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  1. Any name from an anime is a great name I once named a Siamese kitten Ciel. Our current cats are Gargamel, Luna, Arlo, and Axl.
  2. I love what we're doing here. It's hard for me to believe that with so many people for gay marriage the only heads who prevail are those against it. Living in a largely bigoted incredibly religious state makes matters worse. For example, here's something I heard in the halls the other day. A: Once, I knew this guy who was 18 and still a Freshman. B: Well, it's better than being lesbo! A: Hahaha *nods* I just can't believe that he got held back that long! B: It's still better than being a lesbo! A: He was so tall. B: I bet. Hey, at least it's better than being a lesbo! Thi
  3. I have a BSA pink with the code pilAf Aptly named Rice-A-Rina
  4. Gift report: Coltzen -> Ixxy: Silver Metallic: -please use lineage links- /view/HE2Je[/url] Thank you, Coltzen!!
  5. I always dream about grocery stores and movie theaters. I'm not sure what it means though
  6. Ixxy

    Cool Codes

    So, can someone please explain to me how to get cool codes? Can you recode them, or do you just have to hope for it and keep trying? Thanks in advance.
  7. Ixxy

    Lineage Terminology.

    This whole breeding thing is pretty confusing... also, what is CB? Thanks guys