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  1. I just want all the radiant angels! Not having any luck though.
  2. I'm really bleak that I didn't win and I've been here since 2009. Congrats to all. I'm probably not going to get any offspring from any of these lines. I still haven't got a single descendant of the 2013 lines.
  3. I would love to win a gold shimmer. Or really any prize, I would breed it with Radiant Angels, so it would have to be influenced as a female.
  4. If I were so lucky to win, I'd make my line with Radiant Angels. Thanks for the raffle. It was so much fun.
  5. I just want to thank the artist for including the Asexual flag for the wrapping choices. I really appreciate it.
  6. The hatchlings look as if they are dancing to Michael Jackson's Thriller.
  7. Thanks for the game. It's so much fun! I love the badge as well.
  8. Man, not having any luck getting Solstice eggs in the AP. I understand that Holly"s are impossible to get, but Solstice. I just want a Solstice/Radiant Angel. Is that too much to ask? My internet is too slow to catch Hollie.
  9. Alpine is lagging seriously at this time. Need to get 2 eggs from there. Aaaand old eggs are starting to mix in.
  10. No luck on the Alpine at all. The ones from the Volcano are my favourite so far, but that is my favourite biome, so I may be biased. I've been in the Alpine for almost an hour, no luck. I hope the hourly drop is more successful. My internet is slowing down it seems.
  11. The drops are barely 15 seconds. Really bleak as I can see that I won't even catch a single one, and the trades will be impossible to achieve. I want to cry. Everytime I tell myself it's just a game, but it's soulcrushing to not get a single egg.
  12. Wow, they are pretty but the drops are extremely short. I had wanted to go sleep early, but guess not.
  13. I started playing DC in October 2009 when I was a first year at University. I had a lot of time to play this and remember trying to get anything with dial-up, yes you read right, dial-up internet. Now I have a 40 hour a week job with extremely rigid rules concerning the computer and cell phone use. The random releases now means that I won't be able to get the new eggs, as I live in a third world country and my internet is miles slower than the regular DC user in USA. I have not ever been spoon fed anything in this game or anywhere else. All I ask is for a game that I enjoyed playing to keep a few things regular. As other people have said, we have private lives, and we would like to spend time with our families/friends/partner. It's easier to know when releases are coming, just to put less stress on us all.
  14. Imagine if every single player installed adblock just for one week. No revinue from ads, then TJ might listen. Supply and demand. If enough players are tired of being jerked around and leave what happens then? This is a business for TJ, not just a game. There are many other similar games that treat their players much better.
  15. Just a reminder. Weekend for Americans are not the same for the rest of the world i.e. 3pm sunday afternoon means Monday to some of us. But I guess the rest of the world doesn't matter. And a poll on the main page on Dragcave with 2 choices: release stay monthly yes/no. Not that difficult.
  16. Impossible to get. And the people who find the monthly release stale are insane and once again a small minority's opinion is held above the rest of the community. Ever heard of a poll?
  17. This was the easiest one release for me ever, not even two minutes and I have 4 volcano and 3 alpine. Both designs are gorgeous, but I'm really excited to see the black one. Thank you spriters.
  18. I summoned my first GoN with a CB female ice on the 6th of May 2013 and summoned my second GoN with a CB male ice on the 23rd of April 2014. It took about a year between summonings. I ot my first GoN on my fourth try.
  19. This only benefits a few people in the long run. As was pointed out, Sunday is Family day, and I don't think that most of the people's family will be impressed that their child/parent/spouse etc spends the afternoon on the computer rather than with them. I'm guessing that one or two of the "favourites" of TJ complained, and that's why everything is changing. Much like how some complained that new releases are so easy for them and boring, and that's why other eggs are mixing in so quickly, no matter the rarity. Also, there are how many players from other countries, not just the USA, for who this change makes it almost impossible to catch anything. 1PM EST translates to 7PM in South Africa, which is the time that I have to get ready for another day at work. Why mess with something that works. We across the world cannot stay up for goodness how many hours and compete against 1000 other users for eggs when we have work/ school less than 10 hours away when this drop starts. Bad idea right there. And why waste everyone's time by not giving this notice yesterday? This is not a spur of the moment idea. Someone likes playing God I see.
  20. I'm in need of non messy short gen Sweetlings and 2008 Valentine dragons. Edit: Whoops, meant 2009.
  21. Hit me with it!!! Scroll name: Dame_Jedi
  22. Gotcha! Scroll name: Dame_Jedi Threw a snow-ball at: Prince_Xanthius
  23. Hit me with it!!! Scroll name: Dame_Jedi Gotcha! Scroll name:Dame_Jedi Threw a snow-ball at: PolarVortex
  24. Hit me with it!!! Scroll name: Dame_Jedi Gotcha! Scroll name: Dame_Jedi Threw a snow-ball at: Miladyz
  25. I don't have a holly and now that there are no limits, I won't get one. The snow fort looks fun but I work every day for the next two weeks, so I'll miss out.