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  1. Hi folks! I figured out what was happening. It probably has to do with the weird way I sort my scroll (Manual Custom Sort/Breed/Then I have a few dragons I set negative numbers to so they appear at the top of my scroll). @DragonLady86 and @Fuzzbucket are correct; Rosie was still on cooldown but it wasn't a cache issue; it has to do with my personalized scroll sort. If I had gone in and performed another Manual Custom Sort after I used her BSA, she would have sorted properly. It could also have been because at that point I had several dragons with the number "0" stuck in limbo, and maybe Rosie was stuck in limbo, too. Hope that made sense! Bottom line: everything is working as it should be! Nothing is broken. Thanks, all.
  2. Wait .... I just realized that there is a precogged adult sprite at the top of all my other regular sprites. It sorts (per breed sort) precogged adult sprite, normal adults, eggs/hatchlings, more precogged sprites. These are the current sprites at the top of my Aeons:
  3. Oh wow, thank you! I never noticed that after precog they have a different sprite. So it sorts by normal sort (breed in my case and I believe age with oldest adult at top to youngest at bottom), then growing hatchlings/eggs, then frozens (?) then the precogged sprites?
  4. Thanks, purplehaze and fuzz for clarifying! fuzz, yes I really like the Tin line! Love "Deceased;" it's so morbid What do you mean "it's quite important now to unname anything you are about to zombify. If you miss, the name is gone for ever." Does that mean, if I have a name I love, then I zombify the dragon with that name, that it doesn't keep the name? The name disappears from view but I cannot reuse it? or I cannot use it on the Zombified dragon or on a new, different dragon?
  5. Bumping this because I am having a similar issue with my Aeons sorting. I sort by breed (not legacy sort). I am having issues with: 1. Growing hatchlings and eggs appearing in the middle of adult dragons 2. Adult dragons not sorting by oldest to youngest as they usually do. I do not have sort set up to keep eggs/hatchlings at top of scroll (some end up there anyway, since I use negative numbers to keep certain dragons at the top of my scroll). (Because of this, new eggs are numbered as 0 but this is normal for this setup as anyone who uses it knows and does not affect the issue of sorting by breed.) Periodically I do a new “sort by breed” to clean up the front pages of my scroll. Have noticed this issue the past couple of sorts. Here they are after I choose “sort by breed” (before adding my special dragons to top of scroll).
  6. I have a 6th even gen 100% purebred Thuwed (no inbreeding) that I would love to swap for another 100% purebred even gen Thuwed, any generation (no inbreeding, please), and preferably not related to the listed one (although I will consider any EG PB Thuwed even if related). Make an offer on my Thuwed! If trade link disappears, I may have created another trade link; please feel free to PM me. (I will try to remember to update trade link, but just in case I forget)
  7. Hey folks, I have some questions about tombstone lineages; I have several and the tombstones have different naming schemes, and I'm not sure how one chooses how they are named. For example, these have actual names (I don't think these are zombies?) https://dragcave.net/lineage/HRTL0 ? With these, does one have to name them prior to killing them? Then there is this (cool) line https://dragcave.net/lineage/al7zZ (I need a mate!) where all of the tombstones are labeled "Deceased" in italics; how does one do that? That is so cool. Also on those, on all of them when clicking on "Deceased" I get "You can't seem to find the dragon you are looking for." (With other tombstones I get "Unfortunately this dragon has been killed." Then I have others like this one https://dragcave.net/lineage/NrP4q where they were not named and it shows their code. Any info is appreciated. Thank you.
  8. Thank you @Shokomon for the awesome badges! (Weird; I can't get my badge in my siggy; I tried deleting an image and adding this one; will play around with my siggy later.)
  9. LOL BatPopsicle! That was hilarious. Picturing the dragon coughing you up like a hairball ...
  10. Is there a celebratory banner for those of us who have our first Upside Down Mint? In all seriousness, if someone chose an option and I got one because of someone else's sacrifice ... thank you very much! The choices look kinda random, like 50/50 regardless of what you pick, but if anything someone did somehow inadvertently helped me get my first UD Mint, then thank you, thank you very much. (And yeah, a celebratory banner would be kinda cool ... awesome, even!)
