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    Glomp Gifting

    ladyvidel--> rampagingwyvern: bronze shimmer and golden shimmer *evil grins*
  2. I didn't get to sleep until 8:00 AM PST today, so my current meal of a BBQ beef sandwich and a bowl of split pea w/ham soup should count as breakfast.
  3. Username: ladyvidel Why you like AC: it's awesome!
  4. I've an extra desert egg I just picked up that I'm willing to trade or gift. It needs to come off of cooldown, PM me if you're interested. It's spoken for by Vakarian.
  5. I just need one more coastal egg now.
  6. I was fortunate to catch a desert one, and was gifted a coastal egg. I influenced them both male, now I need to get CB mates for them if I can.
  7. Take requests to the appropriate thread.
  8. If anyone has extras to spare on the coastal ones, would you be willing to? I'd like to set up a breeding pair. I can breed something off my scroll in exchange.
  9. I used to use just one, but now I've got three I use. Eggs Around The World, Valley Sherwood, and The Allure of Neglected Dragons.
  10. -removed, please take trading to the appropriate thread in the trading section-
  11. I love the new dragons, but was unable to catch them due to being at my brother's wedding. Is there anyone who is willing to share one of each with me?
  12. Seaweed. I love getting dried seaweed as a snack from Uwajimaya (local Asian store).
  13. I've just picked up another CB split, I'll be gendering both my split dragons male since my bloodscale went female. Now I just need to pick up two more CB split eggs, and 3 more bloodscales. I'll keep you all posted with how it looks!
  14. Thank you TJ and crew for making these changes. I also would request the ability to change to desktop as it is a bit easier, and I'm usually on my Android phone. Is it possible to make custom sorting easier for mobile users in the future?
  15. I'm actually going to attempt that. My bloodscale is female, I picked up a caveborn split. I'll let you know how it goes.
  16. If someone is willing to share one with me, I'd be grateful. I'm busy tonight and will be so tomorrow as well.
  17. I understand your frustrations, but I think you're being a bit unreasonable in how you express those feelings. If you pay attention to some of the posts from yesterday, people who grab several eggs are gifting them to others who ask, if they're polite about it. Case in point, Windy very kindly gifted me two from yesterday's release because I asked nicely.
  18. I got one right as it released! Thanks, TJ!
  19. In all fairness, if someone would be kind enough to gift me an egg, I can arrange a trade for one of my prize dragons if they'll breed successfully later on.
  20. I second that opinion. *grumbles*
  21. This is an easy one for me and will probably show my age. The worst ever game is The Legend of Zelda II: The Adventures of Link.
  22. Good to know. I figured working with pygmies might be interesting, as I've not heard of anyone doing much with them.