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  1. "She saw the blue dress. That wasn't a wedding dress, really a wedding gift. I'll do the dishes." He said with a kiss to her and gathered the dishes heading inside. He went down, washed them and put them away then came up for a shower, dressed and went out tending to the chickens and started to pick the strawberries.
  2. They took a chair to the top of the bunny hill as it was called and he handed her a sled with a grin. He then went up to a group of kids getting ready and watched them carefully. "Whatcha looking at Mister?" A older boy who was looking after his siblings asked him looking suspicious. "Oh, I never got to sled when I was little and I don't know how. You guys are like pros at this, I was wondering if you could show me how?" Jach said, a girl in pink giggled. "I can show you! It's easy!" An boy scoffed. "You never sledded before? Yeah right!" "I grew up where it was warm and didn't actually see snow until I was an adult. I get sleepy in the cold though, so I stayed inside plus I'm always very busy with work. " He explained. The kids looked at each other then pulled him to the spot they were at. "All you do is sit on the sled." One said and Jach got on the sled with his feet out. "Like this?" He looked confused when they laughed and told him how to have his feet on the runners or on the sled itself. Once he got situated he looked at them. "Now how do you make it go waaaahhh!" He started to say as all seven kiddos pushed from behind and he went sailing down the hill laughing until he hit a bank and crash landed in the snow in a drift. He popped out and whooped waving his arms around and running to the chairs to get back up the hill to go again.
  3. "Get him to look at her? Like her more? She should have asked why he was so distant!" Harold roared. He took off his crown and toasted on the chair haphazardly rubbing his face and grey hair. "Guard! Go fetch king Xander and his wife. I want to speak to them." The man rushed from the room. ------ "I already did that love. Apparently I proposed to her, but I cleared up that and told them about the potion. I'm banned from the grounds for the week, your time is extended and Edward is completely heartbroken. He was talking non-stop about this wedding and carefully planned romantic dates and questions to get to know each other better and now he's.... " He sighed hevily. "I don't know how this will go with the other king and queen. " ------ ((No. That'll make him embarrassed, being unwed and exposed as such. )) Avery managed to calm down a little bit. "Not all potions are drinks. Some can be baked in foods but that requires a lot of magic and their gold eyes would give them away. I just don't want to lose you. " He said sniffling looking up at him. ((You can mention it now.))
  4. "Now I know how my pups feel when they get petted. It feels quite nice." He said finishing the last peice, licked his fingers once more and then kissed her carrying her to the bed with a purr like growl. ____ Morning came too soon. Still, like a excited kid on Christmas, Jach woke up, started the shower, then carried his still sleepy wife into the shower so she had to wake up. After washing up, cleaning the few chocolate hand prints on the floor (from where he moved to curl around her chair) and bundling up he headed into the inn for breakfast, dragging the sleads from the cabin behind him giggling non-stop. He never ever been sledding before, but it looked like flying only on the ground and he loved flying so it was the perfect thing for him to try in the snow.
  5. "That sounds about right." He said with a nod on the amount and potential genders of the kids. "Yeah it would be, but we have a village. I'm sure we'll be able to get help if needed. I will have to build more rooms, unless the oldest wants to sleep in the den, and the nursery can be made to another bedroom too. They might have to share rooms... But we'll figure it out when we get there. How about we finish breakfast, try out our new bathroom and then feed chickens, pick the ripe produce then head into the village with our wedding outfits to get a portrait done? There is a good sketch artist who makes pictures of all events so we have a momento, and I can show my mum my suit. " He suggested finishing his meal.
