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  1. Just missed the first CB Gold I've seen in months. 😵😥😭
  2. FINALLY got the last CB Astrapi I needed for my scroll goals. Now all I need are four CB Mageia and two CB Chronos wyrms. 😥
  3. Congrats, RecycledHeart! You deserve it. I'm also quite jealous. As for me, I traded for another second gen Prizekin. That brings my total up to 61.
  4. Support! I would love to be able to see the full sprite without boxes as well. They look so much nicer.
  5. Open TJ's adult male sprite in a new tab, and do the same for the version that's currently on the wiki. It's not a huge change, but it's noticible. You might have to zoom in. Edit: You're welcome, RecycledHeart.
  6. Yay for updated adult sprites! The details are so much easier to see now.
  7. Ohhohoh released at 3 because 3 am is the witching hour and these keep spirits away. 😏 I see what you did there.
  8. Noooooo not again. 😰 Congrats to those who got them.
  9. Aaaaaand nothing. 😩 Congrats to those who managed to nab them.
  10. Congrats! Those alts... I'm jealous. 😨😍
  11. Finally reached my scroll goal (10) for Thalassas wyrms. Now to work on the other five versions.
  12. I'm beyond jealous. It looks lovely.
  13. I haven't managed to get one yet. I can already see myself having a miserable time trying to catch these. Hope they're exceptionally common. Otherwise
  14. 1. How about an introduction; what's your forum name? Nicola 2. What's your favorite number? I honestly don't have one. It's something I've never thought of. 3. How many 2nd gen Prizes do you have? Two 4. What do you plan on doing with the egg, should you win? Let it grow and love it dearly! I'll probably trade some babies. It's basically the only way I'm able to trade for things I need for my scroll. Then I'll gift the rest to random people who don't have any third gens. 5. Name a word that's really fun to say out loud. Waboosh
  15. It looks lovely! I can't wait to see the finished image. I'm beyond jealous of your skill.
  16. I agree about the legs. Their placement seems off. Like they don't really go with the position of the body.
  17. Managed to only grab two. It's gonna be a long day.
  18. At least 20. The current amount is far too little. Especially for a site that, once you're locked, has nothing else for you to do.
  19. Two reds and one green. I was hoping for a blue, but maybe next time. I also unfortunately influenced both reds to be male. I won't be influencing my next batch.
  20. The plates are the only ones on my scroll that don't have cracks. I didn't incubate those two, though. Edit: I caught all mine within the first hour.
  21. I hope the gem ones are either exceptionally common or bred alts. Otherwise collecting them is going to be .
  22. Managed to catch a CB Gold. Of course it happens right before Valentine's breeding. I'm not complaining, though.
  23. Continuously hunting in the Alpine/Coast, in hopes of catching my first CB Almandine/Spessartine. I should have learned by now that it's impossible.
  24. Have: CB (offer) CB (offer) Also have a Cheese. PM if you're interested in it or if you'd like me to add it. Want: CB from Alpine CB CB 2nd gen from any holiday parent or Gold 2nd gen PB or from Mistletoe mother offers
  25. Have: CB (offer) CB (offer) CB (offer) Want: CB from Alpine CB CB 2nd gen from any holiday parent or Gold 2nd gen PB or from Mistletoe mother offers