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  1. In all fairness, if someone would be kind enough to gift me an egg, I can arrange a trade for one of my prize dragons if they'll breed successfully later on.
  2. I second that opinion. *grumbles*
  3. This is an easy one for me and will probably show my age. The worst ever game is The Legend of Zelda II: The Adventures of Link.
  4. Good to know. I figured working with pygmies might be interesting, as I've not heard of anyone doing much with them.
  5. I've a question about this hatchie here. Am I correct in believing I've got a 4th gen from a spiral lineage?
  6. Delaware also just passed a law permitting gay marriage. :-)
  7. I just confirmed that I've got 51 eggs in my basket.
  8. I started playing LoL about a month ago. Right now my favorites are Gentleman Cho'Gath on top lane, Reverse Annie mid, Cottontail Teemo bottom lane, and Vi anywhere needed. :-)
  9. Whenever I play Dragon Quest VIII, I always give all the stat boosting potions to the main character instead of being nice to the others in the party. I'm also horrible about not saving my progress periodically.
  10. Minecraft is a time/sleep/soul sucker. :-) A group of friends and myself are recreating the original Dragon Warrior from the NES in creative mode right now. Including building the towns and the exact shape of the world map.