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  1. Course those dragons is reminding me on a pinguin it will do well with flamingos or swallows. (Other Bird like Dragons) X X What do you mean to this idea?
  2. My nocturne has this nice one: sFoRp -> Is Fo RIP?? T-T A spring dra has PfuhB -> Pfuh.... My Silver has lBtmA -> I kinda think of Batman when I look at it Skywing with this: tOyRt -> Toys R' Us ^^ (A PLaystore Discounter) Greenwing KRoCH -> When you erase the R then it means Koch (Cook in german) Sungsong 6ebi8 -> Ebi means shrimp in japanease (Those who know the Anime Fary tail know wat I mean ) Sunstone: 5miky -> Miky ^^ (Although the dragon is a girl) That wa sit for now. When I got some new ones with strange codes I' ll add them ^^
  3. Hope so too cause my ochre and my day glory don't like each other... they refused to breed all the time. May I try to breed my two ochres and then with thier child... Edit: Saw it right away in my sig my black cap gendered to male *dances in the room* So tomorow it will grow up finally *continune dancing*
  4. I see I guessed right. The femals look also very great.
  5. Wow I saw TJ's now got wings. They look awesome! I like the colors of orange and purple. They somehow remember me of the sunsets. May the females have blue accept orange like the female hellfires?
  6. First try and it works today is a lucky day!!!
  7. My fresh day 1 birthday hatchie has this nice code: p4Win -> Winner ^^ My Neo baby has this nice one: GZUHT -> All is in big letters and try to write it on a german keybord. All letters are near each other. ^^ One of my embers has: ItCB2 -> It cave born nr. 2 or something like that ^^ (It isn't realy a CB) A guardan has: EiMpm -> I' m pm you ^^ A Harvest has 3QooI -> Looks like Cool May I have some more but I have to go to sleep now
  8. Yes but it's forbitten to grow them in germany course they have no whiskers. Cats need them to life happily ^^ But I know exactly what you mean. I'ts very cute <3....
  9. Since the new hachies look like naked cats and come from the desert they remind me of the sphynx. The race of the cats is also Sphynx Cat. May we get some kind of sphynx like dragon??? <--- No this is not a sphinx citty. I's our new hachie
  10. Yayyy! Got Cha! ^^ And the new badges are nice. I like! ^^
  11. This "every day a new one for 7 days" is realy exiting and I can't wait till tomorow the 3rd one shows up. Now I have to get my black cap to the fan sites. So it can hatch tomorow. So I am dubble exited. >.< See ya tomorow and good night. (It' s half past one here in germany right now.)
  12. Yay!!! I got mine just after a minute. ^^ Good luck to all who still haven't grabbed one.
  13. So I realy have to go to sleep now -o- *yawn* It's short before 1 o clock here in germany... hopefully i dream of the new hachies (Hachies) * * -.-zzzzZZZ Good night and good luck for day two!
  14. I also have the Idea of an underground tunnel. In legends dragons sometimes hide in a hole deep inside a tunnel. And to Thorn: I'm very sorry to hear that your babys died couse some players didn't read the rules. (It isn't allowed to put somebody elses dragons on a fan page without permission from the owener of the scroll!)
  15. A meadow would be nice, too. A wide place without trees but some flowers and my a river. Or some high mountains with strong wind around, but a normal climate. Ohhh >////< I can't wait till tomorows realese. I want to know how the second egg looks AND I want my hachie grow fast.... The DC Time is 17:27 and so there are 6 hours and 33 min left till the 23rd... I CAN'T WAIT >o< *about to chake the laptop before me*
  16. YEEES! After 1 1/2 hours I got mine. And that will be my only one for today. I need to save place on my scroll for the other new ones, that will come the next days. ^^ And thanks to TJ!!! I can't wait to see the others
  17. OMG 6 more Hours and I have to sleep when others'll get the first newbee T.T I'm coming from germany and here it is allredy the 22nd since 6 min... So it will be 6 o clock in the morning when the event get started in germany
  18. Happy Birtthday!! ...and happy cristmas
  19. Hello, I got some problem with the adding of some eggs. I used Drag Hatch since I'm at DC and it always worked. But for some reason I can't open my scrool when I copy my Nick into the field. My Nickname and My scrool name are the same. I tried it serval times and there is no mistake in spelling or so one. The last time it worked was a half day ago. Please help me. Thank you!
  20. Could somebody tell me where I can find somone who is trading those new eggs? I missed them and they are too new to apear in the abandoned page. I just need the crimmson one. ^^ If somebody is interested please sen a PM and I'll discuss the details
  21. I waited till my eggs grow and now trere isn't any of the red eggs left. So I treid to get a daydream egg to influence it to male and breed it with my white dragon. But I'm too slow... Now I thought that I will get easier the chance to get a male daydream than a twoheaded dragon so I grapped this one.
  22. Yaay!!! But I got egg locked a minute ago. When i added my new egg at the fansites I saw the red egg there. And now I see new realese and I have to wait 3 hours to get unlocked again. -.-
  23. Wow I got fooled... I first got a potato and then I thought there was a new realese of a brand new dragon. The explaining says "This egg is blue and slimy" or something alike. And now I got an egg of a dragon wich wasn't new but new on my scroll. Then I read in the wiki that this was the normal explaining. FOOLED by myself The idea is great ^^ Good done TJ Edit: This egg let me get the bronze trophy ^^ I just say Destiny