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  1. I got my first CB Stat today ❤️ Now I'm trying to decide if I want a male or female
  2. Is it looking right or cheekily looking center, the world will never know.
  3. Have 2G PB Silver Want: Bloodswap GONE
  4. https://dragcave.net/view/zi0SK --> Got this lucky one, Ziosk https://dragcave.net/view/HiME0 --> I forgot to influence to female so I got a male japanese princess
  5. Tried breeding two dragons that have 20+ offspring together and when I tried breeding them again I get a message saying they refuse to go even near each other 😭
  6. Just got really lucky with a caveborn white Zyumorph code http://dragcave.net/view/angeR
  7. Haha I got 11, whenever I stared at it too long my eyes went out of focus
  8. 32.10332% Lost some points with the swallow because it didn't specify whether it was European or African Swallow
  9. I have Celiac Disease so practically any gluten/wheat products... and also allergic to nickel jewelry... and some fish...
  10. After reading a couple of these posts...I feel so awkward with who I paired some people with...but I got to admit...Lon'qu and Maribelle's S support was freaking adorable
  11. Dragon Age series, Sims 3, and Fire Emblem Awakening So much fun
  12. I'd rather be musician than any of the above because I've always enjoyed playing instruments
  13. Congratulations you just got a Congratulations
  14. May I request a Vine Dragon one? Sorry if this is too much!
  15. 5 bitten 5 turned 0 died 0 Repulsed So far I'm lucky
  16. May I ask to be put on the list? Both of my grandmothers were diagnosed with Breast cancer so the egg would mean a whole lot to me