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  1. Day Glory Drake DGD or Tri-Horn Wyvern
  2. Day Glory Drake DGD or Gilded Bloodscale
  3. Royal Blue RB or Glory Drake (day)
  4. Royal Blue RB or Azure Glacewing
  5. Royal Blue RB or Xenowyrm (Magi)
  6. Royal Blue RB or Avatar of Change
  7. Royal Blue ^^ RB or Gemshard (green)
  8. Royal Blue RB or Striped (green)
  9. Vampire Vampire or Golden Wyvern
  10. When I doubleclick it, the window were you have to write down your mail, will pop up but vanish again. Works again. I had a space before my Nckname all the time and didn't saw it till now. I am sorry.
  11. Didn't worked either but it was worth a try. I changed my password now again. 🙁 Edit: I also tried on Crome and there I have the same problem. I can't get in the normal way and always had to ask to change my password. Thanks for the help though.
  12. I did once and after that I could log in first. But after leaving for a short while (a few hours) I couldn't log in again and my password wich I changed before was wrong again.
  13. Hey there, I have a problem with signing in into the forums. I was absend for quite some time but now I returned and wanted to sign in as normal but my password wasn't correct so I thought maybe I had the wrong one so I made a new. The mail came and after that everything was fine and I made sure to check the remeber me button. After a few hours I was thrown out of the forums again and when I wanted to sighn in it sad that I have the wrong password again even though I used the one I used for the new password request shortly before. I tried to copy it and tip it in manualy but nothing worked. Does anyone else have this problem and maybe knows an anwer to it? I use firefox normaly and every other side is remebering me and my passwords. Thanks for any answer.
  14. Happy Birthday DC! A dozen Years and still around. 😃 This is such a nice update to the game. The Reds and Seasonals look so good now. I love them all. And the Marked stuff is nice too if you haven't so much luck top grab a dino or another very rare species. The new eggs remind me of Hogwarts Houses somehow because it says magical in the anouncement and the colors in the egg descriptions... I have two of each now. Wasn't so hard to get those.
  15. Happy to know I am not the only one. Maybe it has something to do with the coding. LeetleTrees aren't showing up though.
  16. Since the eggs aren't animated I think it is possible that they have a "real" color.
  17. I don't have chickens but my two cheese Dragons look very unhealthy.
  18. Did anyone noticed the Arsanis have a little baby Mint in their hands eccept for their pearl? So cute <3
  19. Wowhoo, I got the upside down egg. Last year I got a normal one. And thanks to the staff who sneaked onto my school last night and pained 90% of my Dragons green.