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  1. I've got a pair from each of the biomes!
  2. I now have two of each. :-)
  3. Dr. Pepper and maybe some raspberry sorbet.
  4. Dragon Cave runs on Eastern Standard Time, so if it starts at 0:00 then that makes it start at 11pm Central Standard Time.
  5. Yes I am, it's gotten bad enough over the last few years that if I have to go back in anytime soon, part of me wants to make sure I'm really stoned before I go, that way I won't have anxiety issues.
  6. Zelda II: the Adventure of Link
  7. When people walk up to me at night at the Safeway deli where I work and ask me if we're still open, even though they can clearly see that the hot cases are shut down; the meat/cheese slicers are dismantled for the night; and I'm busy cleaning.
  8. Maybe I saw this somewhere else and am not thinking straight right now, but does anyone know if the egg protections on the raffle prizes extends to the hatchlings as well?
  9. I sent you a message. :-) Mine will likely be fully hatched by the time I wake up tomorrow morning. :-)
  10. Still somewhat like but a bit better than earlier. I had to leave work early due to feeling like .
  11. I've got ten sites that I'm using right now. Let me know if you want them, or if anyone else wants access for their new babies.
  12. Mine is starting to hatch!
  13. Like because food poisoning sucks.
  14. ladyvidel


    This was sad to hear about, especially since I was fortunate enough to have met the man at PAX Prime 2013.
  15. I'm beyond tired, and headed off to bed.
  16. Cold and damp, but not uncomfortable.
  17. Fair, but I'd rather be safe than sorry.