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  1. ((I'm having the thing open for a group is that ok?))
  2. When scientists discovered that shifters existed they decided to test their capability to be cooperative with another Apex species within the same living area, or see if it lead would to their destruction and war. Two species was chosen amongst the main species subspecies were allowed to be included in this experiment. The biome they chose and created was that of an African plain and jungle. The plains belong to the Panthera species, mostly known as large cats that roar. This consists of mostly Lions, leopards, cheetahs, and jaguars with a few tigers and smaller cats with the Felidae marking. (Lynx, cougar, serval etc) The jungles belong to the Canis species. Mostly wolves of different types from artic to European, African wild dogs, jackals, coyote, and mained wolf. Will the two drastically different species come together and live in harmony and peace, or fight over resources and for dominance? -------------- Rules: (occ) 1. Romance and fights/hunts is pg 13 please!. 2. OPEN FOR EVERYONE! 3. Dominance fights would be roleplayed out however the winner is determined by a random number generator (from 1-10) and the closest guess I will pm both the results and the closest guess is the winner of the fight for dominance. 4. Once a month a new dominance fight can occur for both pride and pack. 5. Please list physical strengths and weaknesses, along with personality strengths and weaknesses in character sheet. 6. Please PM me the sheets with the title Test 1 if you want to join! I will NOT accept sheets without that title! (Not applied to sky, she a part owner of rp.) (IC) 1. Dominance can be established through fights. Right now it's whoever got introduced to the land first is the leader. 2. Shifters where captured by humans and are treated like animals, despite being able to turn human themselves. This made some shifters not trust humans for their experiments on them. 3. Food and water are supplied sporadically, to keep it as real as possible. 4. Because they are human, inter-species relationships can happen but are highly uncommon (panthera and Canis crosses) 5. Subspecies and cross-breeds can occur (liger, cheetah/lion etc) 6. Shifter fur do not have to be realistic looking. 7. Species who usually do not live in the African plains can still survive there (artic wolf/tiger) for they are human as well. 8. Dominance can be determined by challenging a current leader once a month. Sheet: Username: Name: (full name) Age: Gender: Mate: (nobody should have this yet) Family: (if any) Species/class: (example: Canis; spotted African dog) Looks:( pic or description) Physical strengths/weaknesses: (list at least two each. More would be better) Animal: ^ History: (optional) Personality: (few words about how they act socially) Good traits: Bad traits: Dominance rank: Dominance challenge: (#of times challenged) Victorys/losses: (will determine the #of challenges against them. Many wins=fewer challenges and vicea versa) Other: tattoos or markings, triggers of shifts or something. Characters: Panthera: (Reserved 3 for me, two twin lions and a tiger lions both are rank one for male and female) Canis: (Reserved 4? Possibly 5 wolf(2)/Mained wolf/af wild dog possible jackle)
  3. Cracking a whip over the horse's heads they lurched into a full gallop down the mountain. As they neared the town a owl appeared and hooted and Zeroth jerked on the raines and they slid twords the bad part of town. Flying down the crowded streets full of last minute shoppers and families coming into town, nobody seemed to notice the black sleigh swerving through carriages and crowds of people before they slid to a sudden halt outside of a rundown Home for young girls just beyond the edge of a district in a not so friendly part of the town. Zeroth looked in horror at the place as Dawn followed a younger looking girl, about maybe eight or nine out the front door and down the street. Dawn was trying to talk to the girl, and looked at the sleigh with a icy stare before running after the girl who had on a tattered stained pink dress on and a thin coat with a large needle pinned to the lapel. Zeroth, the always level headed and laid back jokester seemed to give off a sicking sweet smell, one like a fly trap makes. Jach sprang from the roof of the home and landed on the street looking on as Dawn still tried to get the attention of he girl, telling her to run before she gets sucked in, but it was clear that the girl didn't hear her. Jach, although it was during the day was in full demon form due to the overcast and dark clouds of the ever falling snow, looked at Zeroth who looked ready to pounce on anyone who walked into the house. Jach gave him a nod and waved him to dawn and the girl. Zeroth then jumped off, fixed his suit and walked over to the cold and frightened girl. He crouched and begin speaking to her, ignoring Dawn who berated him then walked with the girl back to the house going inside as Dawn stood outside looking defeated. "He won't hurt her. I didn't know this place existed, so with my blessing he's making an offer on my behalf. Buying the property and the occupants inside. She's your sister isn't she? " He said softly standing