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  1. "Lent. Lent Easter and Pentecost is part of the Easter season of the church until we celebrate the feast of the Ascension of Jesus then it moves to ordinary time. Right now it is Advent. " Jach said sleepily with a yawn. "and I cry because souls are being saved, more souls saved, the less I'd have to torture. It's a beautiful sight... And mum is always there at the gates when they are taken up. You can get a glimpse of heaven during those ceremonies. " He said rubbing his eye with another yawn and blinked at them. "It's the only time I get to see her, even if it's just being to barely make out her wings against the brightness of Paradise."
  2. Very busy and I'm thinking of a response for everyone. But I'll post soon okay?
  3. "It is, I was supposed to be apart of it this year but... " She shrugged. "This is heaven for me. At least for now. With you around there's been more excitement here then there has been in the past thirty years since I've been here. Then I "extended" my contract by "getting caught" stealing some important items. " She said with a smirk adding the finger quotes. However there's some that would be moved from the wait list to here. Apparently there's a limit to how many can be on this plane of existince and interact with the worldly items here. The rest are on the spiritual plane of purgatory. If you where here over October 19th to November 2nd you'll see specters wondering around the graveyard because the vail between plains thins at that time. The ceremony tonight is for both, that's why it's a few hours. I believe it's about fifteen people this year. They do a forty day long one for about a thousand souls around Easter and a mass baptism on the day the holy Spirit blessed the apostles, mimicking the five thousand conversions on that day. Master always cries on every, single, one of those baptisms. "
  4. Abigail came in with the book Sam was reading, a snack and tea. "They'll be asleep for a little bit, and this is lunch for today. There's a Christmas feast tonight and a show outside. Master brings all souls who have worked off their sins here and sends them to Paradise. Then angels come and sometimes their loved ones come to take them to heaven, it's a beautiful ceremony, much more elaborate then the children. The souls get baptized, have their last rights said to them and hold confession and communion. It's a good three hour spectacle with the bishop, he even comes to dinner!" She whispers to her softly.
  5. "Mum and dad will find out when we get back. I can't leave the convention now, the woman is coming to pick up that doll house bed she wanted made and some other furnishings for it, and is bringing her husband, a supplier for the Duke of this Provence. I'll still keep my prices cheep for the families with little, that's why you don't see price tags on my work. I think everyone deserves good quality work they can afford. He said holding her tightly. "And now you're here I can finally get some sleep. It's been nightmare after nightmare without you beside me..." He said softly rubbing his forehead against hers.
  6. "No, she said a male with a twin soul. Meaning you, who consider yourself a man, dress like a man and act like one are with me who cross dresses and acts like a lady at times, but my gender is male. She didn't refer to you as one. Now... " He waved the camel over and had it lay down as he went through the saddle bags. He found a vibrant red yellow pen, and a thin red square of parchment in a bag. He licked the tip of the quill, wrote something on the square and said a few words as he folded it into a crane and it burst into flame like a mini phoenix and flew off to deliver the note. "That'll be delivered to master so he knows we're safe. I can make one and apport it to your family and Zane so they don't worry that we're gone too long. I promised them it'll only be a half day, but more like a extra day is added to the time here.
  7. Ah ok. I have work then making cupcakes on my day off on Friday so it'll be a all day thing for church on Saturday got two new characters up, however they won't be introduced just yet but you can read them over. A artic fox and A snow leopard. And after swift edits theirs, I will close down the pack part of the acceptance sheets! It's 10-7 and I want it even please be unique in choosing your animals, remember they can be mix bred! (I for one want a carcal lynx mix, or a puma or black panther/ jaguars or something. There's more than a few big cats out there! I might make another... I'm tempted to but I don't think I can handle it. )
  8. "There's a phone in the lounge. I'll let you go talk to him. Wish him a marry Christmas for me." He smiled pointing to another room and continued to play with the baby. When she returned after her call, jach was asleep, Zander on his chest sleeping too, both looking very worn out and warm by the fur blanket draped over them.
  9. Between the lands He watched her with increasing curiosity and silent laughter shoulders shaking as she wiggled around to get the reed. When she caught it, rolled over and clean up a little bit with the rolling sound again he once again wanted to touch her to feel where the sound was coming from, but noticed the edges of her form starting to blur as she began the process of shifting back. He patiently waited until she was fully human and wrinkles his nose when the reed touched it. He nodded to her question, looked around and picked up a narrow sharp rock and started to scratch at the earth once again. He drew a series of pictures. The first one was a rabbit and a noose with a plus sign in between indicating a rabbit snare with the number 7 beside it. He pointed to those, then to the scarf. Caused by a rabbit snare at seven. The second set was of a family, a mom and dad and kid. Beside it was a minus sign, a stick man running, equals a couple trees and a wolf paw print with 5 beside that. Ran away from family when I was five, lived in woods. The last set was of Russian letters spelling Russia, a picture of Russia on a globe with the northern hemisphere mapped out with a dotted line and a astrict above the dotted line showing he was from the far north. Next to that was a birthday cake with 19? beside it like he wasn't sure of his own age. He did this because it felt good telling someone about himself, having someone who can interpret his drawings in a relatively accurate way and was interested in his well-being. Plus, he wanted her to know more about him, she probably had many questions that she chose to omit and he thought he could clear some up for her.
  10. Pack "Kubo Mbwa Mwitu. African spotted dog. Terra here is a wolf, the red one over there is Valiant, a hybrid mained wolf. Jason in his cabin is the medic, not sure what he is, and... Oh honey..come here." He said softly seeing Eliora approch them trembling and stinking of fear, sorrow, anger and worry. He held out his arms and the red head sniffles shaking her head, her braid wagging as she did so. "Eliora Danin. I'mma wolf dog. More dog really. .... I fecken hate this place! I wanna go home with me brothers and mum and the green lands I know! My brothers don't know lick about shepherding, and their forms scare the poor ewes whittless! I wanna go home!" Kubo came and hugged her, she pushed and beat on his chest but soon slumped into sobs. "They shot at me! They shot at me! All because I was followen their truck! " She sobbed incoherently as Kubo dug out a handkerchief for her to use. "Easy there young one. I know. It doesn't get easier to live here I can tell you that.... Hey, how about you sing one of your songs? You have a lovely voice, one song then go wash your face and get dressed and I'll take you to hunt. Would anyone else wants to come with us?" He looked around at the small group easing Eliora onto a log to sit down. Kubo seemed to be the level headed one here. Someone had to be. Between the lands Deric looked up at the meow blinking at the sound then seeing her laying on her back. He thought she'd leave with the black one, but she came to ..... comfort him. He was touched, new year's forming in his eyes and he sniffed, rubbing them away and tying the cloth to cover his scar again. He didn't like it showing. She flicked water at him and mewed again as if wordlessly asking him to play. He never played with a cat before, the maincoon and a lynx being the only cats he interacted with and both where not so playful. He reached out to touch her belly, but hesitated. The belly is a tender spot, she's showing she's trusting him by exposing a potential weakness. As much as he wanted to see how soft her fur was, he pulled back his hand. Let's see..... Looking around he spotted a long grassy weed and a faint memory came to him of a feather stick thing the bear had. Maybe that would work? Plucking the weed near the base so he had a long toy, he dangled it in front of her nose, lightly tapping the snout with the tip of the weed a couple times, bouncing it in front of her to see what she would do. Pride "Oooh wonderful!" Iona said clapping and graciously took the bowl. She put a iron wok on the flames, poured olive oil in it and selected a few pieces of breast meat. She then went to her cabin, placing the rest of the meat in the fridge and breaded the meat she chose while the oil got hot. Then she brought them back out to fry. "Can you go tell the king and queen breakfast is almost ready? Then you can look for your sister and bring her back to eat too. " She said with a grin adjusting her glasses.
  11. That particular species. If you change it to like a cross fox, artic fox, or grey fox you can have him. I have one for a cross fox named Lucifer but. I got enough characters.
