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  1. I hope TJ will get it working soon. Go TJ you can do it! I had to put my new eggs to clickingsides. >.<
  2. I have the same issue with tAoND. But Eggs around the world, Drag Hatch and Egg Drop Soup work fine for me.
  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DRAGON CAVE! Wow, this are huge anouncements there. Thanks for that and my respects to everybody who is working or had worked on it. I'm very exited for the new dragons an'd can't wait tp breed them. I got a little lasy the last two months bit now I am back with new motivation. Keep going!
  4. Silver! Silver or Black Striped Dragon?
  5. Silver! Silver or Sunsong Amphiptere
  6. Hard decition is hard... But I would say Heartseeker Heartseeker or Undines
  7. Keep: Ronald Blue Abandon: Gold Horned Tangar Kill: Waterwalker Gold Wyvern, Nebula, Two Finnen Bluna
  8. Silver! Silver VS Kyanite Pygmy
  9. Keep: Lunar Herald Abandon: Royal Blue Kill: Moonstone Azure Glacewing, Day Glory, Skywing
  10. Yum Backed Potato with Sour Cream?