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  1. I catched pygmys in forest and jungle. Alpine and coast are empty for me. In the forest for now I spotted only pygmies. But I also see that in Alpine are over 30 people now. EDIT - I just catched one in Alpine but it was not even 2 seconds since they appeared to be already empty. So yes - too many people at the same time for me. Will try again and again - hope I will manage to get at least 3 of them
  2. I just spotted pygmys and catched 3 (still over half an hour of waiting), no other ones - I guess too many people at a time so they're vanishing in no time. Will try to catch something more later on. Thank You for the tip
  3. What is going on? I wake up to a great news but no egg for me - only empty biomes and a lot of people trying to catch anything. Is there any cooldown and only few eggs dropping after that or what? No egg in the last 30 minutes. Nor the full hour, neither quarter and half past. What is the cooldown for those release? Sad, because it is second or third release where I can get no egg Still - thanks for neww eggs TJ.
  4. Thank You TJ and thanks for all those artist participating in this year event I can't wait to see easter eggs and hope that tomorrow DC will be all right ^^ For now I wish You all happy and sunny easter time (if You celebrate it or just nice time if You not ^^), amazing time with family and a fluffy bunny with chocolate eggs
  5. It's good that You catch for others, I just mean that somebody have 4 egg for themselfs and other has none. And - if last year there was no limit it doesn't mean that this year it have to be the same.
  6. It's flustrating to not be able to catch anything X_x I tried for about 6 hours now and still nothis. There are horrible lags on the site. It's a pitty that there is no limit for those eggs - maybe it would change something
  7. Is there any list that contains all kinds of halloween treats? I saw few of them in on of the firsts posts, but it would be awesome to see all
  8. In the other thread there are all these showed. If You like spoilers You can see them here