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  1. glad your enjoying FR and thanks for using me as a ref!
  2. I have multiple people wanting them but at that time I had two nest rentals that needed to be hatch and given back to their owners. Sorry if it looked that way. :t I just been stiffed in the past with dragons and was getting tired in being stuck with dragons. If you ever need anything for the new color wheel brown wise I'll give you a hatching for free. (how it usually goes I breed on request and a couple of times a person would go "oh i dont need then anymore" even before they are hatched) but I'm sorry if i cause any problems for you. My fault I didn't plan my nests right.
  3. Sure Just tell em to message me on FR for one. I doubt at this point anyone will buy them. I'm still steaming from those people going all "Yes I am interested and ooo how much" and when I tell them the price they seem to vanish of the face of the earth. ps FR name is Text
  4. i have these 3rd gen imps for sale. had two people back out even tho they said they wanted to buy one. :x so now im stuck with these until roll over so i can give em to some new members but i wanted to try to sell them first.
  5. ive asked every imp breeder possible and i lucked out on a double royal maize and a sky lavender and purple pair for 200k for the lot. the guy seemed very tried and didnt want to bother looking threw all his stuff so i said "I LIKE THESE ONEZ" and he said he w/e take them idc anymore"
  6. sent the offer on the lil girl. i wont be offened if she gets regened or anything. she is pretty but her blue just didnt fit my taste when i first got her DX
  7. its first come first served and in this case who ever has the money first gets it. My name is Text on FR.
  8. still looking for anyone that wants a second gen imp. have not heard from the other two yet.
  9. Prolly 100k for her or something like that. I also have 3rd gen imps in the making and they will be in the purple blue range. they will be 80k Both parents are 2nd gen pure so their offspring will be pure imperial 3 gens. hope the price didnt scare you too away...i am willing to haggle too. :T not going to be some push over that refuses to change prices.
  10. is anyone interested in a gen 2 imp? here is a link to my lair if your are: http://flightrising.com/main.php?p=lair&id=223308
  11. I'm just as lost as you are. I was reading threw here and there too. Dose that mean we have to freeze and never gain adults?
  12. Yea I kinda want to join too but not only what you said but site where you need a code to make an account makes it seem unfair for those that want to join, unless I am wrong? ;w; I just want pretty gryffin game..
  13. I wanna join but said something about site undergoing something and wont accept new accounts. I want to play with kitties :C (im a crazy cat lady irl)
  14. Anyone else unable to load their fort editor? Mine is a bland page and I want to build :c
  15. I wish I could grab a holly dragon. :c It will be my first one but oh well.
  16. Wow I caught 7 eggs easier then I thought and I was late. Thanks tj for the late November egg. c: