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  1. Seems like Egg drop Soup and Allure of Necglected Dragons have problems to connect to the main page. Hope this will be fixed soon. Need to add my Eggies to another side then for a while.
  2. Thanks to everyone who works on this whole event, from the new helloween breed till the Minesweeper an all in between! The new dragons look so great, I cant wait for mine to grow up and also can't wait to see the name of this newbee.
  3. Yayyy finaly my first event after a long downtime and my first chance to grab some of the Helloween Breeds. This years Event is very well made and I finaly learned how Minesweeper works. Won the most times. I'm very exited on this years Heloween breed and hopefully I am able to grab some. Well then Happy Helloween everyone!
  4. nine or novare or kyu or neun or watever u call it
  5. I still havent got an egg. But I stopped now, because it's nearly over. On Saturday the New Release Trading Tread will open and I hope I'll get one of each there.
  6. Are the new realesed comming every 5 minutes or randomly. Could it also be that the realese time is ower and every biome turned to normal? (I know that those dragons will still be able to be catched but I mean that they don't come up so often anymore)
  7. Mean... * nothing grabbed so far* I'm tired of this I go to bed. (3 o' clock in the morning in germany)
  8. I'm always slow with new releases but I had never so much bad luck
  9. Always when a new realese is coming, the ap eggs are getting under the 4 days limit so I got to know about this realese. Thanks TJ and Spriters I'm glad that there will be more hydras now.
  10. I found this magma in the AP: http://dragcave.net/lineage/atkqL WOW! is all I could say ^^
  11. Why you all have so much luck. I not even saw a green and then I got to fast and endet up being looked with a green egg. Well then good night. * Hiding under the blanced and moving away*