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  1. I totally forgot there was going to be a new egg drop today. i just came on looking for the usual eggs and saw the description lol! such a failure
  2. I guess that works to my advantage. I usually am on for the midnight release, but I couldn't be last night since I had Prom.
  3. I have hatched eggs from the AP! Dragon Codes - mvOyY black d58b5 black KlRkD black jIt1m black jXjqW gilded blood scale 0PHf7 bright breasted wyvern OqoVx canopy hpwx0 vine 0ylUT vine G7vlf deep sea 01ikk electric XTzLo spotted greenwing KJuyq royal blue 7Y0uD water StOcf vampire Scroll Name - Wyvern_Oliza Gifting them to somebody, trading, freezing, or keeping it? - Keeping all Total Points - 19 + 15 = 34
  4. You are a genius...I have to go breed as many Hellhorses as possible! Love this combo ^^
  5. After going through my own scroll, they might do well with Golden Wyverns.
  6. I think I like it with Royal Blues. Here Or I would like to do a spiral with Royal Blues/Royal Crimsons/Brutes
  7. I am so going to breed the Brutes with Royal Blues! I might even do a Royal Blue/Royal Crimson/Brute spiral ^^ would anyone like to join me?
  8. Which egg seems harder to get for everyone?
  9. Just doesn't seem very traditional.
  10. Anyone gotten mushrooms? My brother caught 2 and I'm a little confused by them. Who would want a mushroom sent to them?
  11. Does anyonoe know if there will be a new egg release for February?
  12. If they enjoy gossip which I am guilty of but it is what it is. I would have to say The Amanda Show on Nickelodeon. It was on in like the late 90s but I could never stand it! Amanda was so annoying!
  13. My main one is Hi Im Jazz for a Harvest with a Jazz code ^^
  14. I'm fairly proud of 2 particular dragons: Jazz And Cliffjumper I love them cuz they are Transformer related ^^ and Hi Im Jazz even has a Jazz code!!
  15. I think I caught this Shimmer's brother a while back, but he was a Red. I did catch this nice Stairstep a while back, though ^^ And he's from ARMY! So it was a huge bonus!
  16. I know someone said they needed a Shimmer from a Shimmer x BSA lineage and I found this Red in the AP. It's not a Shimmer, but it does have the lineage. If anyone needs it afterall for their giftees, just PM me.
  17. I didn't know we could request a second list. I can handle one more
  18. Those are the last things they wanted? O.o Jeeze Im afraid to see their top requests...
  19. If anyone needs any of the following for their Giftees, PM me: CB Blue Opal Nicely lineaged gold CB Green Opal male I'm also willing to help breed my blacks in an attempt to get an alt. hatchling
  20. I have officially finished catching all the eggs for my Giftee (whoo! thank you to the generosity of several people ^^) so if anyone needs help with getting eggs for their Giftees', let me know
  21. Oh that heartbreaking moment when you see an egg your giftee wants in the cave and you totally skip over it and go to a new page! DX lol I think I've done that like twice now. Well, back to hunting.
  22. Thanks, that'll help loads. I'll keep looking for this next hourly drop, but I gotta hit the hay soon. Wish me luck.
  23. Just out of curiosity, has anyone seen Opals dropped in the Alpine or Coast recently? I've been watching both for the past few days and haven't seen one. Since I can't get my Secret Santa-ee's 1st choice, I was trying to get them a CB Blue Opal (their 2nd choice) and am having the worst time accomplishing this. Is it just me, or have there been virtually no Blue Opals dropped in the cave?
  24. I actually just got my brother to watch Transformers Prime on Netflix and he loves how they made Unicron the Earth. He just thought that was genius
  25. If I got one of this year's Prize Dragons, I would so make it a Transformers lineage! Kinda like the Silver Shimmer Prowl ^^