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  1. What would this lineage be considered?
  2. I tend to venture between any and all options, depending on the day.
  3. I wish the GameStop that I frequent was doing a midnight release, but the mall will not allow them to do so. Regardless, I am very much looking forward to getting my copy of Pokemon Sun!
  4. Working on homework and getting ready for bed is what I should be doing, but I have a kitty who is demanding pets.
  5. It does, but at the same time I genuinely enjoy helping people. It's those once in a while moments where I really make a difference that help make the job awesome. That and knowing that both my store manager and assistant store manager play video games!
  6. I can't disagree with this, not even a little bit. We're stuck between a rock and a hard place for this election. The question, is who is the rock and who is the hard place?
  7. I'm really happy I am taking American Sign Language in school right now. It's a way to communicate without having to actually speak to people which is nice. Plus I have a couple of regular customers at work who are Deaf and I was able to actually communicate a little better with one of them a couple of nights ago!
  8. I want a Banner! Banner type: no box Dragon Breed/s (Up to 3): Cheese Use hatchlings? Sure! Banner text: Building a Cheese Army! Can other people use this banner?: Of course! Any specific requests? Nope!
  9. *pokes the Sock* Oooooh, I need people to talk to tonight before I choke the living crap out of my stupid ass customers.
  10. I take the TriMet MAX Light Rail trains on a regular basis, since the best way for me to get to classes at Portland State University is to take public transit. That and my boyfriend lives off of the Blue Line. My husband takes the WES heavy rail diesel train to work every morning except for when he works weekends or holidays.
  11. *hugs for all* Life is indeed complicated in your head. Moral support is wonderful from you guys, especially when work and school meld into a big pile of that makes you wonder why someone isn't dead yet.
  12. I agree that we need to get rid of the two party system, I do however think it will be more effective if we start at the local and state levels first, and we're already making decent progress. On that note, I voted for Clinton because to be honest, Trump scares the living out of me and would strip rights from the LGBTQ+ community as well as women.
  13. Heyo everyone! I'm a cisgender bisexual polyamorous woman. I am married and have a boyfriend, and although I am sexually attracted to women I've never been in a relationship with one.
  14. Thanks for the love, peeps! I'm currently snuggled in bed with my husband, our dog, and one of our three cats. I avoided the alcohol, in part because I don't like drinking when I'm experiencing extreme emotions. Ice cream will be had once sleep is also a thing.
  15. ^^Same! Here's a that accurately represents my feelings about creepers!
  16. It never did for me. If it does, that is an interesting circumstance.
  17. ^^ *hugs* Work sucked tonight. Can I hide a body yet? I need hugs, ice cream, and vodka. Not necessarily in that exact order.