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    Glomp Gifting

    missy_ -> Wortgewaltig - CB Vine hatchling (pending)
  2. With these new releases, can anyone say what time Cave Time they are released? First Sunday of the month, Cave Time ... ? Also, do we know the breeds in advance that will be released, or it is a surprise? Thanks.
  3. eeeee! Agree! Would love to see! /collageobsession
  4. Staying egglocked and now scroll locked.
  5. Current obsessions? Tarot cards Dragon Cave The Walking Dead I'm sure I have forgotten something
  6. When I had long nails, I had this issue, too. They were nice, but they did require upkeep. I don't bowl, at least not regularly and not very well But they would break because I am kinda klutzy. I find I can do more things with them short, but then again, they are not very VERY short.
  7. Had long nails for many years. They were fun, but a lot of work. Now, I am happy with my nails short. I feel less encumbered. They aren't super short; they are long enough; I still like to use polish. I prefer this length.
  8. missy_


    Yep, love Grimm! New episode is March 22, right? It looks like the Season 2 finale is April 5. Three more episodes ...
  9. Yeah, the little kid was a surprise to me ... I don't like Neal's GF either ... She's up to something!
  10. I will miss Cora; she was always doing something unexpected, and she was so evil! And she influenced her daughter. Regina always keeps me guessing. It will be interesting to see Pinocchio walk, and to learn the reasons why he is able to do so. The last time we saw him he was transformed into wood. I can't keep up with how the spells are supposed to influence things: guess we will find out!
  11. Right-handed, but it would be fun, and practical, to be ambidextrous!
  12. missy_

    Glomp Gifting

    Attempting to glomp Kelkelen with a CB Royal Blue. Pending! missy_ -> Kelkelen (CB Royal Blue) (accepted)
  13. missy_

    Glomp Gifting

    I have been glomped two lovely CB Vine hatchlings by Wortgewaltig. They are such a pretty pair. Thank you!
  14. Cats, but I like dogs, too. I have so much responsibility with my cats, though, and knowing how much time and effort it takes to properly raise a dog, I have made the decision to forego it. I have enough vet bills as it is. My oldest cat shakes hands, greets me when I have been away, and loves to be vacuumed. You can suck her tail up inside the vacuum hose and she will purr. She sleeps with me under the covers. She gives me the most adoring looks with her huge, beautiful eyes. My Siamese likes to run up to me, run up my neck and cuddle in the crook of my neck. She also plays fetch relentlessly. It is hard to get her to stop! She is very gregarious when people come over. She likes to meet everyone and likes to be the center of attention. My youngest is a kittenish/young adult about a year and a half old who loves to talk to himself while he plays. He engages in all sorts of "make believe" games. He is a riot. He is very shy when people come over and hides. The Siamese and the "kitten" play together a lot, which makes the house very lively at times.
  15. Still a new player here. The female Sunsong, and the female Hellfire Wyvern. The Sunsong shines so beautifully, and the female Hellfire Wyvern is ferocious. And I love the Whites.
  16. I read that book years ago and loved it!
  17. Just finished re-reading The Hobbit, and now starting on re-reading The Fellowship of the Ring.
  18. Kittehs! Cats are my favorite. Owls and "big cats" like the cheetah, lions and leopards tie for second place. I love all animals.
  19. missy_

    Glomp Gifting

    My mentor, sheppardkid, just gave me my first glomp. A CB Magma and a beautiful black alt hatchling! *falls over* Thank you so MUCH, sheppardkid!
  20. missy_


    I totally understand this. But if you get a kitten (I tried this with my older cat), the kitten will want to play with your older cat, which will make her last years/however much time she has not as peaceful. You might consider waiting to get another cat when your cat is gone. There are so many at the shelters, and it is lovely that you plan to rescue another. My eldest is a rescue, and so is my youngest.
  21. I am new here, and still learning with a mentor. So I may not fully understand the concept, but if it makes the eggs on the AP, including the common ones, less likely to breed, then I would be less likely to pick them up. I did not run this comment by my mentor, though.
  22. Viggo Mortensen. The man can not only act -- he's a poet, a musician, a photographer, and an artist.