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  1. My CB Prize grew up! Eeeeeek! 😍 I'm still trying to figure out what to permanently name her, though.
  2. Yay! After all these years of waiting, I finally won! It's a gold Tinsel if anyone is wondering. Would have loved a silver Tinsel or Shimmer instead, but I'm still happy. 😍
  3. Hallelujah! I finally caught my 50th and final CB Zyumorph! πŸ™Œ Sometimes I seriously regret having a 10 of each dragon scroll goal. πŸ˜₯πŸ™‡
  4. Since I'm still collecting the CB ZYUs I need, I'm probably going to wait and hope some nice 2nd gens of these eventually make it to the AP.
  5. Days later and I've still only managed to get 1 CB pink Zyumorph. πŸ™‡
  6. Still haven't managed to get a CB pink Zyumorph or even a second batch of CB Zyumorph eggs. πŸ˜–
  7. Oooops! I'm extremely late to the party. 😫 I've only managed to nab two so far. I can see this is going to take some time.
  8. I missed the release by about a week (because of things), and I can't catch a single CB Aeon. πŸ˜₯
  9. Gaaahh! Too many dragons to collect at once, and not enough egg slots. Hope they stay super common for a long while.
  10. Dark adults!! I love them like this.. I wish the corporeal form was the main version.
  11. No. That's a Teimarr dragon.
  12. Wasting an excessive amount of my life in the Alpine. Although, up until a few days ago, I hadn't seen them either. I'm not sure what's more frustrating; seeing them and missing or not seeing them at all. πŸ˜’ New bad luck: New release is happening, and I have two eggs that I absolutely cannot drop. I hope I don't regret not grabbing seven of them.
  13. It's not easy to notice, but there is a crack now.
  14. Unfortunately I can only get five because I have two eggs that I absolutely cannot drop. Hopefully these will still be around/easy to grab in a few days.
  15. In the last few days I've missed about 8 CB Almandines and 2 CB Golds. πŸ˜΅πŸ™‡ I think it's time for me to give up on trying to reach my scroll goals for them.
  16. Finally finished! 🐣
  17. To finally catch a CB Almandine! It's been over a year since their release, and I still haven't gotten one.
  18. Keep going north, but stay closer to the east side of the screen.
  19. Looks like this will be my 5th year of not catching a 2nd gen Holly. One of these years I'll learn to give up. @Riverwillows: Congrats on your Holly!
  20. I'd love a fuzzy Yeti inspired dragon.
  21. I love Yulebucks from any Snow Angel x Yule. Hopefully I'll manage to find one or two more this year.
  22. I've been using frozen s1 Hooktalons as scroll separators, but now I'm think of switching to Two-Headed s1 hatchlings. I like how they appear to be pointing something out. I'm fine with the new Silvers. I don't completely adore them, but I certainly don't hate them. To me, anything is better than what they were.
  23. So lovely. Congrats! I'm beyond jealous.