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  1. Adonis slept all the way till morning until a panicked knock sounded on the door jolting him awake. He carefully got up and opened the door to a frazzled filthy man clearly not from here, holding an equally filthy dog and a tired old broke back horse collapsed on the ground behind him. The dog stank of mange, ear infection and blood from a rabbit snare dug deep in the poor animal's neck. "Help him please! I don't have any money for treatment but I'll work off my debt anyway possible! Please!" He shoved the dog into Adonis' chest and he shivered curling his lip. Mange was infectious and he was sure the man had it too with the sudden digging at his body as soon as the dog left his arms. "Go around the back of the house. We'll see what we can do." He said waving his hand to the side of the house. "We'll get you treated too." He said and took the dog to the back room. ---- "Really? Mine is Tanzanite and Turquoise December birthstone. I was born on a winter solstice." He said"the university I went to had all kinds of people and cultures there, I liked asking people their folklore. Cinderella is a fairy tale not a folk take. It's a difference between being told orally and specific to your area then a widely known just slightly changed twist on a old tale."
  2. ((it's alright. Things have been busy around my house and trying to get things ready for my grandma and uncle to move in. That's why I'm slow.)) Jach got in and made room for her under the six showerheads and started to wash her hair then his. He then handed her the body wash and grinned at her belly. He ran soft fingers over some stretch marks. "You've grown little princess. It's the wings, you'll get your figure back love, but either way, you are gorgeous. " He said softly then rinsed his hair. Once out, dressed and ready in a hipster-esk fashion complete with man bun he grabbed his wallet and oxfords, slipping on the shoes and pulling out a pair of sunglasses. The only thing that threw off his look was his pocket watch clipped to v neck white shirt and it was tucked into a brest pocket of the dark blue pinstripe vest. He even added a clip on magnet earring on his left ear of a cute black and purple polymer dragon looking like it was hanging from his lobe. "You ready darling?"
  3. Zane also took a sip and looked at the sunset. "Perhaps our children would like to go there. I'm happy to know that if we have a daughter, she'll be welcomed there like her mother was. " He paused. "Could we name her Evita?" He said pronouncing the name like e-VEE-tah. "It's from the Hebrew name Eve meaning life. Evita Rayna. Queen of life. And a boy Jacinto." He said like ha-SEEN-to. "It means hyacinth, the flower. It's different and unique, both Spanish. We could call him Chinto for short." He said softly taking another sip of wine after eating some food. "The wine is good. Nice and smooth with a fruity flavor." He blinked and smiled. "I know it's kinda sudden, but I would like your opinion on the names. " ---- "Sounds like something my sister would do. It'll be nice having a niece and nephew. I think I'll be the cool Tío." He grinned and got off at the stables brushing down Lilly after he removed her tack. "You need a bath Missy. " He said to the horse. --- He looked outside and nodded. "That would be great. I'll tell my guards they can stay. We'll head off early in the morning. " Edward said nodding thoughtfully.
  4. He stopped outside the bakery and came back out with a blueberry pie mounting Toro and headed off again getting to the tree and setting up the picnic. "It would be nice. Perhaps go visit our old academy, see old teachers and encourage the students there. Apparently they allowed two other women in to learn after they demonstrated some skills and both traveled from different countries to be trained there. " He said handing her a plate of food and popped the wine cork pouring half a glass for each. He raised his up in a toast. "To our honeymoon. " --- "It was. I am glad that my sister liked hers, and Zane liked his. " He paused for a moment. "You know, Zane has a funny way of naming animals. He had a rabbit named tortoise, has a horse who's called the Spanish word for bull, has a cat named bunny and his mom told me she had a parakeet when he was little he would call monkey. " He chuckled. "I wouldn't be surprised if he tries to name his kid fox, or dragon or something equivalent to that." ---- Edward nodded. "I would too. She is a spitfire with words judging by her book, but she herself is docile and shy. Not every criminal she comes across would be patient to listen to a mighty tounge lashing from her, words do not always solve conflict, action will."
  5. "Sounds like a plan. Let's shower first though." He said getting some clothing out for both of them and kissed her cheek. "Shall you join me?" He said heading to the bathroom and turning on the shower.
  6. Yota : trail to dragons lair. As they spoke and walked away from the docks he stopped at a narrow rocky pathway to the volcano then turned to look at the ladies. Miss. Izisato looked like she was ready for a long outing, Miss. Yui on the other hand would likely trip multiple times on her dress. With another, yet more sweeping and courtly bow then before in front of Yui he held out his left hand as his right remained on his back for posture and balance. "Miss Yui, I've realized that you are dressed for a finer way of travel while Miss. Izisato looks ready for a long trip. However, if both of you ladies wouldn't mind, I'd gladly shift my form and allow you both to ride on my back. As a fire serpent, I travel faster than an eel hound on land and water, and you wouldn't have to worry about tarring the hem of your lovely dress Miss Yui. If that is too forward of me to ask, then I'll settle for holding your basket and being your support over the rocky terrain if you would wish it so." He said looking up a little bit to see both of their responses.
