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  1. hehehe... (Why is it always me with this number...) 13
  2. Royal Crimson Royal Crimson vs Avatar of Change
  3. Monarch Monarch vs Shallow Water
  4. Saw a paper in volcano two hours ago and thought it was a viene because the text was so long. But I was too slow.
  5. It's a little frutrating to see that my clicks aren't fast enough. Normaly I am a good catcher during releaces but this is to high for me. Just catched three reds wile all three slots refreshed, trated one for a green but no blue at once. And still after 2 days over hundred users in the volcano. I hoped some eggs will end abandoned but... well... nothing
  6. First normal realease this year. ^^ Saw that Alpine, Desert, Forest and Volcano was cleared out and then checked back. The blue looks a little like the Glacius Drake and the other like the gemshard trio. Looking forward how they will look. Thanks to TJ and spriters.
  7. Tan Ridgewing Tan Ridgewing or Depsis Dragon?
  8. Alt Black! Alt Black or Glaucus Drake
  9. Male Tan Ridgewing. Male Tan Ridgewing or Night Glory Drake
  10. Oslo capitalcity of Norway
  11. Sounds very yummy! Steak Medium
  12. Uhh this is hard to choose... I would say red Nebula So Red Nebula or Moonstone Dragon?