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  1. Hey there,


    I have a problem with signing in into the forums. I was absend for quite some time but now I returned and wanted to sign in as normal but my password wasn't correct so I thought maybe I had the wrong one so I made a new. The mail came and after that everything was fine and I made sure to check the remeber me button. After a few hours I was thrown out of the forums again and when I wanted to sighn in it sad that I have the wrong password again even though I used the one I used for the new password request shortly before. I tried to copy it and tip it in manualy but nothing worked.

    Does anyone else have this problem and maybe knows an anwer to it?


    I use firefox normaly and every other side is remebering me and my passwords.


    Thanks for any answer. :)

  2. Happy Birthday DC! A dozen Years and still around. 😃


    This is such a nice update to the game. The Reds and Seasonals look so good now. I love them all.

    And the Marked stuff is nice too if you haven't so much luck top grab a dino or another very rare species.

    The new eggs remind me of Hogwarts Houses somehow because it says magical in the anouncement and the colors in the egg descriptions...


    I have two of each now. Wasn't so hard to get those. :)



  3. 1 minute ago, Varislapsi said:

    It would be quite fun if the festival eggs also lost their greennes after the event. :P Not that I don't love them this way but I'd be excited to see what they look like with more colors, hahah!


    Since the eggs aren't animated I think it is possible that they have a "real" color.