  12. Canis as in canis Lupus but I didn't want it to be narrowed down to just wolves, jackals are aloud too and dog wolf mixes but eto wanted to be a fennic fox, it's a little bit small and not exactly Apex if eagles and Hawks eat little prey like that.
  13. Before I get people asking for foxes let me say this: Val is a special case, they've been working on her for a while and vulpine aren't really supposed to be there, they brought her because the coyote wouldn't coperate or leave without her. It's because they are focusing on Apex predators, not secondary predators at the moment. I think I'll keep just one fox in the rp.  I was trying to keep it medium/ larger predators with lions and wolves for they have a large amount of space.
  14. Adonis was cleaning a wardrobe when she ran in. He turned to her, and took two steps closer to her then got a whiff of her scent. He gasped dropping his rag and held his mouth. He moved twords her again and sniffed the air then squeeled jumping up and down before pulling her into a hug and kiss tears going down his cheeks. "Really? Really?! Oh I can't believe it! " He then nelt down and kissed her belly. "I'm a dad, I'm going to be a father!"
  15. ((sense of Smell is hightened so maybe she thinks he's home cuz she smells him, then smells something else that makes her sick. She can go seek him out in town to tell him and her dad. That'll be cute!)) "My sweet Sabrina..." He growled and picked her up carrying her to the bedroom, they can clean up later. --- A couple weeks later Adonis had to go to the town to sell furniture at a carpenter convention where small town Carpenters show off their work for high end costumers and companies that need mass amounts of of furniture in a effort to get small town carpenters a chance to go big. The convention lasted about a couple weeks. Adonis usually didn't have enough wears to showcase there, but combined with Sabrina's dad's work they had enough together to get a wearhouse where the convention was happening so it has enough room for larger pieces and also had a good roof over the work so it won't be damaged.
  16. There's a bunch of lore and plot that I'm keeping my secrets now to slowly reveal over the rp to keep interest and build tension/ drama.
  17. They didn't want to, but this may be test 1 however it's really test 1 Beta. There has been a first group in a smaller space before the twins have been apart of and survived even when there was no structure before. Seeing they had lived, the scientists adopted rules and structure as a different variable in this test to see how "human or animal" they really are and if they'll conform to it naturally or believe they are too human and go against it. This isn't the very first test. Remember, humans believe they are nothing but animals capable of a human form and thought, not actually humans with animal ability. This test has been kept very hush hush due to environmental groups and right activists would tare it all down and destroy all research.
  18. Time has passed and it's nearing nine now, so Deric has been hunting a while now. Yes he was running in Kikyo's direction.
  19. Oh, saying the system is not working and should be torn down and replaced with something else is mutiny to the scientists. I have a hard time understanding his colorful language so sorry if I misinterpret the way they spoke to Sam in his monologue about science and the system. Sam was basically saying, watch your mouth they hear you and will kill you if you speak like that any more" but in a more vailed way
  20. About 50 miles to the gate, and 100 miles to the Savannah. Both camps are within 50miles of an entrance so they can release them and leave quickly. Deric is just a toddler really. He got defensive not angry, and I'm not sure if I am liking tenebris's haughty attitude. It makes it hard to keep things going if they are going to be a wench in the machine. I'll dile it back just a little bit, you've seen how far the scientists will go to keep them in. They WILL kill characters. I don't want them plotting anything just yet, they don't even know about the pack yet (other than Kikyo and Deric who'll keep the pride a secret for now. ) That's okay eto! Deric will stick around for a little while then probably tell her to go back and meet him the next day.
  21. Between lands "For what reason does he not speak for himself?”  Deric chuffed and he fixed the shifter with a cold icy stare. He didn't want this thing knowing he was a wolf so instead of pointing to his collar he undid the cloth around his neck moved it so it covered the collar yet exposed the line that ringed his neck like a noose, a scar that was as wide as his finger and was straight over his Adams apple. He jabbed a finger at it with a snarl on his face. That's why he can't speak stupid! He slammed his palm on the ground. High and mighty just because he can speak fancy words and stuff. They wouldn't last two days in the real wild where it's kill or be killed. That's it! He's done! Everyone was so mean to him because he can't speak! He slapped the earth again with both fists covering the drawings he did on purpose and stood up towering over them. He bore his teeth in a snarl at the black cat and stomped off further into the grass rubbing his eyes as he cried, stalking a little further downstream twords the Savannah and sat on a rock near a small pool. He looked at his reflection for a moment, smacked it several times then covered his face with his hands holding the cloth in his hands like it was a security blanket.
