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  1. Doesn't count... three is missing. Want to be fair. One
  2. My Wishlist I don't care about linages, just want to have an even number of each breed and those are the ones I neet to catch this goal. Copper Dragon (Rainbow) Blue Fire Gem (new releace) The Gender is not important to me. I'm no breeder and just collecting is enough for me. If somebody wants something in return lets discus it via PM and I can see what I can offer.
  3. Happy new year to those who alredy have and to those who will have. Here in germany it's now quater to 7 pm. Hope you enjoy and celebrate and have a got time.
  4. My first cristmas Event. I'm very exited. Have three breeds so far. Thanks for all the work. ^^
  5. Wow, I predicted one breed but three newbees. Very nice, thanks TJ and the spriters for their work. I'm now locked but as soon as I get a free place I will get one of those eggies.
  6. Those are some real good news there. Thanks and lets cross fingers that everything will get normal again.
  7. Thank you for keeping us up to date. And remeber don't stress or anything.
  8. I didn't report him myself, but I think he has been reported from somebody else, since it's been two days now, were the side is not even reachable. (By me) I hope this wohn't be a too big thing that takes long to fix. I always liked the clicking mechanic. No new side opens, just a little window. Always made clicks for my encyclopedia this way. Fast and easy.
  9. Seems like Egg drop Soup and Allure of Necglected Dragons have problems to connect to the main page. Hope this will be fixed soon. Need to add my Eggies to another side then for a while.