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  1. Can't say that I have on the rosebush, but this whole Valentine's Day event has been fun!
  2. "A sound soul dwells within a sound mind, and a sound body... -From TheDarkDragon950" This one is my favorite so far, because it references my love of the anime Soul Eater.
  3. 32 year old unemployed housewife in Oregon! Dragon Cave has been a sanity saver at times for me, especially during periods of insomnia that keeps me awake until 5 or 6 am.
  4. I already have my two eggs, but thank you for the flower event!
  5. The only one I'm having trouble with is a Heartseeker.
  6. Eh, truthfully, I didn't really care either way for mine. I would have been okay either way because there are so many lineage options to think about. I guess I'm weird like that.
  7. Hey there everyone! I'll log on later today to update the thread and make sure everything is up to date. I've been dealing with a nasty work situation that is requiring that I get three state of Oregon agencies and two federal agencies involved, so I do apologize for my absence over the last week!
  8. My Holly girl will be fully grown by this time tomorrow!!! I've also got a lot of views too, nearly 5000 at this point.
  9. Here's my pretty little~Egg/Dragon spam Removed~/view/HwkEy]prize hatchling[/url]! I even got the code I wanted for the egg, thank you again TJ and staff!
  10. Glyndamir, I'll get online later tonight as a mod and make sure you're added to the donor list. I'll also update other things as needed tonight.
  11. amthystfire, check out this post here, it'll be useful if you want to be a secondary mod
  12. I will indeed, even though I opted for something that wasn't a prize dragon.
  13. I was selected for a third place prize, but I actually opted for something different. I'm just very excited I was selected for anything, sorry to disappoint anyone!
  14. Squeeee! Thank you TJ and everyone who helped get this event going! I am grateful that I was one of the ones selected. :-)
  15. This has definitely been an awesome mini-game! Thank you to everyone who helped make it happen for us!
  16. Challenge complete! I blew up your fort!
  17. All I ask if you attack my fort is that you don't destroy it completely. Otherwise, since I'm targeting people I'm fair game.
  18. I have some snow saved up and my fort is just the way I want it. Anyone willing to let me throw snow at them?
  19. I went with a mix of aesthetics and hit points myself. My Snow Fort
  20. Happy Birthday to me! Forum name: ladyvidel Scroll name: ladyvidel Scroll: http://dragcave.net/user/ladyvidel Birthday: December 28th List: USA 1. CB Green Copper 2. CB White 3. CB Gold
  21. Here's a good example of an alternating stairstep lineage I've been working on using pygmies. Hope you all enjoy!
  22. ~Off-topic spam removed; take trading and gifting to the appropriate section and threads~
  23. I've been working, so I haven't had time to get the new eggs. ~Take trading and gifting to the appropriate sections and threads.~