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  1. Sorry that I'm not posting!! I'm currently on hiatus because of school and activities.
  2. Username: SpiritWolfe Cats Name: Leafshade (An OC of mine ^^) Cat Type: Wild Cat Gender: Female Pose: Sitting Expression:Thoughtful, not too happy but not sad either Color fur: White with patches of light and dark brown Eye Color: Bright green Fur Marking White with patches of light and dark brown Extra's Slightly torn ear Thanks in advance! These are great :3
  3. My Gift Has Matured! Forum Name: SpiritWolfe Scroll Link: Scroll Your Current Total LP: 140 How many hatchies have matured?: 1 Who Gifted them to You? [if Multiple People, List all]: Mysfytt/skorpyann Lineage Links to Each Matured Dragon: Y3Bka New Total LP: 160
  4. Accepted, thanks! Codeword is wrong, but it's close enough
  5. Sorry for the inactivity, I'll get in a post too! @Silver: When I'm posting again, I can have Lila hunt with Skiia ^^
  6. There it was again. The dream that had haunted her by night since her family was taken away crept into her fitful sleep again, and it was always the same. A glimmer of hope in her parents' eyes, a flash of blinding white light, and then loneliness. A hollow, heartbreaking loneliness. Lila shuddered awake, glad to open her eyes and see the faint rays of sunrise penetrating the restless ocean water. I'm here with the Angels, as an Angel, just as I was destined to be. Nothing is wrong. She repeated the last three words through her head over and over again, relishing in the soothing reassurance. Nothing is wrong. Nothing is wrong. Nothing will ever be wrong again. She sighed deeply with a trace of wistfulness, uncoiling her shining serpentine body and stretching luxuriously as she forced herself awake. However much Lila knew that her duty as an Angel - no, a Hybrid Angel - was ever so important, she wished dearly that she could see her parents and friends again, just once. It would mean the world to her. Letting out yet another tired sigh, Lila hauled herself out of her cozy room, her sharps claws clicking against the hard floor. The sound echoed faintly through the water, and she strained to hear it as it eventually died away into nothing, except the continuous, everlasting sound of lapping waves overhead. Yes, she was definitely lucky to be chosen to become an Angel. Very, very lucky. Now, Lila had a chance to save others, to reunite them with their loved ones and free them of ambitious Veo Triig's strict laws. The young Gold Shimmer-scale fingered her brilliant sapphire necklace absentmindedly, stroking it with a gentle claw. She felt powerful, beautiful, and proud wearing the mysterious gem, and smiled softly to herself at the thought of her parents beaming at her, and her friends blushing in envy. "Hello?" she called out, breaking the watery silence. She craned her neck around a doorway, opening her mouth to speak again, this time raising her voice to be heard. "Anyone there?"
  7. Could someone give me the basics of what's happening between Favian, Moss, Aerix, Medea, etc? >.<
  8. What are CB Red Dorsals worth nowadays?
  9. ((I deleted it, and thanks ^^ *goes off to make an app for a gold shimmer <3*)) EDIT: Are the Angels considered dragons?
  10. Raven rocked back into her haunches, narrowing her eyes thoughtfully as she went through a list of places that best matched Rue's description. "Hmm... What about the clearing where the forest joins the dunes?" She paused, clicking her claws against a stone. "There will be plenty of trees and dirt there." Without waiting for a response, she flicked her plumed tail in the direction of the grassy dunes, whisking away in a whirl of black and deep purple. Let's see if Rue can run. The Raven dragon pumped her legs faster, her muscles bunching and stretching smoothly under her dark scales. She knew that she was being unfair to the poor newborn, but Raven wasn't one to show sympathy. Glancing over her shoulder to catch sight of the Hellhorse hatchling, she dodged around trees and leapt over rocks embedded in the earth.
  11. I Obtained a Gift! Forum Name: SpiritWolfe Scroll Name: SpiritWolfe How many gifts did you get?: 1 Code of the Egg/Hatchling Gifted: Y3Bka What did the Egg/Hatchling turn out to be? [sprite&lineage link]: Who Gifted it to You? [scroll AND Forum Name]: Mysfytt/skorpyann Thanks!
  12. I saw a Thunder today, but missed it. I feel like I see more Magmas than the others >.<
  13. My Gift Has Matured! Forum Name: SpiritWolfe Scroll Link: Your Current Total LP: 140 How many hatchies have matured?: 4 Who Gifted them to You? [if Multiple People, List all]: ƒrozen, pinkgothic, greggreggreg Lineage Links to Each Matured Dragon: qUAJB, j52VR, qlzY7, k9WE3 New Total LP: 220 Eep, sorry. I never posted for these guys though... I'm Taking a Gift! Forum Name: SpiritWolfe Scroll Name: SpiritWolfe Your Current Total LP: 140 How many gifts are you taking?: 1 Whose gifts are you taking? [Put their username(s)]: Mysfytt Which specific code(s) from them do you want?: Y3Bka Total Deduction [Minus 5 for every gift]: 5 New Total LP: 135
  14. Sora swung her paw down, letting out a strangled cry of surprise as it swept through thin air, leaving Vana's illusion shimmering. Unable to regain her balance, she tumbled forward, barely stopping herself from crashing into solid, jagged rocks. With a tiny squeal of horror, the young Daydream hatchling scrambled to her paws, glancing up at the adult Black through narrowed azure eyes. "All right, you won." Sora paused, letting out a shuddering breath. "What are you going to do, claw me to shreds on my second day of life?" As she spoke, her mouth curved into an ugly sneer of contempt, but there was a very slight tremor of fear in her voice.
  15. Raven visibly relaxed, her shoulders no longer tense with suspicion but flowing smoothly under her dark scales. She felt more comfortable around this strange young hatchling, at least more than the others. Usually, she clung to the shadows, her calculating gaze watching everything. "So," she began, slowing her fast pace slightly until she was trotting briskly. "Where would you like to start?" She tried to sound warm, but not too friendly. There was still much more she could learn about Rue.