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    Have: 2nd gen Bronze Tinsel from Green Fire Gem mother Want: CB Neglected that will grow up male or without a gender Other offers considered Offer
  2. Ugh. Another year I won't be able to collect them all. I wish this could last at least five days. Three just isn't enough for people who don't have the time to sit in front of their screens all day. 😞
  3. Aww.. I was eaten this year. 😱😭
  4. I'm having the same problem.
  5. Can breed: CB Gold Tinsel (female) or CB Bronze Tinsel (male) with any mate of your choice. See sig. Want: CB Holly with all uppercase or all lowercase letter code. Example: ABCDE/abcde Please message me. 🎅
  6. vaPe2 If only that P were lowercase. 😛
  7. Yay! Can't wait to see what lovely new dragon we get this year.
  8. The adults are lovely! The male's pose is my favorite of the two. 😍
  9. Didn't get a chance to attempt any zombies this year or grab a bunch of past CB Halloween dragons because my tablet was acting up, and my laptop battery decided to drop dead. 😵
  10. Totally late, but HAPPY HALLOWEEN! I can't wait to see what these hatchlings grow into! 👻
  11. I used to get rejected trade notifications, but not lately. Wish it would come back.
  12. Figures the one time I'm here for a release, the cave is busted.
  13. w0nMe- Won Me (If only that zero were an o 😥) wEfOG- We Fog
  14. @Mayapooh I don't collect x codes, but I've been getting so many codes with them in it, that I think I'm going to start. Looks like you'll have some competition now. 😉
  15. My favorite code from July's release: xxxXX And then there's a: TROWL – in the dungeons – thought you ought to know. I couldn't resist.
  16. Someone keeps adding my scroll to Valley Sherwood. Just there and nowhere else. So confusing.... 😕
  17. Caught the final CB egg I needed to reach my scroll goal of 30 Siyats. 🙇 Now I just have to wait for my eggs to hatch purple.
  18. I checked TJ's sprites last night after 8pm cave time, and didn't notice any difference.
  19. Boy oh boy I sure am looking forward to getting 10 purples for my scroll goals... Not! 😒 Sorry, but anything that forces me to tie up egg spots for a week doesn't seem worth it. Especially since the adult sprites aren't even different outside of their color.
  20. Being at my scroll limit, but not my egg limit. 😬😭
  21. If all three are available as CB, I hope the other colors also have their own flooded drops. Otherwise trying to catch them with everyone else will be horrible. 🙎
  22. You're in better shape than me. I'll have to catch 30 for my scroll goals. 😵
  23. The spooky 🐔 pygmy is cute. I hope they were a Halloween fail because I love Halloween dragons. Will definitely focus on those once I'm done collecting the other breed.