  6. "You will leave when your parents leave. I want to know why? Is my son not enough for you? He knew this day was coming and was trying his best to get you to fall for him so this arrangement will go smoothly and you both start out with love in your hearts as my wife and I had done. " He said stepping from his throne and over to his son who was crying quietly in his chair. "If you did not want this marriage, you could have spoken to me and I would have made other arrangements so you do not feel forced into a relationship you do not want to be in, but.... To bring two of my most loyal knights, both whom would give their lives for my family's safety and worked so hard to get to the post they hold.... To bring them to the point of death..... To break my son's heart so cruelly.... Why? Answer me that, and you may go to your room, but do not leave without your parents. I will not risk a war when a princess disappears and my family is distraught. " Harold said looking considerably older as he held his son rubbing his back softly. --------- Zane came home and saw them asleep. He sighed softly, changed the wrappings and threw a blanket over them, a pillow on the floor and stretched out beside the couch his arm over his eyes so the bleeding would stop soon and to get some rest as well. ---- Avery rolled over to his back and sat up, holding the dress to his chest as it flopped down his shoulders. He told Cody all he witnessed on the cliff and what was going on with his sister and what happened to Zane leading up to the cliff incident. He then stood up and leaned against Cody's chest starting to cry. "I can't help but to think if she could do such a spell could other girls with little knowledge of magical arts do the same? Could it happen to you? What am I to do if that happens? You're the only one who has taken me as both a man and woman with no hesitation. I can't lose you, I'd do the same thing Alex did if that happened! I nearly lost my sister today, the princess probably started a war with her foolishness, if that's the case you'll have to go fight......" He hiccups leaning against him, hugging him tightly now not noticing the dress that now pooled at his feet leaving him in his cream silk binder and long bloomers. He had a unique birthmark like a clover on his chest, and a scar from where he dove into the pond and hit his back on a rock what he and Alex where seven years old that went from the Hem of his bloomers on his right at a 45° angle up to his spine. He sobbed into Cody's shirt, face burrowed in the folds of the cloth hugging him tightly.
  7. "Well, to human years I may seem old but in demon age... I'm close to your age. Anyway, I don't mind that idea. Besides, Check mate." He said with a grin moving a piece amd trapping her king between his took, queen and bishop. He then handed her his king still nibbling on her piece and licked the melted chocolate from his fingers, a tail throwing another log on the fire. He moved almost snake like around her, slipping from the chair and curled around hers kissing her neck softly. "I'm glad you feel the same way. I can't wait to have little devils running around the house, spending rainy days playing games with you, cold winters curled up in a blanket and my wife..." He hummed in content laying his head on her lap sitting on the floor tails handing her a chess piece and then himself one, alternating between strawberry and dark chocolate.
  8. Harold was in the throne room and looked up from his brooding position with a down trodden and defeated Edward next to him. He knew his wife's worries but his own mind was trubbled at the moment with what was told to him by the stable hand that tended to the horses at the same time Kimberly and Zane had entered and had relayed what had occurred to both him and the prince. Harold sat up when the doors opened narrowing his eyes at Kimberly when they flew open once more with such force they hit the walls and a disheveled Zane walked in, hand wrappings now soaked with blood from clutching it tightly a cold look in his eyes like he was going to commit murder. "Zane! Explain this to me: a stable hand came to me and said you out right proposed to princess Kimberly in the stables today! No matter what querals you have with Alex you have stepped out of line for such a bold and treasonous action! I ought to have you thrown in the dungeon, and I will if you don't explain yourself now!" Harold roared. Zane stopped in the middle of the room and bowed only slightly. "My actions where not my own but that of a powerful love potion. I have no recollection of that act occurring for it was no action of mine. Whatever I said, I will hold no meaning to it for it was empty anyway. I came to say, I request a week off to tend to my betrothed-" he fixed Kimberly with the cold glare. "My true betrothed Alexandra, who during this past week did not eat, drink, or sleep from sorrow and weeping." He looked back at the king expression softening. "She is very weak and freed me from my spell by reenacting fateful day where she saved your wife's life, nearly stabbing herself in the same spot to snap me from my trance." He once again fixed Kimberly with a steely glare. "I stopped her from giving herself more than a small cut, slicing my hand in the process however she was on a cliff edge and fell. By some miracle, a Pegasus caught her before she was even close to the tree line carrying her to safety." He looked at the queen once more his eyes softening as well as his voice this time having held a harsh snapping tone to it until now. "She now is resting at our house, but on behalf of her health I will like to ask if you could extend her vacation another week so she can regain the strength and weight she lost. " "Who could have slipped you the love potion?" Edward said curiously. Zane once again looked at Kimberly. "Preposterous she would never do that! That'll risk war on both our kingdoms! Some traitor must have done so!" Edward cried leaping to his feet. "Ask the mage in training, Avery if you don't believe me. The princess admitted it herself, and only love potions would have the desired effect on the recipient if the one giving it made it themselves." Edward sat down hard on the chair looking like a wet peice of linin caught in a tree, and held his head in his hands. The king was pinching his nose like he got a headache at this news and sighed. "You have your week. Go, and don't enter the castle grounds until the week is up. " He dismissed him and Zane turned with military precision and walked out the door. ---------- A key turned in the lock of the wearhouse door and Avery came in, hanging his hat up, slipping from his shoes and started undoing his dress and hair, managing to get the back undone before he belly flopped on the bed and groaned loudly into the comforter.
