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  1. I am dealing with generalized anxiety in my life exacerbated by three situations. Number one, it is week 2 into winter term and because of the hellish weather we are having in the Portland area right now I have had exactly .75 days of class. I am sick and ****ing tired of feeling like I'm stuck at home because the roads are crap, the buses are running chained, and classes keep getting cancelled. Number two, I finally called her bluff in regards to my psycho * of a boss. She is power tripping and I called her out on her behavior towards me because I'm tired of being treated like a recalcitr
  2. I just need to trade for two of the Pokemon Moon Ultra Beasts, and then my Alola Pokedex will be complete. :-) If there's anyone online right now who might be able to assist with this, please let me know! I'll be logging off in a half hour.
  3. ~Please take trading to the Trade section~
  4. If you eat meat? Cool, enjoy that burger or that bowl of venison stew! If you don't eat meat? Awesome, enjoy that veggie burger or that ginormous bowl of veggie pasta salad! Just don't give other people grief for their choices. Me, I'm an avowed carnivore.
  5. I want to thank you Haze and Sock as well for taking the time to care for yourselves as well as look out for us, even if it's not in ways that others might think of. That helps make this forum community so awesome.
  6. In general, life is kinda driving me bat**** insane, can I get lots of virtual hugs right now?
  7. Homework or sleep, and I shouldn't be drinking right now but I am.
  8. That would be phenomenal right about now.