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  1. Yup, it would be so much easier if they all just upped and left. Then the gay rights bill would be passed pretty quickly. People really do overreact to pretty much anything and everything; "I'm going to leave or kill or whatever if x, y, or z is pass/happens".


    Glad to hear that France and Rhode Island have passed the gay marriage bill recently! It's pretty awesome, hopefully more countries/states will follow these examples.

    Delaware also just passed a law permitting gay marriage. :-)

  2. Whenever I play Dragon Quest VIII, I always give all the stat boosting potions to the main character instead of being nice to the others in the party. I'm also horrible about not saving my progress periodically.

  3. Minecraft is a time/sleep/soul sucker. :-) A group of friends and myself are recreating the original Dragon Warrior from the NES in creative mode right now. Including building the towns and the exact shape of the world map.