  9. "As I said before boys are more likely and girls will not be able to shift. They will become wolf shaman like you too. However I can't control the gender, I'm just hoping for a boy first so the line doesn't break. Once my lineage is broken by a first born girl, the next wolf will start all over and be very weak, their sphere of control and purification will barely cover the town and the nearest fields. Each generation that is stronger, the more coverage we have on pureifyed land. I will like five or six. It's a good number, and more chance of getting a girl or two. They'll be strong and beautiful like their mama. I'm also some will get those beautiful eyes. Imagine white hair with sea green eyes..." He said looking into the distance.
  10. "Yes, I need to ask him, and I'll notify the queen when I do so. I'm angry love, at the princess. She started crying on the way back saying Avery was correct about her being selfish. Despite the advantage of her kingdom holds, I will never truly recognize her as my ruler for this act of foolishness. " He said burrowing his head in her neck kissing the nape of it softly. "Weak as a kitten. Heh. You hear that Bun? You tell Papa you're no weakling!" "I am fisty!" Squeaked the kitten nomming on Zane's finger as he rubbed the baby's chin. "Ow! You're getting your teeth finally! He'll be weened off soon and be able to reak havoc by romping around in a couple more weeks. " He lifted Alex who had Bunny on her lap when she finished and got on Toro. He looked to Avery. "Thanks for finding how to break the spell. " Avery nodded and got on Lilly to ride her back into town with Zane and headed to his wearhouse as Zane headed to their home. He carries Alex inside, seeing it slowly being filled with furnishings but still lacking a bed so he set her on the couch that his mother donated to them when her shop got a new one in the current style. He kissed her long and deeply before saying he'd be back in a moment and rode to the castle to see thke king, queen, and Princess.
  11. "And any girls we may have too love." He said with a smile eating his meal. "How big of a family do you want? " He said looking at her. "We usually have twins to begin with, largest amount of kids in my family is four, two twins, one girl of all boys. They were my grandfather's siblings. The girl left town, two boys became sailors and died in a storm, last one remained here of course and was granddaddy. He found his mate when he was in Germany, traveling there for schooling as his dad looked over the town. All other members had one or two children. I'd like a bigger family. Have a litter of kids running around, shifting forms and helping out with chores. I'm great with pups." He said throwing a sausage over the porch railing and Fang ran out snapping it from the air. "You go hunt pup! Keep away from the chickens!" The wolf snorted and ran off.
  12. He chuckled and stuck his purple tounge out at her, looking like a gargoyle statue with the long pointed tounge curling from his mouth. "All is fair in love and war sweetie. We're in love and this is a war game. " He laughed when she took his knight only to move his bishop to take her exposed queen. He toyed with the chocolate peice. "I don't know if we'll make it to go fish tonight dearest. " He chuckled lowly and then stretched out lounging on the chair his two tails curling around each other and formed a heart behind him as he watched her carefully. "I can get used to this. Three thousand years and I finally have someone who I can be intimate with. I will tell you love, the every second with you is worth the long wait." He purred.
  13. "I know I took it to be fixed, I just.... Never thought that I'd be capable of breaking the hilt let alone actually committing the act. After you and BunBun eat we'll head back home. " He said burping the kitten and handing Alex some water. "Avery pass me a cloth, she's still bleeding a little. I don't want that wound infected. I know it's just a small mark but still my sweet heart I can't bare the thought of you bleeding from wounds, especially when their self inflicted." Zane said pulling up he side of her shirt and pressing a clean cloth to the tiny scratch over the scar. He nosed her neck and held her close starting to shiver in both anger and sorrow. "I'll take off work and keep an eye on you. I don't mind looking after you. It's a husband's job to take care of his wife. Mum made a wedding dress for you around the time of my proposal, and still is working on it any free moment she's got. I don't care about a big wedding. I want to be with you, to say that I belong to the strongest, bravest and most faithful knight in the world, one who is also a beautiful woman. Please, during our time off and you recovering from this horrible state you put yourself in, can we please plan our wedding? I want to send word to my family in Spain so they can come and meet you and make things official." He begged her murmuring in her ear all of this rocking her softly side to side still holding her with bunny on her lap and his hand holding the cloth to her side.
