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  1. I hate: Bad users (except Harry Patridge, he created the Do You Want This Cake meme) Lentil soup Baby shows The fact that I will die Babies in general (They're so annoying!) Barbie G3 MLP Season One of The Randomness Show (Back when I was doing Season One, I sucked. Then, when I realized Season One was garbage, I decided to make The Randomness Show better by adding changes to Season 3, "jokes, voices, etc" and the Groundragon episode in Season 2.) Tomatoes
  2. A dragon that is extremely easy to get. Is there a Fairy God Dragon?
  3. My sister (Dracoscar) and I worked together to make a Grass/Dragon Pokemon. I made the concept and basic design, but Dracoscar made little changes and sprited it. Fakemon Name: Thornryu Fakemon Image: Fakemon Species: Rose Dragon Fakemon Fakemon Type: Grass/Dragon Fakemon Fakedex Entry: It punctures it's prey's skin with it's thorns, then waits for it to bleed to death before eating. Evolves Into: N/A Evolves From: N/A Other: Shiny Form:
  4. This thread is now about cupcakes.
  5. Haha! I stole your Yellow Dino !
  6. You need to use the hide action on it. This hides it from potential diseases and other dangerous things. Keep it hidden for about a week and then let others give it views. What is the AP?
  7. Of course! Incubate a Cheese Dragon egg and then throw the egg on an omelet. Does my starter dragon have to be one of these species? (Dark Green, Ember, Water)
  8. Yes. Use Fertility on another child when it grows up. When will the Rainbow Dragon be released?
  9. Because one of them is too ugly and no one wants to breed with it. Try with less ugly pygmies/dragons. What is a dragon's code and where do I find it?
  10. You're only supposed to change one letter. Seem
  11. NAEGI 11037 MEANS LEON UGH (http://dragcave.net/user/Spyro2)
  12. Banned because he didn't drop the eggs, TJ09 did.
  13. YAAYY!! And I caught the new release.
  14. Cool! I hope Rainbow Dragon and Pink Dino get here! I have sprites: Rarity: Very Rare Idea: Rainbows are really beautiful for every spring. I once saw one and thought it was pretty. But I decided to make the Diamond Tinsel but then figured out it was against the rules and instead made the Rainbow Dragon. Rainbows are so beautiful to be in ANY spring month. And May is one of them. So I decided to upload this on March 24 to see if TJ09 would accept it. I need him to use this in Dragon Cave's 7th Birthday. I don't know if I could do a pink dino sprite. Pink Dinos are ra
  15. I Would Like To Join This Project! Forum Name: Spyro2 Scroll Link: My Scroll PM Link: My PM Link Hidden Word: I dunno, Nilia? Sign Up Date: March 9, 2013 Point Total: 0 Eligible Dragons: I think it is 5.
  16. You may only post dinos. This is a place to gift your dinos. Dino Eggs and Hatchlings images here: - - - - - - - - - - If this is your first time here and you are the first to wanna gift or get, you have to give me the ticket: 1 Green Dino If you wanna request a dino here is your bar. I would like a dino! Scroll Username: Forum Username: Color Wanted: PM Link: Scroll Link: If you wanna give a trade here is your bar. I would like to give a dino! Scroll Username: Forum Username: Color You Have: PM Link: Scroll