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  1. Ah, thanks! I finally figured out how it worked, but it kinda makes my brain hurt. x3 I'm not too great at puzzles.
  2. Perhaps a silly question, but do you get anything from doing the set game or is it just for fun? This is my first holiday event, so this is all very new to me.
  3. I do this with silvers all the time. I've gotten a gold, a leetle, a couple of blusangs... but I've seen more silvers than all of those combined and every time I miss them. Ahh well.. one day I'll get one!
  4. I'd have to go with nebula, myself. I love the egg, and all the color variations of the dragon. I really like blusangs and shimmer-scales, as well.
  5. So it sounds like the AP pile would have to consistently have eggs sitting there with three days or less left before hatchlings would have the potential to start growing up wild in significant numbers? I'm not really seeing anything on the AP get close to three days left, unless someone just abandons it with less. Even with the release night, things seemed to drop to around 3 days, 20 hours or so. I can see how this would start happening if the AP got so big that eggs did start regularly showing up on the front page with two to three days left, and in that case I would like to see the hat
  6. http://dragcave.net/lineage/mrTuT I don't know why, it just sounds funny to me. Mr. Tut? x3 Too bad it's destined to be female, unless the influence doesn't stick!
  7. I got this little fellow yesterday. So cute. :3
  8. It's back to not working for me right now, too. I hope they're finally working out what the problem is, so poor bbik can finally relax.
  9. It's really nice to find pretty lineages randomly on the AP. :3 I've sent some nice eggs to the AP lately, quite a few shimmer-kins since mine are being stubborn, but I should do that and give some of my other shinies a try now that I'm egg-locked.
  10. It wasn't working at all for me yesterday, same old problems, but I tried just a little while ago today and it worked perfectly. Not a bit of lag, and everything I did worked great - adding my dragons, clicking on/removing/adding dragons to the ER/nursery. I'm in Tennessee, if it makes any difference. I have to say I really appreciate all the work that's been going into getting the site working again. I can imagine how frustrating this has been.
  11. It'll be tomorrow night before I have a chance to get one of these, but I can't let go of my coppery eggs. I shall wait! Thanks for all the awesome new dragons TJ and spriters!
  12. All of the above in one? That would be one confused dragon. It would be kind of funny if these turned out to be really common, and one of the previously released species turns out to be actually very rare. Only time will tell I suppose.
  13. The cave could be doing some weird stuff with the color distribution since the new releases make for pretty unusual drops? Either that or there's a factor of randomness thrown in. Either way, if you're looking for specific colors, that still seems to be a very helpful guideline to go by.
  14. I expect there to be a lot of confusion between the 'brown' and the 'orange' ones. They can look very similar to me if I just glance at them. Could be that my monitor is just not too great, though. :3
  15. That's spot on with what I've caught so far.
  16. It would make sense for the different colors to be a result of the environment in which they come from. I got my first two from the coastal area and they turned out green, and the next three (only meant to get two, but was spaz clicking x3) from the alpine and all three of those were the orangey color.
  17. I just caught a greenish one from the coast. Not sure where the other color came from, though, I was just biome hopping at that point.
  18. I love the adults! I can't wait for mine to grow up now. ;3
  19. That's what I did. I was starting to think I'd never get any, but I suddenly got two in a row after having no luck since the moment they started dropping. You can do it!
  20. Finally got a couple. Whew. x3 I'm super curious about what these babies will look like!
  21. Lovely avatars! I might have to change mine. ;3
  22. I usually don't post my eggs until they're at 6 days exactly or less, and then I'll put them on three to four sites, and it generally works really well. The only exception I have is tinsels/shimmers, which I wait until the 5 day mark. :3 If you're going to post eggs on a new site, though, and have never used it before, I would advise doing it at a time when you can check on your eggs regularly and fog them if they happen to get sick. Some sites have more traffic than others. Most of the ones I've used have been very convenient, however, and haven't needed much fuss from me. On a side
  23. calypso85

    Forum Usage Survey

    I filled one out. :3 Thanks for giving us the opportunity to share our opinions!
  24. Caught this little guy in the AP. So lovely! I seem to have good luck at picking silvers out of the pile, but this is the prettiest one I've seen yet.
  25. I assumed that the "stutter" drops were just because the eggs are dropped one at a time - though quickly - which I've seen before at the very beginning of drops before, but people grab them so fast that the single egg is gone before another egg is set out. And then there are so many people refreshing and clicking that servers/connections can get overloaded a bit and slow down or give errors.