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  1. Yay! Happy birthdaaay! Ty so much for the avatars!
  2. This was... very difficult lmao you have a lot of funny ones BUT the one that stood out to me waaas "HAIRY BUNNY NIPPLES"
  3. King died on the first Virtual Halo game ever invented too bad his eye piece exploded.. oops! They promise to get that fixed ASAP.
  4. Rachel died in a cave collapse whilst spelunking... tragic.
  5. Feb 22: The Day of Beartic in the Reign of Kyurem, Season of Water haha
  6. Assassin's Creed III I got stabbed numerous times, by the mean guards. edit; this is what happens when you don't play anything forever and then just pick up AC where you left off. Best video game player.
  7. I was plaayying WoW in a 10-14 level bracket WSG. No 'looms sooo as you can imagine I died... several times. My orc hates me
  8. Haven't yet but I definitely thought about it
  9. UH Sstt-- no lobster <3 Elderscrolls or Fallout?
  10. My Favorite Pokemon: Gengar, Charizard, and Abra <3 My Favorite Pokemon Type: Ghost, Psychic and Fire My Favorite Shiny Pokemon: Looove Shiny Charizard and Gastly because black and blue. Litwik is another shiny favorite