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  1. Have yet to grab a red either, and am too new to have a breedable White and Daydream yet. God, I hate living in Australia. Our ping is atrocious. I saw that huge drop...didn't manage to get one...not...even...one. Hopefully later on when more people are asleep I might be more successful.
  2. Gift Report: freefall -> fevahpytch: Silver Metallic received: Clicky! Thank you for this beauty <3 edited to lineage link - ruby
  3. Forum ID: Fevahpytch Scroll Link: Clicky! PM Link: Clicky! Proof that I read the rules: holding hands
  4. Just missed one *sighs sadly* ... make that two in a row, guess this will be harder than I thought Right...I just missed about six in a row. How is this fair for people with slower computers?
  5. Lol and now I know why there is so much variety in the AP, peeps are getting rid of their eggies so they can attempt to catch new babies! *headdesk* First I join after Valentine's Day and miss pretty love dragons and now I have to compete with everyone else when there is a new release? *mutters* Hope my luck improves soon!
  6. Well I've barely been active for a day and Malum gave me a Silver Tinsel hatchling 0.0 and I also caught a black hatchling that was abandoned. These make me very happy! ^^
  7. Sad I missed this, but I think the pink orchid looks amazing ^^ Were there no other colours? :/
  8. The Rosebuds look amazing, but I also love the description of the Heartseekers
  9. Pretty sure I had an account a few years ago, then gave up and lost interest. nnnrgghhhhh...probably had some nice dragons in there >.<
  10. Oh my...that is tooooooo funny! ^^