by Dawn. "I don't trust you! Or him!" She shouted and started hitting his wings. "You're a demon! A devil! You love these kinds of things! I don't believe you!" She screamed and started to cry. "I'll kill you if you hurt her! I'm already dead! You can't kill me twice!" Jach simply looked sadly at the door of the building. "Zeroth is an offspring of lust, an Incubus. But that doesn't mean that he is bad. " He sighed. "He grew up in a place like this. Him and his twin sister, a human girl, not much older then you at the time both experienced what you had to. When she died, he promised her to find all places like this one, and destroy the people who run them, save the children and get them help." She said softly setting a hand on Dawns head. "No, they can't join us at the house, but I will send a guardian here. From now on, your sister and any child inside will be safe. " ((If you are confused I'll send a pm to you explaining. ))
  4. He got up when she touched his shoulder and walked to the inn, picking up his mom and then took the secret tunnel to his den, then the river tunnel to the grotto. He sat and started plucking the red petals off the flowers and dropping them into the basket. He then kissed Sam and his mom then went to collect the ones that grew where his blood had fell in February when they delt with the monster.
  5. There where meny footprints quickly being covered in snow that still fell steadily from the sky. At one point they came across Jach's tracks, four human fingers, four lizard like, a distinct clawed back foot that would look like a dinosaur's and the tip of a human shoe. They seemed to scattle low to the ground and at one point disappeared for twenty feet like he lept and glided for a bit before landing and following a trail of swept snow to the forest past his gates, heading back down hill to the town. Before they went to far down the hill Zero pulled up with black horses and a slegh of ebony. "Master said she's headed into town. Get in so you don't have to walk six miles to the town edge!" He called to her and the kids.
  6. ((just focus on Avery and Cody now. K?) "We go outside. This is the portal room of the sorcerers palace in Sahar. We meet both him and my contact, his apprentice outside. They already gathered all the materials I just need someone to accompany me outside being a girl, they don't know about my secret so me showing up as a guy would confuse things. " He explained to him as they walked through airy corridors to a terrace along the wall then down a narrow staircase with the wall on one side and a drop off a cliff on the other as they wound around a curve in the wall and stepped into a gigantic mosaic courtyard filled with magic circles and transportation spells all formed from tiny square white tiles amidst a sea of blue tiles. Three men where there, standing at three of the cardinal points leaving the west one open for Avery. One was tall and had deep coffee colored skin and had a large Panther with a multicolored hide as his familiar. It had a sweet smell coming from it. The next man was as tall as Cody, olive skin and had a African spotted dog by his side. The third was Avery's teacher and his phoenix hoovered over his head. Avery joined them . With a cry of the phoenix they began chanting, the large crates of soil and rocks started to to get different hues around it. East (Avery's teacher) was red, Avery (west) was yellow/gold. South (Sahar apprentice) was royal purple and to the North (Sahar teacher) a sky blue. The familiars then started circling around them counter clockwise as the colors went clockwise. They continued until everything was a blur then with a sharp "pop!" The colors shot off to the sky and the items disappeared. Right after this the Sahar apprentice and Avery's teacher collapsed. "I'll clean up sir. Cody take AAbdu inside. Sir Delu has master Riko. I'll be right inside." He said waving him over to help the apprentice who had passed out. "Nobody around here so there's no worry about people seeing me. I need to clean the magic residue from the tiles. It'll only take me twenty minutes."
  7. He nodded and gathered the things carrying them for her. He took her hand and walked with her to the gate then to the house with the help of a slip of paper that had the address on it. He decided to wait outside and they are also objects she needed including the book. He didn't like being in the houses other then the inn, Joe's and the cabin. Too many people, so many smells, it's one part of his social anxiety that wouldn't go away.
  8. Jach nodded and they all split up to find her. After checking most available spaces he scratched his head. "Alright! I give up you're the winner of the game!" He called. No response. He handed the baby to Sam and rolled his shoulders before sticking out his tounge, pointed and thin like his demon side tasting the air to track her. Carefully following the scent he came to a door and opened it to another room with no furniture or anything to hide in and a window was open. "Oh.... Oh no. I'll go find her, if you want to help get on jackets and look around the grounds for footprints." He said and kicked off one shoe took off a sock and grew into his demon self running across the empty room and springing out the window.