  7. Adonis smiled and gently rubbed her shoulder. "I'm glad." He said through a yawn. After a few minutes he was snoring softly. --- "Alright, favorite gemstone? Oh! Favorite folktale! " He said flipping over to lay on his belly. "Mine is from Korea, it's comparing a wild tiger and a man who came back from war, and the wife of said man goes to a wise man for advice since her husband is now aggressive. He said to go to the tiger's cave and feed it every day. The wise man asked her to get a tiger's wisker and bring it to him. After some more time, she was able to take a wisker out and help the beast without getting hurt herself and the tiger left when it was better. She returned to the wise man and told him what happened in and he told her, 'Your husband is like the tiger, hurt and scared. Just like the tiger, stay with him and be patient, be slow and be gentle.' at least I think that's what he said..." ((Called tiger's wisker. A Korean tale))
  8. The three are heading up to the volcano to see they dragons, perhaps both characters can see each other there as the dragons come from their dens. Mihos father could be leading the ceremony and that's how they get caught and his introduction.
  9. That would work, have them both out on a lockdown sort of deal for a while then you could enter them in by them leaving the house together?
  10. "Let's leave in a few hours and take a tour around town first. We can go back through Hell and a passageway to Ol' Blue at the Denver airport, from there I can call Zeroth to bring a car to get us. How does that sound?" He asked sitting up.
  11. "I know that's coming up, but we are married now, we have an anniversary. What makes you say that love?" He asked letting Cody and Avery get on that horses so they could get back home, then spurred Toro from the stable and to the road heading to the city gate and the bakery. "I've observed it too with a date or something special for that day. " He said softly. --- Avery left them on Lilly and headed back to the wearhouse they lived in. Isabo was flying from rooftop to rooftop along the way. --- "Most of the time, but if she'll like to go shopping or take a walk, I probably won't be there. Gorge would still accompany her, but if she's with the maids or her mother he'd just be within calling distance and eyesight of them at all times so the ladies have some space. When I am here, I'd like to have a maid or her mother accompany us as a female chaperone, or a guard you personally trust to keep an eye on us. Just so you know, I was blessed with the strength of ten barbarian men and skilled in the sword, dagger, bow, axe, and hand to hand. With your permission, I'd like to teach her a few self defense moves so she doesn't get grabbed or hurt again. "
  12. Kaiji His blue eyes sparkled with interest as the air nomad informed him on the ways they follow. With a fluid motion, he got up and held out his hand to help up Riorri. "Tea it is, I have white Jasmin tea with a hint of Honey and mint. I didn't know that about the air benders and the bison. I read a lot, and my bending master told me about spiritual places. I was going to see one for myself but he stopped coming to teach me. " Kaiji said softly then winced. He was supposed to be a nonbender. Kaiji figured the nomad would figure out what he bends although he didn't say what his bending was. A simple deduction could be made to find out he was a waterbender. Kaiji lead the way back to the boat and rolled out a large barrel and set down two small boxes on the deck as a table and chairs. "Please sit down, I'll get the tea. " He said as he disappeared below deck again.
  13. Thanks for the help, I couldn't breed one though, my dragons are being finiky and I can't seem to nab a cb ones. They're lovely though!
  14. Are these available only in breeding? If so what ones do you have to mix? I need to know!
  15. Adonis smiled and snuggled up to her holding her against him. "I just feel so lucky to have you. I'm happy the great sprits listed to my prayers. " He said softly and kissed the top of her head. "And now we're blessed with twin boys. It's just perfect and I will do anything to protect moments like this." ---- "Enjoy each other's company sounds nice. We are mates now, so let's get to know each other a little better. So I know your the sister of the Sarah, and you like hunting, use the bow and arrow, like living in the woods and has a pet wolf dog, afraid of bears... Where would you like to go someday? How big is your family and do you have a preference for jewelry?"
  16. "You have an awful sence of direction, we're in France right now and we currently live in Colorado. We'll go back through Hell to get home, it's the fastest and safest way to travel with a little princess. Plus you have your appointment tomorrow afternoon. We won't make it if we take the jet. " He said booping her nose.
  17. Zane flushed and shot Avery a glare at which the latter just giggled and clung to Cody's arm. "We agreed to get a pie from the bakery on the way out of town love. Let's saddle up our horses first-" he said walking across the street and into the stable stopping at Toro's stable and seeing the red leather tack there. Wordlessly he handed Avery the basket and went in feeling the soft leather. "This is beautiful! Wait... It's the exact same one I spent all that time drooling over at the tack shop! How did you know?" He looked at Avery. "Toro told me. He said the other one was so warn down it gave you both saddle sores and you always stopped by the shop while riding him pointing to it and telling him it would be great to have that one." Zane blushed. "Oh, I didn't know he knew the one I was looking at. Let's try it on shall we?" He said to his horse and put on the saddle, rains and the rest of the tack. He swong up on the saddle and grinned. "Way softer. I don't feel like I'm riding bear back anymore. " Toro snorted in response. "He says that it feels like you're a feather now." Avery translated. ---- "I would like to have a trusted guard to be stationed with her whenever she is out. One of my older knights has grandchildren out here, he's been wanting to retire to this area but the pay is too good to not continue working. He could be her personal guard on my payroll, just send a maid or someone telling him that she's going out."
