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  1. Yay! After all these years of waiting, I finally won! It's a gold Tinsel if anyone is wondering. Would have loved a silver Tinsel or Shimmer instead, but I'm still happy. 😍
  2. Hallelujah! I finally caught my 50th and final CB Zyumorph! πŸ™Œ Sometimes I seriously regret having a 10 of each dragon scroll goal. πŸ˜₯πŸ™‡
  3. Since I'm still collecting the CB ZYUs I need, I'm probably going to wait and hope some nice 2nd gens of these eventually make it to the AP.
  4. Days later and I've still only managed to get 1 CB pink Zyumorph. πŸ™‡
  5. Still haven't managed to get a CB pink Zyumorph or even a second batch of CB Zyumorph eggs. πŸ˜–
  6. Oooops! I'm extremely late to the party. 😫 I've only managed to nab two so far. I can see this is going to take some time.
  7. I missed the release by about a week (because of things), and I can't catch a single CB Aeon. πŸ˜₯
  8. Gaaahh! Too many dragons to collect at once, and not enough egg slots. Hope they stay super common for a long while.
  9. Dark adults!! I love them like this.. I wish the corporeal form was the main version.
  10. No. That's a Teimarr dragon.
  11. Wasting an excessive amount of my life in the Alpine. Although, up until a few days ago, I hadn't seen them either. I'm not sure what's more frustrating; seeing them and missing or not seeing them at all. πŸ˜’ New bad luck: New release is happening, and I have two eggs that I absolutely cannot drop. I hope I don't regret not grabbing seven of them.
  12. It's not easy to notice, but there is a crack now.
  13. Unfortunately I can only get five because I have two eggs that I absolutely cannot drop. Hopefully these will still be around/easy to grab in a few days.
  14. In the last few days I've missed about 8 CB Almandines and 2 CB Golds. πŸ˜΅πŸ™‡ I think it's time for me to give up on trying to reach my scroll goals for them.
  15. Finally finished! 🐣
  16. To finally catch a CB Almandine! It's been over a year since their release, and I still haven't gotten one.
  17. Keep going north, but stay closer to the east side of the screen.
  18. Looks like this will be my 5th year of not catching a 2nd gen Holly. One of these years I'll learn to give up. @Riverwillows: Congrats on your Holly!
  19. I'd love a fuzzy Yeti inspired dragon.
  20. I love Yulebucks from any Snow Angel x Yule. Hopefully I'll manage to find one or two more this year.
  21. I've been using frozen s1 Hooktalons as scroll separators, but now I'm think of switching to Two-Headed s1 hatchlings. I like how they appear to be pointing something out. I'm fine with the new Silvers. I don't completely adore them, but I certainly don't hate them. To me, anything is better than what they were.
  22. So lovely. Congrats! I'm beyond jealous.
  23. How completely annoying and unfair. Of course the egg I've been waiting to try and catch is going to show up soonish, and of course I'm not going to have a shot at it.