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  1. I LOVE CANDLES. Seriously, they're the best thing ever. I like some of the unusually scented ones that Target carries right now, sun-kissed leaves, I swear it smells green, mint-basil, fig-vetiver, blueberry-basil, lotus-lemon peel... Plus there's this aromatherapy series that has things like "Give Love", "Feel Beautiful", "Be Amazing", "Be Grateful", "Be Peaceful" and "Choose Happiness". I got the Feel Beautiful one for my girlfriend and it smells amazing. I'm dying to try out a wooden wick one because of what I've heard about them crackling like a real fire. I'm also exci
  2. I sent you one with a Romeo and Juliet quote! 8D it was actually pretty fun
  3. these flowers are so much fun! 8D If anyone would like to send me any feel free! If anyone would like me to send -them- flowers, PM me!
  4. Nope. I act appropriately mature when necessary, the rest of the time I have fun. It's too funny how often people expect you to stop having fun at a certain age, and yet if you don't drink or do drugs, you're boring. (I have heard that way, way, way too often).
  5. I'm not sure which counts as worse... the cuts that needed six stitches (one when I was 5 and one in 2009), the broken pinky toes, the cracked forearm...... or the severely wrenched ankle that resulted in the damage of everything in my right ankle except bone and skin, which while happening in 1997, still affects me badly even today because my mother refused to take me to the doctor until a year later, and I was never allowed crutches. ps these didn't all happen at once! the toes were randomly over a ten year period, the forearm was in 2006.
  6. Asgardian! Actually I have no idea. I haven't had a blood test since I was 8 (which was botched horribly). I'll probably go give blood sometime, I'll ask when I do. --Haven't given blood because I'm prone to anemia--
  7. Sounds like he likes you, and missed talking to you. Why not just go up and talk to him? Be friends again like you were before? (I'm assuming you were from how you worded your post). If you weren't, go be friends now! Nothing's really stopping you. Other than you being pissed about the encounter... which I'm not sure why you were? Maybe I'm missing a crucial point...
  8. Technically, "really good at communication" is extremely important, regardless of what sort of relationship you're having. If people communicated more, it's entirely possible that there'd be less relationship problems, or really human conflict in general. Then again, maybe not.
  9. It all depends on how you go about it really. You're no more safe from lying and general bull in person than you are online, there's a bit you can lie about online you can't irl, like you can claim you're 14 and female when you're 44 and male, but you're not suddenly safe because you're in person. You can be cheated on for years and years, people can live entire other lives you have no idea about. You can date someone who's a pathological liar. Think that's something that can be figured out pretty quickly? When you have someone who's either really good at it, or supported by other p
  10. I don't know what you're going on about. I only eat the rude people.
  11. Yeaaaaaaaaah no. If anyone looks consumptive here, it's me. I'm the one with the horrible cough and a voice that makes me sound like I ate a teenage boy for cereal this morning and haven't had my tone break properly yet.
  12. pasty? PASTY? >8U That's called alabaster MY GOD PEOPLE.
  13. Hawkeye? jk ;D I'm getting a brand new quadHD pro graphics monitor. Why? Well a) because my job demands it (I'm an illustrator for a living) and b)my current one is heading for having death throes. Sooooo yeah. \o/
  14. No clue. My legal last name is German (which I don't go by for varying reasons), but my parents' stories have changed so many times over the years, I pretty gave up any idea of ever knowing. *shrug* I know I'm olive toned and they're not, and interestingly enough though, they're all blond/red haired and blue/green eyed, which goes waaaaaay back in their family trees (seen photos of many of their family members) and no black-brown hair and hazel eyes like me. Soooooo no clue. Especially as I've been told a thousand times by now that this apparently has nothing to do with anything. (
  15. So far (ND is being a pain atm and won't load codes anymore) I've got two that are totally unintentional. Nero von Ausprex with 466 dragons in his lineage more than once http://dragcave.net/view/L2fwG and Pleione of Whitecrest with 290 http://dragcave.net/view/AIfcC If they weren't both male I would attempt breeding to make it more insane. ALAS. When I can, I'll go looking through my scroll some more.
  16. Surprisingly, I'm reasonably on track with mine! When it turned out the one happened to be breedable, I decided to just breed one. That turned out to be incredibly fortuitous, seeing as today's was a 3-egg drop.
  17. If you want, I'll happily send you the one I just snagged ♥ Got my two, but I'm randomly gifting people because I have fast fingers.
  18. I ended up with 3 (I'm only after 2) so if anyone would like one, the first person to PM me, I'll send it to you in the morning (since there's a 5 hour cooldown). Sending to futuregohangurl in the morning.
  19. Congrats guys! I caught my first bronze shimmer, and it's got a lovely stairstep lineage with female hellfires. ♥
  20. Managed to snatch up this beauty: http://dragcave.net/lineage/WeBPm Usually I take time to plot names out for specific reasons, but I felt so blessed to get such a lovely lineaged shimmer that I decided to honor the breeder by combining the names of both parents. Thank you to whomever has the scrollname munificent!