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  1. I got a blue one but the greens are very good in hiding. Not got or even saw one. May the green will be a rare one??
  2. The new eggs look awsome! I saw it that in one fan side a egg apered I didn't know. so I checked the news side and voila. Two new breeds and I missed the realese day completly. I like the patching of those two and that the main color is another than the color of the patches. Hopefully I will get some tomorow but for now I have to sleep. (German main time) Good night to everyone and have a nice newbee hunting ^^
  3. Me too I wasn't here when the frills were here T^T
  4. Looool is all I culd think. I sometimes think strange things when I'm looking at incubators and see dragons near each other doing stange thinks ^^ Like this: Seragamma: I'll catch Youuuu *evil face* DM Pygmy: Noo I'm not alredy born
  5. I found this tan colored Ridgewing! http://dragcave.net/lineage/eF3nx I's linage is horrible but who cares
  6. Yo there I got a little bronze tinsel with a super linage in the AP! http://dragcave.net/lineage/WMUGR Two Stairs with golden Shimmers X Sweetlings and Bronze Tinsels X Shadow Walkers
  7. So after the rainy days here in germany the summer is knocking at the door. And my little hatchies are in summerlove mod: <3 my turpentine kisses my flamingo softly on the neck >///< so cute my crimson pygmy is very shy and try to kiss my seawyrm on the left fin... And my harvest is kissing my ballon on the neck too... <3 <3 Just my bluna baby is howling corse it want to be kissed too... T^T ^^ I just watched my incubator and saw my hachies in summerlove mod ^^
  8. I hope that the side will be on next week T-T I feel very sorry what happend there. I like the side very much. It's one of may three main fans sides. Edit: For users who just using The Allure. A side wich is most like this is the Eggs Aroud the World side. You will find it at the blue banner in my sig. Your eggs will be put into the ER automaticly when they surpas the day 4 mark.
  9. I prefer the ap course... ...you can see wich dragon you get and the code it has. ...you can abadon the egg right away when you decide not to hach it. ...there is the chance to get a cool linage (not importand for me but also a plus for the ap) ...there could be all from a little pygmy till a rare shimmer (realy!! I saw a bronze shimmer in the ap!) .. you don't have to wait long till they hatch. (Sometimes they hached alredy) This is cool for beginners who want to grab the bronze trophy fast. .. The ap loads faster and changes the offer more.
  10. Whiptail bomb I know that whiptails are common but there were never so much at once in the AP...
  11. Noooooo!!! I misclicked the salt I waitet two hors for with a sky wing. ToT Now it's gone and I'm locked...
  12. This event was amazing. Anyway the first time I got realy problems with my locked scroll. Normaly I feel okay with it but since yesterday I realy got problems. From the first till the fourth breed all was okay but who could imagine that there would be three new eggs on day five. All my calculations were for nothing. So I wasn't able to get day six and day seven eggs till now. At the top of that one of the best fansites get overloaded since yesterday so my eggs still didn't hached (my gold and day four are over the four days limit but they don't feel sick.) Of course I put them on others but they are not as famous as the allure. I short: A very cool but also get the event as a challange. So it was also very exiting. AND I don't have they egg of yesterday and today...
  13. I have two other fan sides so it's not a big problem. Thanks mystic tiger ^^
  14. I have a question is there some truble with the allure fan side? I can get to the main side but when I want to load my scroll the sid got a big lag and can't be loaded
  15. I have to wait till one of my eggs haches. I'm locked My Gold egg will hatch tomorow in one hour...
  16. So I'll go sleep now ^^ Good night and good luck to all for tomorow
  17. Horrray!!! I got one... I got one thank you blue nadir and reddof for the tip. ^^ The day is rescued
  18. I read that in the wiki in the rumer section. But thanks I'll give it a try ^^
  19. So I abadoned my second red egg and tried it adain and... surprise I got a second brown one... So I abadoned my older brown and owned this... I need a GREEN one!
  20. Know how you feel... I also missed the green one. I got two red ones and I'm looked now. If there is someone out there who wants a red and can give me a green please pm!!
  21. For me they look like a new gold, silver, bronze realece. (Like the tinsels and the shimmers) I got two red ones and no green. Now I'm loocked...
  22. Argh I got two of the gold ones. Now I have to wait till I ccan trade it for a silver...
  23. It's radomly decided wich color you woul get and they are all in every biome. The discription is: This egg gleams with a reddish shine.
  24. Oh that would be hart to catch them all... But I won't give up! Otherwise I'll trade them ^^ Edit: hehehe... I got a bronze one now the other hop e I'll get a silver or gold next ^^