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  1. My boyfriend was supposed to do some online gaming with me to celebrate our anniversary (yes our anniversary is on Halloween) and he went away from keyboard and now may well have forgotten and fell asleep. Is it bad that I'm both sad and kinda pissed? I need a hug.
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    People are jerks. For me, it also uses much less shampoo and conditioner (I have super thick hair), plus all I have to do is run a brush through it lightly and I'm good to go.
  3. I agree that Playfish was awful, 100%. My favorite game that shut down was City of Heroes/City of Villians. I miss that game a lot.
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    I'm 34 and in my first year of college I made a friend who was 24 at the time and had been full on going bald by his sophomore year of high school. I've also a friend/co-worker my age who is going bald and does the same thing you do. It makes perfect sense to me.
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    I keep my hair super short because I just don't have the patience to deal with it. There's also the fact that since I work at Safeway I could end up helping the deli (I started in the deli and then left) which means if I've long hair then hair nets are necessary instead of hats. Efff hair nets!
  6. ^^I like this idea! I've been playing on DC for several years and just got my first two Zombies last week.
  7. I got two Zombies last week! I just kept trying random breeds, one is a Neotropical and one is a Pillow.
  8. Having one of my lineage projects not behaving...
  9. Having a good luck helper kitty who always sits on my computer tower whenever I'm doing things on the computer.
  10. How shall I win back your heart which was mine? Yay, a date with the vampires, I mean, blood donation!
  11. I'm starting my two years of a foreign language for my Bachelor of Arts requirements. I'm taking American Sign Language for several reasons. One, there's a history of hearing issues in my family. Two, I'm Hard of Hearing (yes it's meant to be capitalized like that, it's a culture thing, I asked my ASL teacher who is Deaf) and I'm terrified of losing my hearing down the road. Three, there are several people fluent in other languages at work but none that I know of that use ASL. Four, I'm realizing that with my anxiety having a way to communicate without actually having to speak to people is a mighty nice thing.
  12. It's over, isn't it? Why can't I move on? Can I keel over and pass out now?