  22. Pack Kubo nodded and held out a plate of breakfast. "Good morning to you too." He said a little sarcastically. "I'm Kubo. Over by the medical hut is our healer, Jason and the red wolf is Valiant I believe. I'll let the others introduce themselves. You assume correctly, here, food will take the feeling of the sedatives away faster along with water or something to drink. We have coffee and tea too. After breakfast you can pick a cabin for you and Victoria." He said waving him over. He smiled bit it didn't exactly reach his eyes. Did Jason really think they'll get out of this place? Does he think others have not tried everything in their power to get out? His tribe thought him dead by now. Alliah moved on. Nothing was out there for them anymore. --- Valiant followed the medic to his hut, but sat outside the hut looking in and watching him carefully. Inside the first aid kit was a key to a locked cabinet with no door handles, just one of those magnet ones where you press in to open. In the cabinet had cold medicine, penicillin, morphine, rabies vaccines, syringes, sedatives, defibrillators and epi pens all organized in a large cabinet. These where all labeled with bold red letters, Emergency only! Along with a booklet containing info on what each medicine is used for, the correct way to administer it and how much to use. It was only a month supply of each medicine, obviously something that can't be used often and was a limited resources. The expiration dates said they where good for the rest of the year and log in the booklet showed a chart of usege, the last time they were switched for fresh ones and the one who switched them. -- Eliora watched as the coyote and the red fox where realised from their cadges and the two scientists loaded them back up again. Upon seeing the fox dart off part of Eliora wanted to give chase, however her long legs carried her after the disappearing truck. She gave chase for a few feet baking how it was all a mistake, she must be brought home, her family is probably worried sick about her when a piff sounded from the back window of the truck and something hit the ground a couple feet in front of them making her yelp, legs with oversized paws tripping her up and she summersaulted to a stop as the truck vanished into the foliage. Did they just.... shoot at her? She turned back and smelled the hole she tumbled over. The distinct scent of gunpowder filled her nose. Holy carp they did just shoot at her! What the hell?! Shifting back she got to her feet and shouted after them, now long out of sight and earshot. "Imeacht go fánach ort féin is ar do chnapán miúlach! An áit thíos atá ceapaithe duit, a dhiabhal!" She swore after them in geltic trembling violently in fear. They could've killed her! She turned slowly and walked back to camp in a daze fighting back tears. How was she going to get home now? (( Translation: Off with you and your lousy lump! It is the place below that is meant for you, you devil!)) --- Between the lands Deric saw Kikyo get in between him and the other shifter in a way he found quite amusing. Was she trying to protect him? He smiled a little bit at the thought, but she knew this other creature and he didn't, so he'd let her do what she felt right. He looked at her when she spoke reassuring him. He tilted his head. There's another place with shifters too? Are they small like her or larger creatures? Questions flooded his mind but he had no way of asking them so he just let her speak. When she told this shifter how they met, his inner wolf wagged it's tail happily at her joyous tone seeing him trying to get a meal, although he failed miserably and the herd was now long gone. pride "There's a little oven in the huts, apart of the stove but it's not very big. So the twins helped me make bricks and I made my own oven behind my hut so I can roast chicken and bake bread. I always add lots of veggies in my meals since we eat a lot of protein as our shift forms anyway, the only time we can be omnivores are as a human. The garden is chalk full of veggies and fruits. " She said proudly adding another onion to the mix.
  23. Hooray! I'm off to bed now so I'll post in the morning,can't wait to read it!
  24. Everything is all set for you Valid! They are released and the bags left contains their clothing, and some personal items they brought with them.