  9. I would I have some new characters that I'd like to rp. Fenrir won't be in the new one. Completely new one.
  10. Jach found Tim first, then found Helena afterwards. Gorgie came after laughing seeing that he was wedged under a narrow table with his body pressed to the top of it in a cartoonish way making jach completely surprised by his ability to hold his body up under the table for that long. Now time to find dawn and Sam. He looked in cupboards, behind the cloths of sofas and chairs, sinks and then chests opening up one and finding Sam. "Got you love!" He said poking her nose.
  11. "I know I'm the best." He grinned his chest puffed out with pride. "I love you too." He gave her a long smooch on the lips and put on his cloak then got out hers and fastened it up so she can still drink her water.
  12. Jach chuckled and continued to count, slowly this time so she had more time to get into a spot. Once he got to sixteen he got up with the statement. "Ready or not here I come!" He got up and slowly moved around the room, checking easy places and finding no one yet.
  13. Adonis was there with a cup for her, the material she needed for the check up all packed and ready to go along with two medium arm baskets for the petals gathered later. He handed her the cup of cold water to her with a tender kiss on her head. "I was just about to go up and wake you love. "
  14. "No, you'll be up by the time we make the house call. That's why we're heading into town. " He teased. "I'll get you up then. Love you." He said and went outside to sit on the porch enjoying the day.
  15. "He did, and used his power to speed the process of the pregnancy. All my siblings have mouthfuls of names. Well, except one sister but she's the weakest one of all of Lucifer's children so her full name is relatively meaningless to anyone who craves power. " He explained a little bit. He told the kids to start hiding and started to count to sixteen. He was at eight when she asked about dyeing he baby's hair. "Hair dye won't work. Nine! Color would come out in a few days. Ten! I've tried that before. Eleven! You can say that it is, I can't however because I can't lie. Twelve! Now go hide! Thirteen!"
  16. "Death. Any non magical creature that touches them gets poisoned and dies. " He said softly stopping her neck rubbing. "I'll be around. I'm probably just gonna sit outside for a bit. Go rest a bit. "
  17. "Oh yeah! And the ability to be immune to poisons. I guess you don't need them then. You may need to tell mum that before you start to pick the flowers then. She'd freak out. I'll gather some outside the grove. The spots where I bled the day you came to the cave and helped me has bloomed some and I'd like to clear it away before children explore the woods. "
  18. " You ladies look lovely in your new clothes. And the young men here look dashing! Abbi is getting your monkey washed up and getting him back to normal. He should be done by the time you get to bed Helena. Will you be okay without him for a few hours?" He asked the little girl softly. She nodded. Dawn was quiet, while death simply didn't register with Helena very well, Dawn, and the boys knew about it all too well and seem to be trying to wrap their minds around the information. "Now if anyone has questions, morning noon or night don't hesitate to ask me. Sam may be more available, however she is new to her duties and is still learning so she wouldn't know the answer. " He explained as he headed to a different sitting room other then the one with the tree, more of a massive half ballroom sized entering room with lots of shelves and hiding spots for the game of hide and seek. "Envy more elf like and regal then my brothers, definitely appearing more human but with green hair, yes. And from a woman who has hair like yours. I was thinking something more Greek sounding, like Layland or Alesandro but... Zander is a phonetic equivalent to Xander, a short form of Alexander. Alexander is the Latin form of the Greek name Alesandro. The name still means the same; Mankind's protector. How about, Zander Mateo Kristo Echarerin Verona? Mouthful I know but the longer the name is, the better. Names have power over demons. If my brother named him, he'd be at my brother's will. Besides, envy would never utter the names Mateo - pure - and Kristo- Christ bearer - in the same sentence. He would be christened that name, but baptized and known only as Zander Echlare. " He sat down on the couch still holding the baby now looking fondly at the peaceful sleeping face of the babe with such warm tenderness. Even though the child wasn't from him or Sam, it was very clear he already thinks of him as his precious son.