  14. Adonis had her sit down and set a plate of food by her and a glass of fresh orange juice beathing in the morning air as he birds sang in the trees. "Lovely day today. We should pluck the ripe foods we have and plant those tree seeds today. I know the perfect spot. Plenty of sun and water, plus it'll give us shade over the river for picnics. Oh and that tiny table for the fairy queen last night gave me an idea to make one for her workers so they can sit and eat, and make a fairy house for them in case it rains. " He said with a smile. "Then I can try to make doll houses to sell too. Those are very popular these days."
  15. He blushed as well and then leaned forward with half the rook in his mouth for a kiss and to give her a bite. His tail moved his on the knight so when he pulled away he said "check" with a smirk and a wink.
  16. He rubbed her shoulders gently. "And I belong by yours forever my love. " He turned her head for a deep kiss. He then kissed down her neck once more with a low growl. "My mate. My moon." He wispers and wisked her off to bed slipping off her dress along the way. --- The next morning Adonis had slept in waking up leasurly to his beautiful wife. With a small smile he carefully slipped out of bed not bothering with dressing, just putting on a robe and going down to make a hearty breakfast for them both bringing it up and set it on the porch table between the chairs he woke her up with a few kisses. "Breakfast is ready my sweet flower. We can eat on the deck. I got your robe for you. "
  17. "be sorry for making me worry, I don't mind taking care of my queen. " Zane chided feeding her another bit of bread. "I brought cream I can warm it for him, he's hungry and scared. He heard all the yelling." Avery said saying the spell of a flame and was able to do it without incident warming the cream in the bottle and then poured it into the glove finger Zane let Alex feed herself holding her against him and insisted that he feeds Bunny. "Everything is foggy in the parts that the princess was around, but I remember my dad dieing and chopping off his head like I said I would in my trial. I made sure he never comes back even in the after life..... And I .... Broke my sword.." he said with a frown as memories came back. "And I accused you of stealing bunny and..." He when completely white. "Oh Ave Maria have mercy on me, I hit you Avery. I smacked a lady! Oh all Angels and saints pardon me for my transgressions, and breaking my swear to the good Lord I would not hurt a woman if I can help it. I will not stand for this! " He said shaking his head.
  18. His eyes grew increasingly worried as she said what he did, and what she did (or lack thereof) and move to pick up the now awake kitten crying for mama and papa. She was there, and then she wasn't. Zane would've dove headfirst off the cliff if Avery hadn't came up to tend to their wounds with a first aid kit, and grabbed his belt as he threw himself on the floor trying to grab her with a bloody hand. "Alex!!!" Both cried out Avery preparing a spell and Zane just watching in shear horror as Alex plummeted to the trees below. Avery stopped chanting the spell when the black Pegasus caught her. Avery also thanked the horse and offered up a bit of carrot in thanks as Zane slowly got up mouth unhinged never seeing a winged horse before. They were as elusive as a unicorn and even rarer to see in the wild. His focus though went back to Alex quickly when she collapsed, him catching her before she hit the ground taking her and bunny away from the edge to not repeat the incident. Avery got out bread and water and washed up and wrapped Zane's cut up hand that would have a scar on his palm and fingers as Zane leaned Alex against his chest and held bits of the bread to her mouth with his clean, non injured hand.
  19. "Sure! It is very lovely. I'd love to take a photo of it, but.... I rather keep it as a memory then a photo. " She said watching the suns set. "Silly goose, we are at the beach.... " She looked at him with a smile then tilted her head brushing a strand of hair from his face. "Your hair looks like sun and moonlight with the sunsets. " She looked back at the sea. "I can't think of anything to say about it today. Wonderful is pale in comparison to this... Magnificence. I love it here... And you are here so everything is a thousand times better." She closed her eyes as a breeze picked up breathing in the sea air. ----- "You have a treehouse at your home! And don't do that." He poked her wrinkled brow. " It's like a door. When things get loud you can still hear though the wood, like pain, sadness, anger and such. You shouted to be heard through the wood. Take a breath and imagine opening that door like you would when someone knocks on it. Then... You will be heard without shouting. I love you too my darling wife. Let's go back and get some sleep... It's been a long day." He stopped speaking mid-sentence and connected to her through their mental link yawning and a small wave of tiredness came through the door and lapped at her mind like the small waves on the shore. He packed up what was left of the meal, shifted and flew them back heading inside the mansion to their room and took a shower in the bathroom to clean off the salt and sand.
