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  1. Have:


    user posted imageuser posted imageuser posted image - CB Gold x 3




    For all:

    2g Prize


    For 2:

    2g Thuwed

    3g -gold- prize from a lineage I don't have.


    For 1:

    3g silver/gold prize from a lineage I don't have

    2 CB silvers




    PMs are welcome, I will get back to everyone ASAP :3

  2. Have:


    user posted imageuser posted imageuser posted imageuser posted imageuser posted image CB Gold x 5


    user posted imageuser posted imageuser posted imageuser posted imageuser posted image CB Silver x 5


    Various Stages.




    2g Prize for any/all.


    Will give multiple for:

    2g Thuwed

    2g from CB alt/hybrid

    2g from spriter's alt


    1-2 dependent on lineage for:

    3g prize


    Also need:

    Multiple CB winters

    Multiple papers

    a vast list of commons.

    I will -not- take multiple offers of these and please just offer don't ask me how many. Just put your best out there.

  3. I want to donate!

    Lunaleigh - PM

    Will Breed: Red, Pink, Purple, Magi, Shallow Water, Ice, Thunder, Magma, Soulpeace.

    Notes: Please name gifted dragons. Generally they will all be PB 2nd or 3rd gen. I will not allow you to choose mates unless there is some special reason you'd like particular parents. Please be ready to accept an egg as I will not hold one for more than 24 hours. No harming/regifting please.

  4. Wow I'd definitely love some help ^-^ I can make one 3rd gen pb gwyvern thats unrelated and one 3rd gen royal blue thats unrelated so there's half.


    I'm egglocked though. >_< But anyone who helps is welcome to a sibling of my 5th gen or the coming 6th gen! ^-^; Sorry I can't take any eggs atm, I got seriously lucky catching with 2 CB silvers the other night though so I regret nothing, lol.

  5. good luck!

    Hehe thank you.


    If anyone could help out actually any step of the way to an identical dragon, the help would be luffed.


    Also if anyone would like a sibling PM me so we can work something out. ^-^



    Are bloodswaps allowed in this thread? It would make sense since we're all breeding similar things.

  6. I would Like to join!

    Do you want to opt in for receiving personal breeding requests though pms?No, just bloodswaps.

    If YES please put your scroll name, and forum name here:

    Do you have any dragon ready for this project? Yes.

    If not would you like to be gifted? Appreciated but not necessary.

    What type of Lineage would you like to work on? Even gen, checker.

    How many generation can you make by yourself? 5th

    If you do already have a dragon with the Royal Golden lineage? What is the link? Egg Egg's mate.

    Are you a requester/gifter/ or normal member?: Normal

    Any extra notes? like you don't hold on to gifted eggs etc etc?