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  1. There aren't as many obscure songs as I would've hoped there to be, so I'll leave a song featuring Mark Ronson a few years ago before he was a notable name in music outside of Europe.
  2. Though I was born in America like my mother, I have a family line that traces back to both Mexico and Ecuador. It's possible that my earlier ancestors might have migrated from Spain to come to Latin and South America, but unlikely.
  3. I've spent the past few weeks getting to better understand IVs and breeding and whatnot, and I've breed over 100 Adamant Gibles (mostly wondertraded or given to friends), with quite a few of them at 5IVs. Before I start breeding Dratinis like I plan to next, should I try for egg moves on my Gibles? The Gible I'm using right now has 4IVs paired with a 4IV Ditto and no egg moves, and I'm not sure if it's worth breeding a whole bunch more Gibles with other Pokemon to get egg moves. I plan to use egg moves for Dratini since the Dratini line passes down their own egg moves without outside species assistance, but I would like some opinions about the Gibles.
  4. 17 Degrees F, frigid and makes me want to move.
  5. Why should outdoor cats be banned? I mean, they are animals who have their own natural tendencies. I suppose while I don't agree with it running loose in a busy city or somewhere else that could threaten its safety, having them outside isn't a bad thing in itself.
  6. One picture stood out above the rest, though all were nice in their own right.
  7. I'm beginning to believe the Farfetch'd idea that Hoopa might actually be the first evolving legendary Pokemon. While Alakazam did only gain 90 points with Mega Evolution, 80 seems too low for it and the design is way too different for me to consider it. A-Also Hoopa now scares the living out of me. It looks like a hybrid of a Yu-Gi-Oh monster and the spawn of Satan
  8. Mega Steelix being announced is what finally made up my mind in getting a 2DS and one of the games. I'm excited! Design wise, Mega Beedrill, Camerupt, and Rayquaza are my favorites. For competitive use, it seems Mega Sableye, Beedrill, Steelix, Metagross, and Lopunny may all make a serious case for my team. Mega Beedrill and Sableye I am so thrilled for.
  9. Although it's a song I told myself I should detest and dislike whole-heartedly, I can't stop listening to Shake It Off by Taylor Swift. Of the songs I am fine with admitting to liking, Team by Lorde.
  10. Minced meat, fried potato batons, and vegetables.
  11. Very nice photos. I voted and liked both of them.
  12. The person above me took a picture with Steven Spielberg in 17th century chimney sweeper outfits during halftime of the 2002 World Cup Final.
  13. Mellwen plays the guitar professionally in Canada, but lies and instead says she is an animator for Pixar.
  14. While the idea of name changing for users who are no longer satisfied with the name they chose for themselves in the beginning sounds nice and pleasant, I'm doubtful that the amount of time needed to fulfill the sheer load of requests that will subsequently result is something that TJ could handle, much less actually want to handle. If such an idea were to be implemented, I wholeheartedly agree that there should be a limit of what you can change your name to. While removing needless numbers or fixing capitalization could be understandable, many people will simply change their usernames completely on a whim, and likely find themselves wanting to do it more often. However, I still am doubtful that such an idea would not be too overwhelming and demanding for TJ to handle alone.
  15. The Final, in my opinion, was pretty boring until extra time. There weren't many shots during the game, and Argentina's great defense wasn't helped by offensive mistakes. Messi's final free kick was also pretty disheartening, it went nowhere near the goal. All in all, I had a fantastic time watching this year's World Cup, and hopefully it will renew my interest in international football and MLS.
  16. Brawly's design looks fantastic. A major improvement IMO.
  17. It's possible that it could be something else (4chan's /vp/ is the original source, and it is blurry), but I'd say Tough Claws is a pretty likely shot. Also, I was reading a topic on Reddit that pointed out how Mega Metagross is a Metagross fused with a Metang: Looks pretty convincing to me.
  18. I was reading many topics that stated the picture leak included Japanese characters that translate to Tough Claws. I'd be surprised if it was anything but that at this point, it seems almost everyone has accepted it.
  19. Mega Metagross is absolutely terrifying. Incredibly useful ability, menacing design, and a sure spot on Steven's team. Also hoping for Mega Flygon and Mega Altaria in the future!
  20. To those who thought the match itself was crazy, the ridiculousness is only about to begin.
  21. That's it. 7-0 Germany lead. Absolute madness.
  22. I expected Germany to easily get past Brazil, but... The country will explode in grief/anger. I could easily see riots/chaos in the streets. But someday, many, many years from now, I can tell people that I witnessed this game.
  23. This post will not accomplish much.
  24. King of the Forum Games, that alone makes you a 10/10 in fame.
  25. Since it's likely the Alpine dragon is called a "Bluetip", now the process of trying to guessing the next two eggs that start with "C" is at hand. I have a weird idea that the All Biomes dragon will be a "Chaos" dragon (since it makes you feel uneasy), but the Jungle dragon is where I draw a blank.