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  1. On my fourth try I summoned a GoN with my CB female ice
  2. And that is what I and many are trying to bring across. By making the trophies the important part or forcing others to catch/breed dragons they dislike in order to reach another biome is not fair to anyone, not just newbies. Those "common" dragons are only available in the remote biomes? Then they are not common. The big problem also arises with the trade inflation that's been happening for a time now. I am not complaining, the thing is, some players like certain dragons and will only collect them. I personally do not like flamingo dragons and I would hate to be forced to collect them in order to reach a biome with dragons I like and would like to collect. And that is why it will take me 4 years to reach a gold trophy. Also, you want people to stay? Then don't start with the elitist biomes/dragons ideas. The biomes do move with threads such as CCC. Look at the last line in my previous post. Now the complaints start because it no longer benefits those who want the biome, which is what others are trying to explain to everyone reading. If only a few benefit, then it is not fair, unless you are one of those that are included.
  3. I play Dragcave on my own, and only recently decided to join the forums. The team idea is only feasible if you know other players and those outside of the forums are also disadvantaged. And as far as I can define it veterans are those "Having had long experience or practice" which implies that it has to do with the time spent in the cave rather than how many dragons raised. I vote that those who have been playing dragcave the longest gets to explore and catch dragons in the special biomes. It can be done as you say with the chances increasing with the amount of years, rather than dragons. 4-7 Years equal gold trophy 2-3 years equal silver trophy 1 year equals bronze trophy See, now most are going to start complaining.
  4. Summoned my first GoN on my third try and it has a nice code too
  5. I don't know if it has been said already, but here goes. I, like any others, do not have a gold trophy because of the manner in which I play. I have been playing dragcave since October 2009, longer than many people that have thousands of dragons. If you really wish to implement veteran biomes, then do it for however long the player has been playing rather than forcing them to get dragons they do not like.
  6. Dame_Jedi

    Glomp Gifting

    Dame_Jedi -> Yeronoco CB Speckle-Throat Egg Accepted Dame_Jedi -> saerider CB Purple Ridgewing Egg Accepted
  7. Once again, the people with slower computers won't get any. And, as I have read, it seems that people can quickly dump them in ERs, or incubate and start again, there is no way that any slower users will be getting any soon.
  8. I'm legitimately asking this. Why are users that have CB Blacks and vines asking for rare items? I'm really curious. I'm almost certain that I read in the wiki that CB won't alt. I refresh over them.
  9. I caught a leetle tree this morning
  10. Absolutely none. I've had the "sorry" message a few times
  11. I caught my very first CB bluesang
  12. I want to trade this http://dragcave.net/lineage/ZWgMg because I'm unable to continue the linage, but no one seems to be interested. I really don't much for it but no one wants it as it is 4th gen.
  13. Dame_Jedi

    Glomp Gifting

    Dame_Jedi --> Merenwen : CB Magma Hatchling Accepted It's my first time glomping It got traded which is sad as it was my very first CB magma ever.
  14. It seems to me that at this moment, everyone wants either Shimmerscales for their CB metals or CB metals for their Shimmerscales. Nothing else. There was someone that wanted CB gold for a 7th gen bronze shimmerscale, which I think is ridiculous. At this moment, I can't try and trade anything because of this Shimmerscale madness. Hopefully it'll stop at some point. I'm going to say it and I know that I am extremely jealous but I saw a person with about 10 Shimmers on their scroll. All different ones. What I would't give for just one, but as I said, they only want CB metals that I am completely unable to catch or trade.
  15. I've got a 4th gen White look: http://dragcave.net/lineage/u5BKV
  16. Let's not talk about bad internet. I'm from South Africa, where most days you have to pray for electricity. I also keep missing those elusive CB metals. I've actually been seeing some of them lately but alas, I shall not have one, unless gifted, I think. Congratulations on catching them
  17. The only reason why I have metals right now is because I got them as gifts. I've seen 1 CB gold and 2 CB silvers the last week and they were the first I've ever seen in the three years I've been using DC. My dragons are all being iffy. They all refuse to breed, so I can't try to create nice lineages. Trading just doesn't work for me. I don't have what they are asking for, or they offer things I don't really want.
  18. I finally caught three and am now egg locked.
  19. New day, let's try this again. Hopefully I'm a little luckier.
  20. I'm hetero-romantic Asexual, or as some say, Ace of Hearts.
  21. Well, the person I contacted put those on their wish list, that's why I attempted to trade them. I also offered two CB Two-headed, so they could be influenced.
  22. Now I remember why I stopped DC for two years. It's just getting worse and worse. The people with brilliant internet and computers are able to catch the rares and new releases and others, such as me, just have to keep quiet and not complain. What angers me the most is how people are so greedy and takes 5-7 of the new releases and then wants to trade them for CB golds/silver, when a vast majority do not have those and when you offer something else, as I did with CB Two-Headed, you are immediately dismissed.
  23. I also feel that 24 hours would be better. At the moment, it's only those with great internet/computers that stand a chance, and as I live in Africa, I do not have either. I have not even caught a blusang and they've been around for a long time, so what are the chances of me getting a speckle-throat.
  24. I've given up. Maybe someone will one day trade me for one. I wish it was done the way it was in 2009.
  25. Well, I'm one of the schmucks that live in a different time zone. I'm GMT+2. So it's 7 hours after the majority. I agree that at least make some sort of a limit for the first part. I've been refreshing for the last 22 minutes and nothing. So there goes the idea that 5-10 minute drops will happen.