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  1. Okay, then I got confused with the event times. Sorry!
  2. With the beginning of the 17th Feb (Cave time) the Event will be over. Edit: Not true! It will last till the end of the 20th feb.
  3. Yeas you are right. I just thought of a more easy way. But this will do, too.
  4. There are 109 Flowers (If I didn't miscound) If somebody still want's to know. Wouln't it be fun if we could use the cards in our sig?
  5. Never ate it but looks yummy Pancacke with apple slices
  6. Khusa Khusa or Night Glory Drake
  7. THX! I hope I will be able to grab some new CBs from the AP then. If not I have to abandon some of my eggs wich I want to avoid.
  8. Does anyone know how long the event will be? I hope there will be at last three other days so I can catch up and grab some of the new ones.
  9. Happy Helloween everyone! since I'm egglocked I can't grab the new one yet, but in 7 hours I'm free again. >.< Thank you TJ and planners for this nice event and I wish everyone a full basket of sweets and lots of creeps!
  10. I have maybe a bug as well. My Hogwartsoutfits for my Grave Hatchie are missing. I had Gryffendor, Hufflepuff and my free Ravenclaw outfit. Reloading the page or anything doesn't solve it. It's like the costume is invisible. SOLVED