  20. One of his tails curled around the tip of hers as he grinned moving his queen to take another rook away. "The most powerful piece in chess is the Queen. She can make all moves and jump spaces. Check. " He said with a grin. "And I have a equally powerful queen by my side." He pulled the tip of her tail to his lips and kissed it softly before letting go of it so she could move her king.
  21. They chatted with them for a little bit until the cupple where finished with their meals. The queen then clapped again and the food and everything disappeared. Each visitor bowed to them, said their final well wishes and vanished into the dense trees once more. Adonis took her hand and lead her through the quiet forest to the back of the house, up the steps and into their bedroom closing she sliding door and kissing her lightly. "You look lovely tonight my love. Let me help with your hair." He said having her sit at the vanity and pulled out the pins and jewels from her hair carefully, brushing it when it was down so it was smooth then kissed the moon mark on her neck with a deep possessive growl. "Now your smell like me love.. and you are mine, all mine.."
  22. "What are you talking about?" He said inching closer to her after she spoke the first few comments and question. When she started to explain the rings, the initials, and then the Spanish words calling him love and king, his eyes watered and he started to cry, still looking confused about what she said. Then came the blood. He froze, free pale then collapsed on his knees. He blinked the tears away and shook his head rubbing his eyes. "What.....Baby please stop stop!" He uncovered his eyes, the pink leaving them with his tears now coming in waves and he, still a couple feet away from her, sprang at her and grabbing the blade of the knife so tightly his hand was cut deep to keep her from pushing it into herself. " Stop it! I can't- everything is so fuzzy. I just remember telling the princess that here eyes were like bluebonnets instead of bluebells and then.... " He said looking down at her then yanked the knife from her thowing it aside not carrying if he cut his hand further. "What did I do to you? Did I make you do this? Mi reyna don't hurt yourself... Don't, please don't. What have I done... what have I done?... " He sobbed wimpering finally seeing her gaunt appearance, the sad look in her eyes red and swollen from crying.
  23. "Well my love I am glad you are curious because you now own half and I did promise I'll show you the workings of my business and you know I keep my promises." He said taking a bishop from her.
  24. Adonis blushed at the blessings of fertility and thanked them each for their lovely gifts and magic blessings. Culacin chuckled and rubbed his cheek on top of Sabrina's head. "Do not short yourself child. I know your hardships in early life. Your birth mother taught you well. Mothers are more important then fathers, and you have many mothers in your life. Grandmother, adopted mother, mother in law, your birth mother and the old seemstress in this village whom thinks of Adonis as her son's brother and therefore her own son, but now you two are wed, she too will take you to be her daughter in law. " Adonis smiled softly. "He's talking about Joe's mom Yara. She's the one who taught me to sew so I can make my own clothes. She is like a second mom to me. You do have a lot of mothers in your life dearest. I know that you too will be a wonderful mother." He said holding her close and hiding a yawn. The queen elf giggles and waved the others away. "The hour is quite late, let us make a small banquet then set you on your way home. " She clapped her hands and a table of silver wood formed from the air with fruits and vegetables for the elves, sweet potatoes, corn and honey for the fairy with a small table and chair with her place setting small enough for her to handle and meats for the wolves. Chairs and stools appeared next and she sat the married cupple in the middle of the table, then tapped her silver goblet making wine appear in hers and told the others to do the same with theirs (the two wolves had silver bowls) and then all where magical served with the meal they wanted and the feast began. Adonis had honey wine in his goblet, sweet meats and lamb on his plate along with mashed sweet potatoes, cherry tomatoes, brussel sprouts and radishes. He gave thanks for the meal and ate eagerly as the two wolves sitting beside him. The elves sat beside Sabrina first the queen then the king and the fairy sat at her own little table on the larger table facing the wedded pair so her tiny voice could be heard better by all.