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  1. If you put your fresh new eggs into hatcheries too soon and they got sick, sometimes they do not recover even if fogged. If they got a lot of views in a short period of time, or if they weren’t hidden soon after they became sick, they can die even while fogged. There is no mechanism that can force an egg to unhide. Sorry that you lost your eggs!
  2. My first set hatched, and I grabbed my next set. So I've got influenced pairs of all of them, plus an extra pair of blues. Can't wait for TJ's to grow up! *taps on hatchies impatiently*
  3. Just took another look at that thread and found egg spam from a Level 7 member who posted two growing hatchlings with View links instead of lineage links. Might I suggest that our forum guidelines be rewritten to be clear about this matter as they once were? No need to propagate bad information on the site.
  4. Thank you, Ruby Eyes, for clarifying. I’ll probably stick to lineage links everywhere, out of habit and to keep from confusing newbies (plus I don’t want to add work for the mods who may check links). I notice the forum guidelines no longer mention view or lineage links. I wasn’t around for the forum upgrade and maybe some of the information was rewritten or removed.
  5. Hi I Want Cheese Dragon, It is because a view link is a direct view of the growing egg/hatchling and gives the egg views and clicks, which help it grow up. It can be considered a form of "egg spam;" i.e., requesting a view of an egg/hatchling, which is not allowed on the forum. View links for eggs/hatchlings cannot be added to one's sig on the forum for views and to the best of my knowledge not to forum posts, either, for the same reason. On the other hand, the lineage link allows you to look at the egg without viewing it (clicking on a lineage link will not accumulate clicks or unique views for an egg/hatchling, whereas clicking on a view link will.). Hope that made sense.
  6. Are there hints in TJ's post? Possible Hint 1: While most people consider 13 to be an unlucky number, What if we need to collect two of each, for a total of 12, in order to summon the 13th? Possible Hint 2: Candles in TJ's DC birthday cake Depicts candles representing two of each dragon, plus one candle with an unknown color where cake was sliced Does this reinforce the idea of collecting 12 to summon a 13th? Or is it just a drawing of a birthday cake?
  7. Haki, I was wondering this too, or maybe some sort of summon if one has all six "stones"/eggs?
  8. Marrionetta, Whirlaway, that is true! Excitement of the moment. I noticed Whirlaway had the Desert egg as "cannot be bitten" so was just adding more info about this egg, but yeah, if I step back from the Happy Birthday! excitement, pygmy eggs cannot be bitten.
  9. Thanks, Whirlaway! Adding to the above: "This tiny, dark egg fills you with existential dread." Cannot be bitten.
  10. I CAN HAZ DC BIRTHDAY CAKE Thank you, TJ, spriters, and everyone involved in the birthday festivities! Happy Birthday, Dragon Cave!
  11. Thanks, HeatherMarie! I was hoping they weren't going to be like the more recent new releases and maybe went a bit longer but it sounds like based on recent birthday events that they mix in rather quickly. Although I know things can change at any time, thanks for letting me know how it has been recently. Unrelated question for anyone: Recently I have noticed some "view" links (not lineage links) around the site, such as on this thread: Have the rules changed for view links? Because my understanding was that they weren't really allowed to be posted anywhere and that everything should be a lineage link. Thanks.
  12. Thanks, guys. So if one were egglocked and all eggs were killed instantaneously by Earthquake, that would be a bit inconvenient. Zowie!
  13. Hi Pyranka! I love your banners. I know you may be busy so if you do not have time, I understand ... if you do have time, I am looking for a smallish banner (I will try to give you a comparable size) to help promote The Mentoring Project thread. They do offer banners, but I am neither a mentor nor a student and the banner choices are limited and don’t fit well in my sig. The size banner I would be looking for would be similar/close or identical in size to the ones in my scroll that are on the first line with my scroll link, so something like the Egg Drop Soup one (93 x 30 pixels) or the Silvi's Lair one (90 pixels wide x 30 pixels high). A bit of animation or bling would be nice but not necessary; it would be up to you. If it would be okay with you, I would love for other users to be able to use it to help the mentors. Some ideas for wording, or please feel free to use your own wording, whatever you think works! I don’t know what will fit on a small banner. The Mentoring Project Find a DC Mentor here! The DC Mentoring Project I Support the DC Mentoring Project Something like that or whatever you think will work! Thank you! missy ETA: If you would rather work with a larger size, I could use one that would fit in the spot the ARK banner is in my sig. That one is 200 pixels wide x 66 pixels high, I think. (I tried to measure them for you) Whatever size you decide is fine! Thank you.
