Brimstone(F), 2 Canopy(F), 1 Duotone(F), 2 Electric(M), 3 Electric(F), 2 Ember(M), 2 Day Glory(M), 2 Night Glory(F), 2 Green(M), 1 Green (F), 3 Harvest(F), 1 Hellfire(M), 3 Horse(F), 1 Mint(M), 2 Moonstone(F), 2 Green Nebula, 3 Neotropical(M), 3 Nilia Pygmys(F), 1 Ochredrake(F), 1 Ochredrake(M), 2 Olive(F), 4 Pink(M), 3 Pygmy(F), 1 Pygmy(M), 3 Red-finned Tidal(M), 1 Royal Blue(F), 2 Skywing(M), 1 Spitfire(F), 3 Stone(M), 2 Stone(F), 1 Vine(M), 2 Waterhorse(M), 3 Water(F), 3 White(M)

    ├ MY IOU RULES ┤

    1. I accept IOUs within REASONABLE time frame. For example, if you offer me an IOU of 4 CB BSA hatchies, I'd like you to complete it within 2~3 weeks, as it's not THAT hard to get them in the cave. Please take your "catch ability" into consideration when you try to offer, thanks.

    2. I will complete MY IOU ASAP, so If I can't get my IOU done within 1 month, I'll send you a process report regarding the failure breedings. (Well, I may forget this, so feel free to poke me!) I EXPECT that you do the same. (This doesn't apply to shinies as I know they could be really stubborn sometimes.)

    3. If you want to modify any part of our trade agreement for any reason, please don't just decide by yourself. PM me to discuss and SEND BACK the egg(s) or hatchie(s) I sent to you previously if there's any, before they grow up. PLEASE DON'T keep them for a long time and tell me they just grow up during our lengthy messages. You should have sent me the transfer link(s) with them at first, that's all I can say.

    4. Check your status on my list to make sure I don't have the wrong memory after we set up a trade. Of course, sorry if I do.

    5. Current interests for trades are PRIZES (preferably no higher than 5G), NICE CHECKERS, SPRITERS' ALT OFFSPRING. PM me if you are interested in any one of them.

    6. For PRIZE trades, I'll only accept a IOU if I'm one of the FIRST THREE on the list (exceptions to be discussed, though).

    7. Please accept my IOU within 2 days if it's a hatchie, or 3 days if it's an egg, calculated from the time I send you the transfer link. Otherwise, please tell me that you can't take it soon and I'll keep it for you. It's POLITE to do so because everyone needs slots!

    8. I'm willing to breed you another egg if you have influenced the original one but it still genders wrong OR if you forget to influence it, I may breed another for you with a lower cost or for free (depending on the rarity).


    ※ Prize Dragons: See my list in sig.

    ※ Others:

    ◎ IOU ◎
    Tearadria - 2G BS [Not accepted]
    Godzalla - 2G BS x Electric [On progress]
    EscapistLore - 2G BS
    jumpsnake - 1 x CB Xeno (type to be chosen)
    Pourlemoment - 3 CB Silver Lunar hatchies

    ◎ UOM ◎
    tianjinghuizi - 3G Gold(x Tsunami checker)
    freefall - 3G Gold(x f Spitfire)
    xX Blythe Xx - 1 x 2G Metal
    isil7 - 1 x 2G Gold
    Kasumi - 2G Silver(x m Gold-horned Tangar)
    Renmiri - 3G Thuwed Pumpkin & 3G Thuwed Daydream/Sunrise
    hiphop1234 - CB Common hatchies
    IcarusTheDragon - 4G Shimmer from http://dragcave.net/lineage/4UdQC x http://dragcave.net/lineage/TWdSk
    prefiringfort - 2 CB male Rivers + 2 CB Colossus (influenced as a pair) + 2 messy Turpentine
    Toyo - 2G Heartseeker x BS (IOU on V-day)
    Moulder - 3G Gold Shimmer x Gemshard
    rinoa26 - 3G breeding pair of Bronze Lunar x Moonstone (help) - Moonstone to be bred
    Tears in Rain - 3G from MALE Gold Shimmer x Gold checker
    Nightwalkerkey - 3G from Silver Tinsel x Witchlight checker
    Lucille - 4G Heartseeker x Swallowtail


    Sharing the computer & the account with my family, but I'm mainly the one who is usually here.