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  1. How completely annoying and unfair. Of course the egg I've been waiting to try and catch is going to show up soonish, and of course I'm not going to have a shot at it.
  2. This is my pride and joy from this year. Sadly, I'll probably never have anything valuable enough to trade for a mate. I guess it's a celibate life for him. 😵
  3. Having a multitude of lovely Halloween name ideas, but not having enough Halloween dragons to actually name.
  4. The official time to switch the clock is 2 am. It shouldn't have any effect on DC time before then.
  5. 5/10 adult zombies this year. It's a Christmas Halloween miracle!
  6. Got four. I won't be able to get the last three until around six in the morning, one in the afternoon, and ten in the evening. Happy Halloween, everyone! 💀👻
  7. Not liking this year's AP selection. I can't find anything I want, and if I do, I end up either hating the parents names or they're unnamed. I'm beyond frustrated. 😵 Forgot to add: I keep picking up the same eggs over and over again. 😒
  8. I think the dinos are my favorite part. They all look so lovely. I wish they could stick around. 😶
  9. Noooooo! I ended up getting the new mobile update just now, and the problems it had from before haven't been fixed yet. This couldn't have waited until after Halloween?
  10. Hopefully I'll be able to easily find some PB 2nd gens with nicely named parents. Some years it's a pain to find them. Also hoping to snag a 2nd gen from a Spriter's Alt or Prize dragon. Although the chances of that are....
  11. I wish you good luck. They can be quite difficult to catch at times.
  12. Meh. I'm still not a fan of the neck on the Holly. However, it is a million times better than before, and I'm glad it was updated. Liking the other updates as well. 👍
  13. +1 from me. I might never use it, but I'd like the option to be available.
  14. Next Flamingo unlock: Raise 25 more adults, or observe 123 more adults. Whhhhhhyyyy?
  15. A million times yes to new and updated sprites! I can't wait to see them.
  16. Absolutely! It's usually because the name contains CB, numbers, all lowercase or uppercase letters, or a user's scroll name. Get some creativity, people. The only exception I make is for Prize dragons.
  17. Didn't get any yet, but I did get a misclick. Now I only have four free eggslots.
  18. That's some luck. Congrats! 10/10 bronze Lunar eggs/hatchlings nabbed. Now to wait for the next color to pop up.
  19. Oops I completely forgot about that. Thanks, ParticleSoup.
  20. They were dropping fairly well yesterday. Now today I haven't seen any. I'm going to assume it's because everyone rushed to breed their adults.
  21. Guess I'm the only one who doesn't like the multiple wing effect... Other than that, they are lovely.
  22. Thanks, Sock. It's late and I'm more easily confused than normal. Having one blue moon/egg and one gold moon/egg is what had me wondering. On well. Ignore my loony theory everyone.
  23. I get that, but... Why are we getting only Gold eggs? If Valkemare has two moons, shouldn't both versions show up? Or does only one moon ever appear at once?
  24. Since there are two moons listed (Golden and Blue), I'm wondering if the Gold is the CB version and the Blue will be the version you get from breeding...?