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  1. Boy oh boy I sure am looking forward to getting 10 purples for my scroll goals... Not! 😒 Sorry, but anything that forces me to tie up egg spots for a week doesn't seem worth it. Especially since the adult sprites aren't even different outside of their color.
  2. Being at my scroll limit, but not my egg limit. 😬😭
  3. If all three are available as CB, I hope the other colors also have their own flooded drops. Otherwise trying to catch them with everyone else will be horrible. 🙎
  4. You're in better shape than me. I'll have to catch 30 for my scroll goals. 😵
  5. The spooky 🐔 pygmy is cute. I hope they were a Halloween fail because I love Halloween dragons. Will definitely focus on those once I'm done collecting the other breed.
  6. Saw my first CB Gold in years, and of course I miss it. 😰
  7. 1/5 Adults and the rest are dust in the wind~ Bloop
  8. Managed to get either all uppercase or lowercase letter codes for my 10 Lacula dragons. 😆
  9. Glad others have noticed. The greens seem to be the worst off, but the others have cut off areas as well. Hope they get fixed soon.
  10. Look at the top of the head of the green one and it's tail for starters. Maybe it's just because I zoomed in on the page, but they all have little areas that seem to be missing near the edges. Even if it's just a pixel or two. Or maybe I'm going blind.
  11. Why are parts of the hatchlings cut off? At first I thought it was just the gendered ones, but the ungendered ones also look cut off in spots.
  12. I think I have a broken Red-Tailed Wyrm hatchling. No matter what I do, it still says it has zero clicks. All the others are behaving nomally. Guess this one just wants to be a stubborn brat.
  13. I haven't managed to get a single Floret since the first day of the release. Which is only one pair for both colors. 😥 I still need 18 (9 of each color) for my scroll goals. I wish multiple new release dragons would only include exceptionally common breeds. Save the impossible to find/catch breeds for single releases.
  14. Alpine and Forest eggs are practically impossible. 😫 Just need one of each for now. I wouldn't be in such a rush normally, but I won't have the time to sit around waiting once they start mixing.
  15. These are what I need, but you can send anything. Even sneaky snakes. I'll try to send back something new to those who have been sent something before. Scroll: Hexia
  16. I not so secretly want these to actually be female.
  17. I've sent out 118+ cards. I hope I haven't sent anyone too many duplicates.
  18. Sent to a bunch of people. Sorry for any duplicates. 😳 Scroll name: Hexia
  19. Sent out a few to those I don't believe I sent to before. Sorry if I missed you or sent you doubles. It's a bit hard to keep track. Scroll name: Hexia
  20. Scroll name: Hexia Will send back to as many people as possible. 😊💖
  21. Have: See signature. Want: CB with all capital or lowercase letter code. (Examples: abcde or ABCDE) PM please.
  22. As much as I love the massive amount of CB Val 09's being dropped, I kinda wish there was more variety... Especially Sweetlings.
  23. I just need 2 Sweetlings and one Rosebud, and I can finally be done with these past holiday biomes. 🙇 Never again!