  14. @DragonLady86, do you recall if an egg or eggs die, how long the slot is egglocked? Is it 24 hours if the egg is killed? Is it one egg slot locked per egg killed? For example, if you have 5 eggs killed, is it five egg slots that are locked for 24 hours? Thanks.
  15. A heartfelt thank you to @Cinspawn for gifting me my first Neglected! Out of the blue I received this gift. Thank you so much, Cinspawn! I will take good care of her.
  16. Hi Nightmon, Do you mean forcing only one egg or forcing all the unhatched eggs on your scroll with the Earthquake BSA? I believe you can force all types of eggs on your scroll to hatch with the Earthquake BSA, but the chances of success are low. You can kill the eggs/hatchlings, or some that were forced may hatch, but run away. Here are some people's experiences with the Earthquake BSA: As for forcing a single egg, I don't have any personal experience with that. I did find this on the wiki: https://dragcave.fandom.com/wiki/Forcing
  17. missy_


    Hi OreoQuack! You have to have a Magi dragon (one that isn't on cooldown) to make a trade. I see from your scroll you are new to DC; welcome! You may want to consider getting a mentor; they are an excellent way to learn the mechanics of the game.
  18. Hi folks! I have a question about the upcoming DC Birthday event. I have missed the past few events, and would be appreciative if anyone can describe the drops during the DC Birthday events; i.e., frequency and length of drop. Do the new eggs drop solidly for the first 24 hours without new eggs mixing in? Do they drop very frequently after the 24 hours? I am asking because I am considering taking on a longer timed egg; but I am worried that it will interfere with the Birthday event. If the eggs drop for at least 24 hours fairly solidly, I should be okay, but if they start rapidly mixing, I would like to know that, if possible. I realize this year's event could be different from previous years. I haven't been to a birthday bash in a few years so any help/advice on drops would be appreciated. Thank you.
  19. Hi Yogurtmoo! It is because of the Stun BSA.
  20. Hi mukuro! As DragonLady86 mentioned, if you meant original stories for your dragons, this might be the spot: It seems to focus largely on art but does mention "original stories." https://forums.dragcave.net/forum/25-original-works/ If you want to add a description to an individual dragon, you can add it so that it appears on their individual dragon page. The descriptions appear after being approved by a moderator. More information here: I am not well-versed with the Role Playing section of the site, but perhaps they may have something you are looking for? https://forums.dragcave.net/forum/48-role-playing/ Good luck!
  21. Another resource I have found helpful is to go to the Trading Forum and look under the Rare Trading thread. They will list what is currently considered rare. Please note that (in my view) this list is not 100 percent accurate; there are some breeds that are hard to catch or with high trade value yet they aren’t on the rares list. Still, it gives you a starting point. You can also go to the Dragon Cave wiki, which lists common, uncommon, rare, etc. Again this also has to be sometimes mentally revised by players for trading, as people may trade more or less for an actual egg. The two links below are to the Rare Trading Bazaar and also a place to ask about a specific trade. For me personally, the Coast Pyralspites are more valuable as I have the fewest of them. The Alpine ones seem easier to catch but I do love their pink color; it is gorgeous in certain lineages. I believe they would still be considered valuable in some trades depending on the person/trade. Using precog on trading eggs may help in your trades with newer players who don’t yet have those breeds but may not have Pinks to influence. Adding them to a 4-CB-hatchie trade (if they are hatchlings) could be a good move, especially if you influenced the hatchies as a M/F pair if they came from the same biome.
  22. Okay I thought so, then I second guessed myself. Thanks!
  23. Hi folks, do Seawyrm Pygmies count for the raffle? I believe they do as it shows them as Lindwyrms. Thanks in advance
  24. Thanks, @Kaini for your advice! I may rethink the trade. Or maybe do some more hunting ...
  25. Hi folks, I could use your advice on if you think what I am asking for on this trade is too much or about right? Should I tweak it any? I have a Cheese egg, Chicken egg, Purple Dino hatchie and a CB Sky Silk hatchie (I added him because I had room for four things). I am hoping maybe I could get a 2G Gold Shimmer? Or am I not offering enough? I also hoped for my first Neglected, but I don't know what people are asking for those. I also mentioned in the trade I would look at 2-3G Stairstep Prizes (Shimmers or TInsels), CB Aeons, 2G purebred Thuweds ... offers ... Am I asking for too much or does it depend on whether people care about unbreedables? I have found trades can be highly selective; one person will love something and someone else won't want that same thing. All the same, I could use some advice! Thank you.