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I give and take IOUs, but read below.Not TAKING any more IOUs except for 2g/3g prizes or unless stated in post to check first line of sig.Collecting low gen (3rd or less) prizes and 2g prizefails.Personal lineages:At sweetling base w/ black dragons, all 2g blacks alted. Magma and guardian of destruction checker (up to 4th gen, paying HANDSOMELY for magma avatar 'fails' from FEMALE MAGMA), Silver x F. Winter, Gold x M. Autumn, old pink x frill based pinks.Standing offer for 2g Prize available on request. Trust me its worth asking. :3

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    I breed almost anything off of my scroll for free! Just ask. I am PM friendly. But if you want a gift, be ready to take it! I can't hold eggs for you. No, I won't breed you a free metal or 3g-4g prize.

    I believe in taking IOUs from any players that I believe are 'good for it'. This means if I don't already know you, I'll probably ask to see your scroll. Its simply to protect myself as sometimes IOUs don't work out for one reason or another.
    In general, I take IOUs from people for:

    2g Prizes: People with a CB prize, or people who have traded for a 2g IOU themselves and can prove it with confirmation from the CB dragon owner. I am not willing to wait on a spot on a list longer than 10th except in special circumstances. That's already a year of waiting or more.

    Bred dragons: People who have the pair in question or multiple pairs in the case of rares, as rares can be quite stubborn.

    NDs: People who are proven successful experimenters, with several NDs of their own on scroll.

    CB metals: People who catch them often with many CB metals on scroll, people who are active and successful ND experimenters, people who have very short lineaged prize dragons who's offspring can be traded for them.

    CB uncommons: People with a history of catching them, or people familiar enough with the game to have a silver trophy. So, basically everyone.

    CB commons: Anyone. If the quantity is more than one trade then user must have at least a bronze trophy. If quantity is 10 or more user must have a silver trophy.

    Bred Holidays: People with the pair in question, provided I am first on the list.

    Trusted traders whom I have dealt with successfully in the past:
    Wolfsong 442

    my IOU's to Others:

    Alpha Gryph: 3rd gen silver Shimmer (First as soon as I get mine) *Note: Down to 6th on the 2g list omg

    Firestar 13 - 1 green, 1 red, 2 brown copper (male heavy pls)

    Hisa - CB Gold + CB silver (Owes me 3g shimmer from Kira)

    Trying to collect at least a 3g from every shimmer and tinsel. 4th gens in some cases, as lines can be rare.

    Things I ALWAYS NEED:
    2g Gold from Male silver or 2g Silver from Female Gold
    2g Gold from Heartseeker
    2g alt black from Sweetling

    Missing from scroll:
    Lots, now. See spreadsheet.

    Pet project: Female Gold and Male Silver checker