  18. "I try my best, I'm glad it's working." He chuckled and continued to rub her feet. He then dried them, rubbed lavender oil on them then took out the water to dump in the garden. "I want to take care of my wife. " --- Zach started to eat and sat quietly listening to the birds chirping.
  19. "I left before it ended, but he sprits appreciated the break. 8t was still very lively when I left, but I was tired. I tried to sleep in the castle, but it felt weird without you there." He said softly and kisses her nose. "shall we see the city while we're here and see what's new or should we just go home?"
  20. Kaiji "That's right, Air Nomads are typically raised by the whole temple they are born in. I only know that my dad found me and my birth mother on a iceberg in the southern part of the Fire Nation. My birth mother died shortly after being brought on the ship and telling them my name. I should probably tell you mine in return, however I'd like to use a stage name like this, so I'll give you that one instead. Jiji. Jiji of the Fire Nation. I find water calming. I live on the boat now, although most of the time we're docked. It's different then a metal ship that blocks most of the waves unless it's a storm. Walking on a deck while at sea is like walking across a rickity bridge or rope and boards. " He stopped for a moment tilting his head in thought. "Like flying on your glider, but you feel tides pull the boat instead of the air currents. Sailing a masted ship is a bit like water bending and air bending together, with one element gone nothing works. No tides, the boat is stuck, no wind, and the ship must be manually rowed or left to drift on the currents. It can get a little cramped, too hot or too cold, and is more difficult to take a drink or eat anything unless you want a face full of whatever you got in your hand, but it's relaxing to me. " He said softly looking at his flute. He took a breath and plunged in with his own questions before the nomad could ask more. "I've always wanted to go to the Eastern air temple! Do you really have the world's largest Pai sho table there? No... That's the Western one. Oh! That's the one that has all those highly charged spiritual places. I would love to visit there and meditate. And the flying bison are born there right? I see you got your tattoos, so you probably chose a bison right? Can I see it, and what's it's name? I've never been outside the Fire Nation before, but you traveled across the world to get to here! Do you make your own gliders? Are all nomads vegetarians? If you're hungry I have tea and some of my mother's peach buns, rice balls and dried plums on the ship of you want to talk some more. And could you please show me a few air nomad dances? I'd love to incorporate it into my shows!"
  21. Yota Yota stopped, hearing the two girls reactions to his betrothal. He turned to them, a smile on his face but a dull distant look in his eyes before he blinked it away, replaced by a sad but wise look beyond his age. "My father asked me before he made the betrothal when I was twelve. Since his own betrothal was forced, but he fought it, he asked me if I have any conditions. I do, but only one. If her or I meet someone else and fall in love, the marriage is off. " He said and turned to look twords the temple, his voice going soft. "Honestly, I'm utterly terrified. My previous experience with women .... Didn't end well for me. One girl in particular I was infatuated with, I had the unfortunate experience of walking into a room at the wrong time just as she told her friends that I was handsome and smart, but dry as a sauna and too strict on my morals and the orders given to me." A moment of silence. He turned to them with a bright smile. "However I just told her she needs to get a doctor if she could go in a sauna and come out completely dry. You're supposed to sweat in those things." He chuckled. "Dad seemed to think I'd like her. I know a little bit about her. Her eyes are my favorite color, she has the same interests as me, and she has a unique bloodline, however her name or her family's name for that matter dad kept hidden. I was supposed to meet her two months ago on my seventeenth birthday but a month before that the funeral happened. We should be going if we want to make it to the ceremony ladies." He said softly and started twords the temples, veering to a path that headed to the second volcano as if instinctively drawn to where the dragons where located at. "I know most of the time, people pray to the dragons in the temple, but I think they'll hear them better in person." He rubbed his armband with the sun design on it.
  22. Adonis got a metal pan and heated some water in it before going over and sitting on the floor in front of her with the pan. He took off her shoes and stockings, set them aside and put her feet in the warm water to soak. He then wordlessly began to rub her ankles and feet to get circulation to them. ---- "Sometimes the first is the best." He said getting out sandwiches and lemonade, handing her a sandwich and a tin cup filled with lemonade.
  23. Jach hummed softly and leaned into her hand. "Ten more minutes...." He moaned groggaly. He snoozed for the next few minutes then opened one eye to see if she was still there. "Morning love."
  24. I'm waiting for medic to post till I get Yota again.