  11. Congrats, Sunrunner! Yes, it is exciting! I am leaning toward female myself. Will look at pairings and think on it a bit.
  12. I have my first upside down Mint, and I can't stop staring at the egg sprite 😍 My dilemma (pardon the phrasing) is whether to influence it male or female? Breeding choices! Decisions, decisions. For those of you with Upside Down Mints from this year or previous years, how did you choose to influence?
  13. I got one! I got one! *Squeeeee!* Random luck smiled on me. “Do you feel lucky? Well, do ya, punk?” Thank you for bringing back this event, TJ.
  14. Oh, okay! Thank you. I took an extended break and was not around when the various subtypes of zombies were introduced. Also "back in the day," we could only make Zombies on Halloween and that changed (I wasn't around for that change, either). I don't recall anything about the 31st. I wonder when the "visible on the 31st" rule came into effect? ETA: Per the wiki, it looks like this may have been implemented on Aug. 14, 2016? Also just curious: What is the reasoning behind them being able to be seen on the 31st of the month? Thanks, all.
  15. Hey folks, maybe I never noticed before, but why are my Zombies active during the day today? Is there any significance to it being the 31st of the month? Thanks in advance.
  16. Does anyone know if the person with the scroll named Charmers has a forum account? They offered me a nice egg but it is under the time required to influence the egg; I want to PM them and ask if it was precogged. Thanks.
  17. Hi, @Dancing_cinnamon! Welcome to Dragon Cave. I see from your sig you are fairly new to the game. The best thing I ever did as a newbie was to get a mentor on this forum by posting in the thread, "The Mentoring Project." You can find it here: The Mentoring Project I had so many questions as a newcomer to Dragon Cave! My mentor was very patient and answered all of my many questions I had for the first few months I was a member. Once I began to feel more comfortable, I didn't have as many questions and spread my wings and learned to fly. I highly recommend the DC mentoring program. Welcome to DC, and enjoy the game!
  18. Wow, mine haven't quite grown up yet and I just had to peek at the adults! They are utterly gorgeous, all of them! Love the Aqualis and the Blancblack (tongue-twister!)! Beautiful sprites. Thank you, @TCA and @LadyLyzar for these gorgeous contributions to the cave.
  19. Thanks. Hmmm, well I tried looking at AoND but it shows all of my coastals picked up in the same hour, and all of my two-headeds picked up in the following hour. So, no luck there. It was a good suggestion though. If they were spaced out a bit more ...
  20. Thank you, @olympe is this definitely the case, then? That the youngest egg will sort at the top and the oldest at the bottom? Because I have four of the new Coastal eggs I picked up all within the same hour and I am trying to determine which of the four is the youngest.
  21. RubyEyes, I don't know about this theory because for my new two-headed dragons, the order I picked them up in was Desert, Desert, Forest, Volcano. When sorted by age on my scroll, they sort from top to bottom as Desert, Desert, Forest, Volcano. This displays the youngest egg at the top and the oldest egg at the bottom.
  22. Not sure, but was CherryKuro referring not to the encyclopedia but to the Trading Hub? If the Trading Hub is affected, that is good to know! I knew it affected the Encyclopedia and also the Market; I've seen messages in the Market "Unlock egg in encyclopedia to purchase"
  23. Thanks Ruby Eyes, I am confused by this. Yes, it is a temp sort (not my default sort). But ... I noticed something. The Coast eggs I can't tell, as they all came from the same biome. But when looking at the four two-headed eggs, I remember picking up two from the Desert first, followed by one from the Forest, and the "oldest" (only because I remember the biome) was the one I snagged from the Volcano. On my scroll, the Volcano one is at the bottom of my 8 eggs, and it is the last one I grabbed. So does that mean the newest, freshest eggs sort at the top? I am befuddled.
  24. @sidmar are you on? I can do this if we do it really quick, in the next few minutes. Oh ... I can't help, I am sorry. I forgot I am egglocked with new eggs.
  25. I have a question about scroll sorting and the new eggs are a good example. I picked up 8 eggs within an hour (so no way to distinguish by time) and if I sort them by age, is the one at the top the youngest or the oldest? I want to influence them based on their age. So if I have four eggs, all of the same breed, all caught within the same hour and sorted by age, is the one at the top the youngest egg? Thanks in advance.