  19. "You got time between now and the appointment at four. You can nap for a couple hours then we'll head into the village, swing by the inn to pick up mum on the way back and then go to the den so we can get to Wolf's Grove faster. Remember to bring gloves. " He said softly kissing the back of her head.
  20. Jach nodded. "I'll help the boys. Let's get you into something warm." He said and set Helena down and got up the four kids followed him out and where amazed at everything. He lead the boys to the room adjacent to hers and set the sleeping baby down and helped the boys clean up and comb their hair, they both had a warm bath and washed their hair, he trimmed it so it looked nice then helped them in some soft wool clothes. Plain, but simple made from good matireal. Being careful he took some room temperature water and took off the baby blanket and the hat it had on. The baby had pointed ears like an elf, and under it's hat was a color of hair that was definitely unnatural. A vibrant aqua, sea green at the roots to Caribbean blue in the tips. Envy was the only one in hell who had emerald green hair, wraths was like fire, greed was golden, lust raven black gluttony a mud brown, and sloths a full Ashen grey and pride had thick hair like a barbery lion's mane rich dark brown with lighter brown around his sideburns. To have a child with this color of hair, the mortal woman must have hair like Sam's and have that be a reoccurring trait in her family. He chuffed knowing Envy probably chose the woman on purpose to irritate him. He rolled his shoulders to get rid of the thought and carefully cleaned and clothes the baby then wrapped him in his second favorite lap blanket and went to the hallway knocking on Sam's door. "We're ready. Are the girls ready? We first Christen the child with a name, then they be baptized. I'd like a strong unique name for him." He said through the door.
  21. "we stay in the same room now love. And the baby needs constant care, the girls are in your room so the baby will be in ours. Now let's name the little one-" he said opening the scroll for the child who was now asleep and froze. "It's not War's..... " He looked at Sam astonished. "It's Envy's. No wonder there was no birthmark. He's still not getting him. " He growled softly holding the sleeping baby closer to him. "Envy is the worst father among my siblings. Pride is better, Lust is probably the best one, after all he is of love and a father son relationship is a type of love. He raised Zero. But Envy...... Very, very few of his children actually make it to complete adulthood. " He sighed softly and started a part protective growl part purr looking at the child. "Uncle Jach would look after you little one. You are safe here." He looked up at Helena standing by his knee looking up at him concerned and studying him and the babe. He pulled her up onto his lap. "All of you are. Looks like your monkey needs a good bath and a doctor. Abigail could help it get better. Let's go get you guys some clean and warm clothes then maybe we can play hide and seek?"
  22. He blushed and nodded. "Um Yeah. But he's still my little nephew so he'd call us aunt and uncle. Now, I see you all need clean clothes, May can you get those going for me? Once you get dressed I'll take you all to your bedrooms. Oh... Oh May? We need a crib too for this Lil one. You may need to get one in town we don't have any here." "We already have one." "No... I know we don't-" "I kept your old one. I couldn't bare the thought of throwing it out like your father instructed." Jach frowned. "My old one I destroyed ages ago!" May shook her head. "it's made from gold wood and down from the feathers of angels. Your mother made it and sent you to us in it. Your father instructed we burn it then put you in that awful black iron one filled with spikes and bones. I would put you down in the golden one for a good sleep. It made him proud you seemed to sleep so peacefully on the highly uncomfortable bedding. I brought it here when we moved here. " She explained.
  23. More like a week went by after the ball for their pasta date. Two days after that date is fine. Avery had to set everything up for transport spell remember?)) Avery finished the last bit of chalk outline pattern in the room and sighed in relief. "alright! Now Cody you put this on and follow me through he portal to Sahar. You'll help keep watch for bandits as we transport the goods. " He said handing Cody a traditional Sahar desert outfit. He fixed his own outfit, and put on the head scarf with a sheet matireal covering his face typically worn by the women of the country. He set down a stone on the ground away from the portal markings and it sprang up into a intricate peaked doorway with a deep red door with a gold knocker in it and the handle placed in the middle. He knocked on the door with the leopard headed knocker once Cody changed into the outfit then opened the door to a different room, full of sheer drapes, open arching windows with no glass and a blast of hot dry air coming through. He stepped in after Cody did and the door shut then disappeared on Alex's end.